17 Cars That Swapped Wheels For Tank Treads

It is very possible that you find yourself daydreaming on a pretty regular basis. And while you are drifting away thinking of a different reality, perhaps one of the things you like to imagine yourself doing is driving around in an awesome tank. Which - provided there isn't any danger around you - would probably be a pretty fun thing to get to experience.

But the idea of actually getting to drive around in a tank - or even something similar - is something that most people never get the chance to do. Yet did you know that you have the option to go out and swap out the wheels on your car for tank treads? In doing so you will definitely alter the look of your car. Even if in some of the cases on our list, that wasn't necessarily for the better.

There are definitely some dangers that can come with the decision to apply tank treads - such as a reduction in traction - but it does also make things like plowing through the snow a heck of a lot easier. Which means that some of the entries on our list aren't just entertaining to look at, they're even practical! I won't blame you if you don't find yourself making the swap on your own car anytime soon, but that doesn't mean you won't have a great time taking a look at these 20 cars that ditched wheels for tank treads.

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17 GMC Embracing The Snow

via carpixel.net

When GMC decided to debut the 2018 Sierra 2500HD All Mountain vehicle at the Vail Mountain ski resort, people had to know they were going to get to see something truly amazing.

And they definitely wouldn't have disappointed as GMC busted out this amazing looking truck complete with rubber tank treads.

"With GMC’s focus on premium capability and design, we wanted to ensure that this concept took these signature attributes to an entirely new level. The Sierra All Mountain concept Mattracks technology enables the truck to conquer uncharted territory while highlighting premium interior features such as Bose speakers and upscale leather treatments," said Carl Zipfel who worked as the exterior designer. (Source: DailyMail).

16 Thankfully This Lambo Is Just A Concept

via pinterest.com

I might save you a headache by letting you know that the next vehicle that you are staring at was created as a concept, and not a reality. But the idea of putting a Lamborghini Huracan on track treads is intriguing enough that you may still love getting to take a look at it. The creation was done by Rain Prisk and made waves when it was first uploaded to the internet in 2016. Which also means that I wouldn't be too surprised if someone out there ended up seeing the concept and went out and had the actual changes made. Though the reality is that if there is snow on the ground, leave your Lambo at home. (Source: Maxim).

15 An Even More Obnoxious Hummer

via pinterest.com

If there is any positive to be found when it comes to this Hummer, it may be the fact that the wheels that they have chosen to remove are still very much accessible. But that just may make you wonder if the owner would take a step back, look at those giant treads and then realize they have made a huge mistake.

Let's hope the process to get the tires back on the Hummer is not a tedious process.

Especially because those wheels definitely aren't going to be light. On the plus side, at least the tank treads that they went with match the colour of the car.

14 Monster Energy Drink Is Fuelling This Driver

via youtube.com

If you were driving around with a giant sticker on the side of your car promoting the energy drink Monster, then you would also perhaps have access to as much of the energy drink as you can get your hands on. And while there are some days where an energy drink may be a Godsend, that may not be very necessary to help energize the driver as it does look like it's a great deal of fun to be blasting through the snow with the tank treads. Especially because even though this is a truck, you can imagine if the truck was trying to get through the snow with normal wheels, that it may be a task that just leads to an extreme amount of frustration for everyone involved.

13 Nissan Takes Their Rogue To The Desert

via theverge.com

There are some vehicles on our list that you see have decided to be equipped with tank treads because they are driving through the snow. But when the car company, Nissan, wanted to show off their new Rogue, they decided to throw some tank treads on the car and take it out to the desert. The unusual usage of camouflage on the car also (perhaps ironically) did a great job of helping draw attention to the car. Though I'm pretty sure most people who ended up buying a Nissan Rogue elected to go with the regular tires instead of the tank treads! (Source: TheVerge).

12 Caterpillar Bug

via pinterest.com

If this car had just kept the wheels on it, it's very possible it would have been a beautiful looking car that had a nice sleek element to it.

When the driver decided to make the car look more like a tank than anything else, it's probably very easy to see that the car has lost its sense of charm.

Though if they ever needed to enter their car into any type of Battlebots style competition, perhaps the removal of the wheels is something that will come in handy. But if not, it's just a decision that was not only not practical, but probably quite expensive.

11 Smart Tank

via autoyas.com

If you own a Smart car, you may have to accept the fact that the weather outside is something that you should always try and take into account. Because try as you might, something like a heavy snowstorm or even a significant amount of rain and wind can lead to some serious complications. But this driver clearly did not let the fact that he owns a Smart car from going out and buying some tank treads to help him survive the snow. Which means that the smartest decision they may have made all day was to make sure they were prepared for the different weather that could have impacted their drive.

10 Nissan Also Doesn't Mind The Snow

via roadandtrack.com

When you take a good look at this Nissan Rogue, you can understand why the company decided to add the word Warrior to the end of the title. Because this car definitely looks like it can stand up any potential fight!

