25 Cars That People Shoved V8s Into And No One Knows Why

While it does sound kind of cool after hearing it, it still makes no sense out of all of the possible cars to put a V8 in.

Engine swapping is one of the most intense modifications someone can do to their vehicle, and it is, a lot of times, a one-way trip, just because of all the work and frame fabrication that is necessary to fit a larger engine.

Basically, the car goes from whatever it used to be to a crossbred monster. There are a couple of mainstream engine swaps, and one of the most popular is the V8 swap. Even though there are plenty of other swaps that can give more power with less effort, like a twin turbo V6, there is something about the sound and the raw power of a V8 motor.

Now there are swaps that make sense, like putting a Hellcat motor in an older Chevy truck and then taking it to the drag strip. And then there are swaps that make absolutely no sense like an LS V8 in a Miata. We think that the swaps that make no sense whatsoever are a tad more interesting, and in that spirit, we have 25 of the craziest and most insane V8 engine swaps that the internet has ever produced, in no particular order.

Of course, we mean engine swaps that no one would typically think of, like taking grandpa's station wagon and putting a turbo V8 in it. While it does sound kind of cool after hearing it, it still makes no sense out of all of the possible cars to put a V8 in.

25 V8 PT Cruiser

via flickr.com

A PT Cruiser is a small and pretty slow car that is meant to be nothing more than a family car. That is of course until someone guts out the back seats and throws an absolutely gigantic V8 motor back there. Then it becomes something more along the lines of an insane late night bad idea.

It does look pretty impressive though, and it has to be fast with how much power the engine is pushing out and how small the Cruiser is. This is the kind of build that happens when mechanics get bored.

24 V8 Smart Car

via motor1.com

This one needs more explanation than is available, as somehow someone managed to jam a giant V8 motor in a Smart car. This thing not only looks insane but it has got to be faster than any Smart car should be.

The whole Smart claim to fame is slow and or safe and eco-friendly, of which this is neither. This had to have taken more work than your typical V8 swap, and that should have been a sign that this was an insane idea that made no sense whatsoever, but we are glad someone did it so we can see what a V8 Smart car looks like.

23 AMC Rambler Wagon V8

via motor1.com

There seems to be a slight trend in engine swapping station wagons for some reason, and here we have another one that has been LS swapped. It used to be an AMC Rambler Wagon but now it is just a Rambler body with a V8 heart.

This is insane on so many levels, but the best part about this one that makes it stand out is how normal it looks. It would just look like a nice antique car at first glance until it did a burnout. This trend is cool and insane and we have to admire it.

22 Twin V8 Model T

via engineswapdepot.com

The Ford Model T was one of the first cars and, as would be expected from a car that is over 100 years old, it is super duper slow. Most people just leave them in museums and collections, but then, of course, there was one person who thought to not only do a V8 engine swap on a Model T, but they thought to put two massive V8 motors in it.

While this is incredibly cool and hopefully as fast as it looks, it is absolutely odd to make one of the slowest and first cars ever produced into a hot rod.

21 Focused V8

The Ford Focus is very popular as a small family car, and while there are sporty versions that have decent power available now, there are none with a V8. That is until someone decided that shoving a massive V8 motor in this tiny car was the move to make.

This thing probably sounds absolutely amazing but the Focus is not even close to a car that would come to mind when considering a V8 swap. How they managed to fit a V8 in there is almost as surprising as this build.

20 V8 Fiat 126

via youtube.com

The Fiat 126 is one of the smallest cars in the world, and yet someone had the bright idea to shove a massive V8 motor in the back of one, somehow. This thing looks like it is ready to take flight at any time, which is sort of cool.

While the build is definitely interesting and has got to be fast, it just makes no sense whatsoever. How they even managed to fit a V8 in that tiny car is impressive enough to make it list worthy without even having to see what it can do.

19 Porsche 911 Hot Rod

via tkpurwo.com

This is possibly one of the coolest looking engine swaps just due to the fact that they had to make this Porsche into a hot rod just to fit that V8 in there. While it is hands down one of the most amazing looking Porsche types out there, it still does not make much sense at all.

