11 Cars That Never Get Stolen (And 9 That Can Be Taken In Seconds)

Cars get taken all the time, but some models are more prone to go missing than others.

“Stealing automobiles remains a big business in the U.S. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates the value of stolen vehicles at $6 billion, up from $4.5 billion in 2014. It says a motor vehicle is stolen every 41 seconds. The most popular vehicle parts and items range from doors, engines, transmissions and GPS units to cell phones, iPads and laptops.”

Market Watch explains some of the staggering statistics. Car theft isn’t uncommon in both Canada and the US. However it should be noted that lots of car companies continue to develop technologies that might make it impossible to steal a ride in the future. Take Tesla for example, the ride is literally impossible to steal. In 2016 the car company had a 100% return percentage on cars that were stolen. Car companies should replicate these types of numbers for the future.

However the sad reality is lots of older models with decreased technologies still exist and will for a long time. It is up to the drivers themselves to create the proper anti-theft in order to protect the ride. That’s especially true for Honda Civic and Accord owners. However Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series buyers might be smiling as the opposite holds true. Enjoy as we take a look at 11 cars that never get stolen along with 9 that can be taken in seconds. Like always be sure to share the article with a friend. Let’s get started!

20 Never Gets Stolen: Audi A6

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Let’s give some credit to Audi and their anti-theft devices. Surprisingly, despite a large quantity of Audi’s out on the road the car company remains on the bottom in terms of likelihood of the ride being stolen. In fact, in both Canada and the US Audi is rarely visible on any top theft list. Only in Quebec did the Audi A5 rank in at number 10 for most thefts in 2017. Leading the charge for the ride that is least likely to get stolen is the Audi A6. According to CBC statistics only one Audi is stolen per 2,000 cars. Those are some pretty darn good odds wouldn’t you say?

19 Never Gets Stolen: Tesla Model S

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Thinking of stealing a Tesla Model S or any Tesla for that matter? Well, according to Market Watch this is a lot easier said than done. In fact, Tesla’s are pretty impossible to steal. Quentin Fottrell explains; “The recovery of stolen Teslas is notable in an industry where the overall recovery rate for stolen vehicles was just 58.4% in 2016. Tesla had a 100% recovery rate that year, thanks in part to its GPS tracking technology.”

Incredibly, since Tesla’s existence and production in 2011 only 3 have not been recovered.

That’s a phenomenal number and one no other car companies can replicate at the moment.

18 Taken In Seconds: Alfa Romeo Giulia

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The Giulia is a beautiful car. However what if we told you that a device can be purchased via Amazon or eBay than can unlock the car with just a click of a button? As Luke Smith of The Express explains Alfa Romeo isn’t the only company that needs to be worried about this; “Keyless entry cars could be at risk from con artists using radio transmitters to steal vehicles. The Sun revealed vehicles from 30 manufacturers which could be unlocked and started using one simple hack.” Making matters that much more troubling, a video showed a group of guys stealing a ride with the device in less than a minute. Yikes!

17 Never Gets Stolen: BMW 5 Series

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There’s a myth out there that luxury cars are the easiest to steal. We’re not sure if this is entirely the case especially in Canada and the US. Compared to the likes of Toyota, Ford and Chevrolet, the theft numbers do not compare for BMW. It made no particular list for most stolen vehicles in Canada and neither in the US.

Granted, a lot of the car nabbing has to do with taking parts, however the BMW tends to be on the safer side.

The 5 Series has the lowest crime rate among the BMW rides. Per 1,000 cars only 0.7 are stolen. This makes it among the top 10 least stolen vehicles at such a rate.

16 Taken In Seconds: Lexus RX 350

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This one isn’t all that surprising as Lexus SUVs are prone to theft especially in Canada. The GX is also one of the most stolen cars in Canada as well. The RX, a mid-size crossover SUV has a high rate in Quebec in particular. In 2017, three different versions of the ride made the top 10 list if you can believe. The RX 350 2013 model ranked in at number four overall while the 2015 and 2014 models also made in the top 10. The overall value might be the reason for the theft. The ride is a luxury mid-size Cross Over at a more than decent retail value. The RX retails at a modest $43,270. Ironically this ride was considered the least likely for theft however those numbers have shifted drastically.

