15 Cars That Put Mercury Out Of Business (And 5 That Kept Them Afloat)

It is sometimes hard to believe that Mercury no longer makes cars at this point in time. I mean, they were one of the best car manufacturers for a number of years and were able to have a plethora of success due to this clear fact. However, if one does some deeper research on the manufacturer, it actually makes a lot of sense that they ended up losing their business. There are so many cars in their history that were just absolutely horrible and this would obviously result in a major drop in funds for them. At the end of the day, Mercury did have some very solid vehicles, but their bad ones were awful enough to ruin their company.

With all that has been stated thus far, we will be looking at fifteen Mercury models that put them out of business and five more that kept them afloat. It is quite clear that Mercury definitely had the ability to make some absolutely amazing models over the years, but the bad ones just came out far too often and it really hurt their chances of staying in business. However, the models that hurt them so badly were inexcusable and could have been prevented if they spent more time working on fixing the issues that they seemed to always possess from the very start. At the end of the day, this mistake ultimately is what led for them to lose their business.

Nonetheless, let’s look at the fifteen cars that put Mercury out of business and the five more that kept them afloat!

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20 Put Them Out Of Business: 1975 Mercury Bobcat

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The 1975 Mercury Bobcat looked like a nice vehicle when it was first released, but as the months passed by, it became quite clear that it was a horribly built car. This is largely due to the fact that it had a large amount of constant problems that never seemed to fix themselves.

There is no question that this car would end up hurting Mercury’s reputation immensely because of how many people were turned off once they drove it.

When seeing how many massive issues it had with its engine and overall durability, it is very easy to understand why.

19 Put Them Out Of Business: 1983 Mercury Grand Marquis

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The 1983 Mercury Grand Marquis received a lot of negative criticism from the very start of its release date because of the fact that it was incredibly boring looking. However, this would end up being the least of this car’s problems at the end of the day. This vehicle is a prime example of one that was rushed far too quickly into development and its overall customer rating is clear of this. This vehicle truly was a bad one for the now defunct car manufacturer and one that ultimately would end up hurting their overall standing in the automobile world.

18 Put Them Out Of Business: 2004 Mercury Monterey

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The 2004 Mercury Monterey came into the automobile world with a high amount of hopes that it was going to be a great vehicle. There were a lot of buyers that wanted to give this model a chance, but at the end of the day, it would result in being a big mistake for them.

This model was a serious lemon and one that was clearly rushed into development by the struggling car company.

Had they spent more time focusing on the clear problems it had with its interior and overall structure, this could have actually turned out to be a very solid model.

17 Kept Them Afloat: 2003 Mercury Marauder

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The 2003 Mercury Marauder was a great model by the car manufacturer and perhaps was there only good one during the 2000s. This is largely because of the fact that the car manufacturer spent quite some time working on making this one be a big hit with its buyers. This vehicle had the ability to reach high speeds at a quick rate, but also was truly built to last with its extremely strong structure. This model was also extremely durable and had the ability to have a long life cycle if it was handled carefully. At the end of the day, this was a big one for Mercury.

16 Put Them Out Of Business: 1984 Mercury Topaz

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The 1984 Mercury Topaz is definitely one of the worst vehicles to have ever come from the company. It is so bad that many individuals of the automobile world consider it to be one of the worst models of all time as well. This clearly means that it ended up hurting business.

When looking at the model itself, it is quite clear that it was far too weak to ever end up being a successful car.

This model simply had far too many issues with its overall transmission that it would spend the majority of its time at the mechanics, especially in its later years.

15 Put Them Out Of Business: 2007 Mercury Montego

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The 2007 Mercury Montego was a vehicle that was supposed to help turn the manufacturer around, but it really ended up hurting their business immensely. There is no question that Mercury was already struggling a lot during the late 2000s, but this one was a bad one. The 2007 Montego is one that many people luckily stayed away from at the very start because of the clear concerns. At the end of the day, critics could not be too happy with the way that the vehicle needed constant repairs during various times, so this one clearly was a complete lemon.

14 Put Them Out Of Business: 1995 Mercury Cougar

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The 1995 Mercury Cougar is one that came from a very popular series of cars by the manufacturer, but it did not work well with this release. This is largely because this vehicle had a plethora of ongoing issues that really should have been noticed during its development. Even with this being the case, the 1995 Cougar became a huge lemon and that left a significantly negative impact on the car manufacturer. Whether you look at its faulty interior or overall weak outer structure, this car was a complete disaster that should have never came out.

13 Kept Them Afloat: 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II

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The 1969 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II is a classic vehicle by the car manufacturer and is still heavily pursued by car collectors today. This makes a plethora of sense because when this vehicle was first released to the public, it was one of the top selling cars of its time.

This clearly was a car that worked out for Mercury and they should have used it more as an influence for their later models.

When seeing how this vehicle was the complete package in terms of speed, safety, and durability, it truly was a spectacular one that really helped them a lot.

12 Put Them Out Of Business: 2002 Mercury Sable

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The 2002 Mercury Sable is one that car manufacturer should have never released because it truly ended up becoming one of the biggest lemons of all time. This is largely because of the fact that this model was astronomically weak in all areas where cars need to be strong. This car was always seen at repair shops and this would occur even at the beginning stages of its existence. As a result of this clear fact, this car truly ended up hurting the reputation of Mercury even more and resulted in far less business. Thus, this definitely is one that helped put them out of business.