Nissan had the help of the customization company Motorsports in Action to transform their car into the snow conquering beast that we see above.

The tracks are 30 inches high and still lets the driver get around at 62 mph, which means that you are definitely going to be able to experience the snow in a whole new way!(Source: MotorTrend).

9 Monster Also Had Their Hands On This One

via motor1.com

Subaru wanted to raise some eyebrows when they were putting together their display at the SEMA Motor Show back in 2009. And considering I am still talking about the show and it is 2018, it is definitely safe to say that they nailed that goal. Because it was then that they took to the stage with a 2009 WRX STI complete with 400 horsepower, and of course, tank treads. Which, perhaps in a positive way, had that lovely shade of lime green that you have probably come to associate with the Monster energy drink brand (or if you're a sports fan, the Seahawks!). (Source: Motor1).

8 This Poor Bentley Bentayga

via pinterest.com

There is probably a pretty good chance that if you ever made the decision to buy yourself a Bentley, that it's a decision that you have put a lot of time and thought into. Especially because if you wanted to drive off of the lot with a Bentley Bentayga, it has the very real chance of costing you more than $250,000 when all is said and done. It is a seriously impressive car that includes 600-hp and can get up to 187 mph, but there is no telling how the car performs (not to mention the speed it gets up to) when the driver elects to go for tank treads instead. (Source: Techeblog).

7 Nissan Shows Off Their 370Zki

via performancedrive.com

The Nissan 370Zki looks fantastic when it is zipping around on the road, but Nissan wanted to do something a little bit different when they appeared at the Chicago auto show earlier this year.

Nothing says a little bit different like making the modifications to the car that put tank treads in replacement of the wheels.

There were several things needed including adding a 3-inch lift kit and other modifications to things like the suspension. It was reported that the company took the car out to Wyoming to make sure it drove like a dream during the snow. (Source: Cars).

6 An Older Car Can Still Rock Tank Treads

via autotrader.com

You can imagine that if the owner of this car needed to take it anywhere in the snow, they may as well just go and invest in a good pair of snowshoes. Because there is no way they would be getting anywhere far. Which means that, at the very least, their implementation of tank treads was a decision that may save them from plenty of frustrating nights. Though I'm sure the owner also wouldn't mind if they found themselves living somewhere in the future where having to have tank treads applied to your car to have it be usable isn't a situation they have to deal with!

5 Taking The Jeep Through The Snow

via pinterest.com

If you are the owner of a Jeep, it's probably a good chance that you are at the very least intrigued by the idea of getting to take your vehicle through all different kinds of terrain and getting some dirt on it. After all, the advertising campaign for the company wouldn't lie, right? But I don't know if the company would ever expect the driver to love the car enough to throw tank treads on it just so they can drive it in the snow. Though you might have to admit it, this driver would probably have himself a pretty great time driving around!

4 Sheriff Can Go Anywhere

via cosmecol.com

Depending on what the context is, it's probably not a very good thing to look in your rearview mirror and see a police car signaling that they need your attention. Because it may only be a few minutes later that you are finding yourself needing to now budget in a ticket for some kind of traffic infraction. But if you got the chance to interact with this particular Sheriff car's owner, you may be able to get away with a potential minor infraction by complimenting them on their awesome Track N Go tank treads that are surely a necessity when you consider the demands of the Sheriff's job!

3 Nissan Back At It With The Juke

via digitaltrends.com

There are many people out there who love driving around in their Nissan Juke. All without the knowledge that if they checked out American Track Truck, that they'd have the ability to add tank treads to their Juke! Would it be a necessary switch? Probably not. But if you do find yourself surrounded by snow, it's reported that the Juke can get up to 60 mph while on the snow. Though be warned, it was also reported to cost $15,000 to make the upgrade! As you've seen, this isn't the only Nissan car on our list, which means that it also stands to reason that the company will be doing a similar promotion in the future. (Source: Wired).

2 Taking This ATV Anywhere

via pinterest.com

There are some vehicles on our list that if they did not have the tank treads applied, there was not going to be much they could do about driving through the snow. But you can imagine that even if this ATV had kept the original wheels on, the sheer size of it may mean that snow - or any other obstacle like dirt - doesn't stand a chance in slowing the driver down. And if you have ever been on an ATV and knows how exhilarating it is, you definitely know that riding around on this bad boy must be quite the experience. You just have to make sure that the driver remembers to put a helmet on!

1 Switching Up A Ford Ranger

via pinterest.com

While the decision to add some tank treads to your car is one that might not be for everyone, if you are to do it, going with the company Mattracks is a pretty solid way to go. The company is smart enough to make sure to advise that people never go above 40 mph and to always be aware of the terrain when driving. Which also means that you have to hope that this truck driver has no intentions of taking this truck on the road where they can endanger other drivers and is just getting geared up for some camping somewhere that is close by. (Source: Mattracks).

Sources: Autotrader.ca, Autoguide.com, Motor1.com

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