15 Never Gets Stolen: Volkswagen CC

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The Volkswagen Comfort Coupe isn’t seized every day. In fact, according to CBC the ride has one of the best anti-theft rates at 0.6 stolen rides per 1,000 units. Compare that to a ride like the Escalade that’s stolen 10.6 times per 1,000 cars on the road! So yea, it’s basically peanuts. The car has been around since 2008. It enjoyed a near decade long run ending production in 2017. Assembled in Germany, China and Russia the ride is among the more prestigious Volks ride at a high price point of over $56,000. Some models are actually selling at $67,990. The thieves don’t seem to care!

14 Never Gets Stolen: Mini Cooper Clubman

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Driving a Mini Cooper might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It turns out, it isn’t the favorite cup of tea for thieves either. In truth the car does have value and it doesn’t retail for all that cheap. Newer models sell for over $35,000 while the S types are also pretty steep worth $10,000 more.

Production on the ride began in 2007 but it seems like car snatchers out there really don’t care all that much.

The ride is stolen at a similar rate to the BMW 5-Series earlier in the article at a 0.7 per 1,000 units rate.

13 Taken In Seconds: Infiniti Q30

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The Infiniti Q30 is just one of the other luxury rides that can be broken into by just click of a button. That’s pretty alarming especially for a luxury ride. As The Express indicates the problem has to do with keyless rides. Making matters worse the device that unlocks the ride sells on Amazon and eBay for pretty cheap; “Devices that can be used to do this are widely available online on sites such as Amazon and eBay. The device used in the test can apparently be bought for £80.” The issue took place with more than 100 cars from 27 different car manufactures. Hopefully this problem gets solved sooner rather than later.

12 Never Gets Stolen: Audi Q5

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“Comfortable, quiet, and handsomely styled, the Audi Q5 provides the premium look and feel that crossover buyers crave. Driving all four wheels is a 252-hp turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder and a seven-speed automatic.” We thank Car and Driver for their assessment on Audi’s new Q5 ride. However what they forgot to mention is that fact this compact luxury crossover SUV is also less likely to get stolen. That’s real good especially when assessing the popularity of the SUV which keeps on growing due to its sleek handling and great styling. The fact that it isn’t prone to theft makes it that much better.

11 Never Gets Stolen: Chevrolet Equinox

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Chevrolet doesn’t have the best luck when it comes to stolen rides. In a single year the Chevrolet Silverado disappeared a grand total of 27,771 times! That’s extremely alarming and it ranked in at number four on the list in terms of quantity. The Malibu, Impala and Cruze are other examples of rides to get stolen with a lot frequency – especially the newer models.

It seems like the Equinox is immune for whatever reason.

The car has one of the best percentages at 0.6 Chevrolet Equinox's stolen per 1,000 units. Some might also argue that it’s also superior to the Cruze, Malibu and Impala.

10 Taken In Seconds: BMW i3

via caranddriver.com

It’s kind of shaped like a hybrid Mini Cooper - though in truth most would take the BMW i3 without blinking an eye. Here’s the issue, the Mini Cooper is among the least stolen rides while a created device can actually start the BMW car never mind opening it; “Of the cars the company tested, the only one they ADAC couldn’t gain entry into was the BMW i3, but ADAC were able to start the engine.” It’s good that the car can’t be unlocked but much worse that it can get started with the device. Most of us would much rather get broken into than have the entire vehicle get started. It isn’t hard to break the glass and get in regardless.

9 Never Gets Stolen: Saturn VUE

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“Although it is heavy and doesn’t offer a third row, as some of its competition does, the Vue makes up for part of that deficit by offering excellent driving dynamics and a boatload of standard safety features and equipment.” Other reviews weren’t as gentile in comparison to Car and Driver. However they nailed it when discussing the safety features. Not only does the ride have technological advances in the area but it is also less likely to be stolen. Perhaps the heaviness has something to do with it?

Or maybe nobody wants a car that drives like a boat.

Nonetheless the ride is taken 0.6 times per 1,000. This compared to the Chrysler 300 which gets stolen at a 7.1 rate per 1,000 cars.