Ignoring most of the mechanical issues like the fact that turbocharging the stock motor would probably have made more power than the V8, a Porsche 911 is still not a prime candidate for a V8 engine swap.

18 V8 Tesla

via insideevs.com

Someone out there decided to put a massive V8 motor in a Tesla. Let that one sink in for a moment, and remember that not only does the Tesla P100D already have an amazing acceleration time and a pretty impressive top speed, but it does it all with electric motors.

So why, then, would someone want to swap that out for a V8 motor? This makes no sense on so many levels, but we are positive that this Tesla drew a ton of attention wherever it goes and it probably sounds amazing.

17 Skyline LS

via engineswapdepot.com

This engine swap is a little bit of a no-no in the tuner world, due to the fact that there is a V8 motor in a Nissan Skyline. The Skyline is a tuner icon and the whole tuner thing is turbo V6 engines, especially when that V6 engine is the Skyline motor. This swap is not the craziest one on our list today by far, but it is just a tad sacrilegious to put a V8 in a tuner icon like this.

Other than that though, it just does not make sense as it would have been easier and cheaper to just turbocharge the stock motor, but we are sure this is one of the loudest Skylines on the streets.

16 Jaguar XJ40 V8

via engineswapdeopt.com

A common issue when putting a larger motor in a vehicle is fitting the motor in, as we can see on this classic Jaguar. And as we have seen, a common fix to that issue is just cutting a hole in the hood or just tossing the hood to the side.

When someone thinks of Jaguar, one of the last things that come to mind is raw power, so when we hear of someone tossing a V8 motor in one it just does not sound right. As we can see, it also does not look right. There are a lot of weird things about this swap, but to each their own we say.

15 LS Swapped Crossfire

via ls1tech.com

The Chrysler Crossfire is more of a mid-life crisis sports car than anything else, and it is also one of the smallest sports cars on the market. This already does not sound like a car that would be a prime candidate for an engine swap, especially not a massive LS V8 engine swap.

While this is no doubt the most powerful Crossfire out there, it still just makes no sense. But what makes the least amount of sense about this swap is how they managed to actually fit that huge V8 in that tiny engine bay.

14 PriuSRT8

via engineswapdepot.com

The Prius was one of the first mass-produced hybrid cars and really set the pace for hybrid and electric vehicles. This is not that Prius. Someone thought it would be a great idea to put a Hellcat V8 motor in a Prius, and we still cannot figure out the logic.

While it is absolutely absurd, it has made a huge name for itself online and on the drag strip. This franken-car took down a Dodge Demon and made it look easy. While it ended up working out, this is still not a build that any sane person would think up.

13  V8 Riding Mower

via pinterest.com

Believe it or not, lawn mower racing is a thing. Out of all of the racing mowers, this has got to be one of the most powerful ones out there. Now out of all the vehicles to put a V8 motor in, a riding lawn mower should be pretty low on the list. However, it seems like we have reached the end of the list and done it all, and it was time for someone to throw a V8 in a riding lawn mower.

This is one of the wildest things we will see today, as it just defies all mechanical logic.

12 V8 Pinto

via engineswapdepot.com

The Pinto has made a name for itself as a family-friendly car, and it was one of the most popular ones out there when it was on the market. It was slow, safe and fuel efficient for its time, so it would of course not be a prime option for a V8 swap.

But of course, someone out there had the bright idea to do exactly that and throw an LS V8 motor in a Pinto. Now while it may be fast, it just goes against everything that the Pinto was about, and this is not a car that you would look at and think of speed.

11  V8 Subaru Legacy

via performancedrive.com.au

There are a couple of Subaru models that are known for being tuners that can produce some pretty impressive power, and none of those models are the Subaru Legacy. This is essentially the new age station wagon, and it is almost as slow as one.

But, of course, someone decided they needed to get the kids to soccer practice a bit quicker, and that led us to this, the V8 swapped Legacy. This could be a really amazing sleeper build, as no one would ever guess that this would exist.

10 Blown V8 Mercedes-Benz

via youtube.com

Classic Mercedes models are worth some serious money today, unless of course someone were to gut it and put a blown V8 that pokes through the hood in it. This build makes no sense whatsoever and it is probably not even remotely a Mercedes anymore, but it is interesting for sure.