11 Put Them Out Of Business: 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

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The 1997 Mercury Mountaineer was expected to be a vehicle that would have been able to possess not only a plethora of power, but also have the ability to be a true family car. Yet, as the years would pass, an abundance of clear issues would come very quickly from it. Although this model did do very well in sales during its opening years on the market, it was one that was awful from the very start.

This car was simply far too weak, especially when noting that it was a large vehicle.

At the end of the day, this was a complete lemon that leave a negative mark.

10 Put Them Out Of Business: 2008 Mercury Milan

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The 2008 Mercury Milan was supposed to be another vehicle that would help the car company in sales immensely. However, due to the fact that this car was exceptionally weak and prone to having a plethora of issues from the very start, it would hurt the company as well. The Milan was always a powerful series from the car manufacturer for a number of years, so when this one turned out to be a complete mistake, it was very detrimental for them. This essentially ruined the Milan series and they would never do the same again.

9 Kept Them Afloat: 1971 Mercury Capri

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The 1971 Mercury Capri is one of the top models to ever come from the car manufacturer and that makes a lot of sense when seeing how well it was built. This car had the ability to reach very high speeds without any issues, but also could be used as a family car as well. Mercury definitely hit a home run with this version of the Capri and its overall sales makes this quite apparent. However, this is a car that deserved those numbers because customer satisfaction was extremely high and now it is still beloved in the automobile world.

8 Put Them Out Of Business: 1999 Mercury Mystique

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The 1999 Mercury Mystique was a major mistake by the car manufacturer, but one may not assume that at first glance. This is a model that definitely looks like it would have been a very reliable one and could have lasted a number of years. However, this was not the case.

This car was notorious for its engine problems and the fact that it would essentially destroy itself because of how poorly it was built.

These cars had essentially no durability and after a few years of constant use, they were essentially meant for the junkyard. Overall, this was a complete lemon.

7 Put Them Out Of Business: 2006 Mercury Mariner

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The 2006 Mercury Mariner would end up being a complete failure and had no chance against its competition, This is largely because of the fact that, although it was a mid-size SUV, it had no power whatsoever. This, in return, would make it not a very reliable family car to use. There were so many better SUVs during that release year, so Mercury would end up being very negatively impacted by this model. With the constant repairs needed to make this car last their owners, it is very easy to understand why it would end up being a commercial failure.

6 Put Them Out Of Business: 2002 Mercury Villager

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The 2002 Mercury Villager appeared to have all the makings of becoming the perfect family minivan. When seeing how much room this car had and what appeared to be a strong structure, it makes a lot of sense as to why so many buyers were intrigued by it at first. However, when word got out that this car was the complete opposite of being reliable, it ultimately caused an outrage with its buyers. This vehicle would have so many problems that it no longer would end up being safe anymore. This, of course, hurt Mercury immensely.

5 Kept Them Afloat: 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser

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The 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser is one of the coolest vintage cars in the history of the automobile world. This is a prime example of a vehicle that the manufacturer should have based many of their later models off of if they wanted to be able to find much needed success.

This vehicle is easily one that kept them afloat because it truly was a commercial success during its time on the primary market.

This car did so well during its usage years that there are still a plethora of people who want to add this legendary vehicle to their car collections.

4 Put Them Out Of Business: 1988 Mercury Tracer

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The 1988 Mercury Tracer was another one of those cars from the manufacturer that could have been something pretty solid. However, immense and common issues with its overall transmission made this model extremely likely to have a very short life cycle. There is no question that Mercury made a complete lemon with this one, but if they focused more on it during its developmental stage, this could have been avoided. At the end of the day, it is hard to find a single person who had a good experience with this model, so it is clear that it hurt the company.

3 Put Them Out Of Business: 2007 Mercury Monterey

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The 2007 Mercury Monterey was definitely a complete and utter failure and it is not shocking that the manufacturer would end up getting very hurt by its creation. This minivan is perhaps the worst one in their history and is easily one of the worsts to come from the 2000s.

This would end up being devastating news for the manufacturer because at that time, they were truly hanging on for dear life.

However, when a vehicle is that weakly built as a minivan, then one can expect major issues from it. At the end of the day, it was not a family friendly van.

2 Put Them Out Of Business: 1994 Mercury Topaz

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Many individuals in the automobile world consider the 1994 Mercury Topaz to be the worst vehicle to ever come from the car manufacturer. This is quite easy to understand why when looking at its overall reviews. First, this vehicle was so bad, it led to the end of the entire series. However, it is quite clear that this model’s primary issue was that it simply was built too poorly to ever be a successful vehicle. When seeing how often this vehicle would have issues with its overall structure, it is very easy to understand why so many people ended up hating it quickly.

1 Kept Them Afloat: 1949 Mercury

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The 1949 Mercury is the vehicle that made this car manufacturer become a hit in the automobile world. There is no question that this vehicle was the perfect car during its time on the primary market and this can be seen by its overall sales and customer satisfaction rate. When a car essentially carries you to immense relevancy, it is quite clear that it is one that clearly was an important one. At the end of the day, if the car manufacturer did not end up making this one, it probably would have came to end far earlier than it actually did.

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