8 Taken In Seconds: Nissan Altima

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The Altima ranked in at number one in the category of new stolen cars. Compared to used cars the number of rides that vanished is quite low. However it is still quite telling that the Altima finished first with over 1,000 units completely vanishing. As Jim Gorzelany of Forbes discusses, newer cars are typically resold. The Altima is an easy ride to do so with due to its efficient resale costs; “New cars are more often taken and resold intact, usually with doctored paperwork. Though they’re taken in far fewer numbers, higher-end sports cars are typically driven off and shipped abroad for resale.”

7 Never Gets Stolen: Chevrolet Aveo

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Props to Chevy for once again finding themselves on this side of the list. The Aveo accounts for only 0.6 stolen rides for every 1,000 units. That’s extremely low especially when assessing some of the other models. Canada is another place with lots of stolen Chevrolet rides. In Ontario alone the Tahoe, Avalanche and Silverado all made it into the top 10 list for cars with the most theft frequency. Clearly, it all depends on the Chevy models with some having a terrible crime rate while others seem to be immune like the Aveo and previously mentioned Equinox.

6 Taken In Seconds: Ford F-Series Trucks

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In both Canada and the US stealing a Ford-F Series truck isn’t the hardest and in fact, among the most frequent. The numbers are truly alarming. In the US alone near 30,000 rides suddenly vanished in a single year. So yea, it must be pretty darn easy to steal these pickups. The same goes for Canada.

Of the most stolen rides Canada wide, the Ford F-Series made the list in eight of the top 10 slots.

The F350 seems to be the most popular choice for theft with models 2001 to 2007 typically stolen. The 2006 Ford F250 almost made the list in the tenth position - this according to Auto Trader.

5 Never Gets Stolen: Mercury Mariner

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Particularly in Canada SUVs and trucks tend to vanish a lot more frequently. However the Mercury Mariner didn’t get that particular memo. The compact crossover SUV has the lowest rate of 0.5 stolen per 1,000 cars. That’s a pretty darn good rate compared to a ride like Chevrolet’s Avalanche. The ride is stolen 6.4 times per 1,000 cars on the road. For those that are wondering the Mariner isn’t produced any longer so if interested you would have to settle for an older model. The car made its debut in 2004 and ended production six years later in 2010.

4 Taken In Seconds: Honda Civic

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Honda’s have a bad track record when it comes to theft. A lot of that has to do with the value of some of its parts. Heck a Honda Fit lost all of its tires in a particular incident. Honda parts are well worth it as you can see. In particular, the 1998 Honda Civic has a lot of value. Parts are still used. For that reason, the ride accounted for a near 50,000 stolen units! That’s a staggering number. Security issues are a big reason as to why this ride gets stolen with so much ease. Thankfully Honda has upgraded their anti-theft throughout the years. However this ride remains atop unless the driver himself implicates anti-theft precautions. On this ride it’s needed!

3 Taken In Seconds: Chevrolet Silverado

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A long running pickup, this ride is built for the working man. It is also built for lots of theft sadly. In the US this pickup was among the most stolen rides out there. In terms of used models Forbes indicates that 27,771 units completely vanished in a single year. Those are some terrible numbers for Silverado owners to glance at. At the very least the same problem doesn’t hold true in Canada.

Perhaps that has to do with fewer sales north of the border.

Along with the Ford-F Series the Toyota 4Runner is among the most stolen rides in both Quebec and Ontario.

2 Never Gets Stolen: Hyundai Elantra

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Despite its modest and humble resale value the Elantra is among the lesser stolen rides currently out on the streets. This is pretty surprising as the ride is fuel efficient and built with a decent look as well. Clearly, thieves would rather look a little longer for a Civic or Accord. Heck even various Mazdas similar in stature to the Elantra are seized more frequently. The model is ongoing with new versions out on the market. As a matter of fact that car has been in production since 1990 if you can believe.

1 Taken In Seconds: Honda Accord

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“Older cars are stolen far more often than brand new cars, largely because they’re typically taken to so-called “chop shops” where they’re quickly disassembled into replacement components that are subsequently marketed on Internet sites like Craig’s List and eBay and/or sold to unscrupulous auto part dealers.” Thanks to Forbes for the explanation. For that exact reason the Honda Accord is the most stolen car in the US. The ride can be taken in mere seconds and that’s especially true given that 52,244 units disappeared in a single year most recently! This makes it the easiest car to break into according to the numbers.

Sources: CarAndDriver.com, Forbes.com, Motortrend.ca

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