If this pulled up at a drag strip, attention would be locked in on it for sure. Be that as it may, it still makes no sense to turn a classic car like this into a drag car, but that is part of its beauty.

9 Sienna V8

via slashgear.com

The Toyota Sienna, possibly one of the slowest vehicles on the roads today, which is to be expected from a minivan. However, this is not the average Sienna. There is a V8 swapped Sienna out there somewhere making some noise on the track. It is absurd for so many reasons, the biggest being that it is a minivan.

However, there is something cool about it, maybe just because of how different it is. It also has a nice advantage of a big open back area that could easily accommodate a massive V8 motor.

8 Oldsmobile Aurora V8 Swap

via carthrottle.com

The Oldsmobile Aurora is one of those cars that flies so far under the radar that most people probably do not even know of it. Nothing about it is that special, at least not stock, and slow is an understatement.

But what is special, and quite insane, is the V8 swapped variant that someone decided to build. This could be an amazing sleeper because no one has ever lost a race to an Oldsmobile and would never expect something like this.

7 Buick Wagon V8

via lsxmag.com

A station wagon is perfect for a lot of things, like road trips and fitting an entire family in one car. But what they are not good for at all is speed. This Buick wagon is an exception, as it is fitted with a massive V8 motor. A lot of questions come to mind with that idea, such as why or how, but once you get past the logic of it, it does sound like an interesting idea.

This wagon would surely draw tons of attention at any car event, purely because people usually would not think of a build like this.

6 V8 Nissan Pathfinder

via autoevolution.com

The Nissan Pathfinder is a smaller Nissan crossover that is pretty popular around the world, and it, like most cars we have seen today, is not one of the quickest vehicles out there. If anything, it is good for mild off-road driving but surely no one would try and make it fast.

Well, of course, someone wanted to make a fast Pathfinder, for some unknown reason. To accomplish that, they shoved a V8 motor under the hood. It looks like it fits pretty well, but just because you can do something does not mean you should.

5 V8 Chevy Astro

via bangshift.com

The Chevy Astro was like the middle ground between a full-size van and a minivan, and it was just as slow as it looks. This does not look like the kind of vehicle that someone would spend money on to upgrade, but someone spent a lot to do just that.

This Astro has a mid-mounted V8 motor, hopefully at least an LS to keep true to the brand. There is no need for a V8 in a van like this, and that absurdity is what keeps the auto world so interesting. The best part is that you can not even tell that it has been swapped.

4  Scion XB LS

via youtube.com

The Scion XB is more commonly known as a box on wheels, coming complete with bad aerodynamics. So the idea of trying to make that into a race car sounds really bad. However, there is a build out there with exactly that thought, and it does look fast. There is a V8 swapped drag built Scion XB ripping some drag strips out there.

The engine is rear mounted which is kind of obvious as that is clearly what that big boxy design was meant for, to house a huge V8 motor.

3 V8 Transit

via youtube.com

The Ford Transit is a giant full-size utility van that is absolutely as slow as it sounds. That is, of course, unless someone were to throw a V8 motor in the back of said van. That is exactly what happened and as we can see it looks like it has a decent amount of power with how much tire smoke this van is throwing.

This defies all reasoning and what the van was meant to be, but that could be said of any V8 engine swap, but more when that swap was on a Transit.

2  V8 Chevette

via engineswapdepot.com

The Chevy Chevette was basically the Chevy version of the Ford Pinto, and even looks pretty similar. It also has another thing in common with the Pinto, which is how hilariously slow it is.

With how small and slow the Chevette is, it would not come to mind at first when thinking of cars to shove a V8 motor in. Sure, it is probably too fast for its own good and definitely draws attention, but this is just bad. That V8 motor obviously does not even fit in the engine bay, but if there is a will there is obviously a way.

1 Winnebago V8 Swap

via motor1.com

The Winnebago is one of the most famous recreational vehicles out there, and they do have quite a bit of power but they just weigh so much that there is surely no way to make it fast so no one would try.

Well someone did try, and they put an LS V8 engine into a Winnebago which just warrants more explanation than we are given. This is hands down the fastest RV at the campsite, for whatever that accolade is worth.

Sources - Reddit & Jalopnik

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