21 Boring Cars That Were Modded (And Now Actually Look Cool)

When I was a kid, no one used the term “Modification”. My friends and I just basically found something we liked and wanted to add to the car. We messed around in the garage or the backyard and then the magic started to happen. We didn’t need body kits because normally we just made our own. Well, at least until the thing eventually fell off.

To have a car is a great thing indeed. To customize one is even better. There’s simply nothing like making a car your own, whether it’s by adding a bumper sticker, or adding a body kit. Admit it, most of you probably want to change the way your car looks, but don’t quite know where to start. Well, you’re in luck because this article is all about you and your vehicle and what you want it to be.

Even if you have an older model vehicle, we’ll show you where to look for the kinds of resources online that’ll give you inspiration and set those cogs in motion for you to plan your very own customizations. Remember, it’s your car, not someone else’s. If it’s too plain or boring, then make it more exciting, just for you.

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21 BatSmart Car: Smart Mod

via blogspot.com

Say what you want about the BatSmart, but the one word you’ll never hear in a sentence about it is “boring”. Built by a company called Vertical Doors, the modded Smartfortwo takes everyone by surprise when they see it for the first time.

The original Batmobile creator George Barris was so impressed with the BatSmart’s detail, that he even signed the car himself.

Now that’s an endorsement. I also heard that 40 people were given the chance to purchase one of these babies when it was introduced back in 2008 at SEMA. I know I’d take it for a spin through Gotham. (Source: Jalopnik.com).

20 Nissan Juke R: Cool Starts Here

via carid.com

This is what’s known as an “unofficial” Juke R. For those not in the know, a Juke “R” is a merger of a stock Juke and the Nissan GTR platform, and it’s absolutely NOT easy to just make one. It was built by a Russian Team of tuners and engineers from SV Tuning. The “official” version of a Juke R sells for over $600,000, and the “unofficial” version could probably fetch at least as much, considering its engine was tested at around 838-hp, according to autoblog.com. That’s right, 0-90 in 4 seconds. We’re talking serious racetrack-beat-down times. Anyone got some spare change?

19 Kia Soul: Now It Has One

via bauersecure.com

Anyone that knows me, is aware of my Kia Soul obsession. I don’t know what makes me smile every time I see a cool version of the little crossover, but I can’t seem to help it. But I’m not so blinded to see what a few body tweaks or a cool body kit can do for a car.

Something as simple as switching out the hood for example, can turn a car into something else entirely, just like this Kia Soul.

Maybe a grill change, add some cool lights and you too can be the owner of one sick Soul. Even carmagazine.co.uk thinks that this is what Toyota should’ve done to the Scion.

18 Honda Odyssey: You Know It Looks Good

via youtube.com

If you really want to pimp out your Honda Odyssey, then look no further than Mugen. Mugen motorsports was founded by Hiritoshi Honda, son of the Honda founder. The world-famous company has been around since 1973, and they know a thing or two about enhancing your Honda. I mean, just look at this Odyssey. The attention to detail is phenomenal, from the grill to the rear spoiler. Stateside, their parts are sold exclusively through their site over at kingmotorsports.com. Don’t worry if you have an older model Honda, the site will cater just about to every Honda model ever sold in the US.

17 Bentley: Originality Plus 1

via auto-power-girl.com

You might think that your Bentley Continental sitting out there in your front yard doesn’t really need any help. Yeah, it’s a sweet ride, but a bit dull. Need to kick it with a bit more styling? If you do, take a look at the possibilities to “sicken” that bad boy. You could probably cook a whole brisket on that grill.

Get a set of rocking tires and wheels, and a more aggressive front end that dares others to try and race this machine.

You should check out sites like mastermindna.com and edozone.com to order a kick-ass customized hood too. What a difference it makes.

16 Nissan Cube: Hip To Be Square

via kauaisurfreport.com

OK, it’s time for a little honesty here: NO ONE that I know of purchases a Nissan Cube for its looks. Yep, I went there, and I’m staying there too. Luckily for Cube owners, there’s still a few methods to bring out the inner beauty from that square peg. I would recommend a cool wrap that’ll take your Cube to the next level. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to wraps, whether it be subdued or sick. There are some great sites on the web like lixcreative.com and iconographystudios.net with wraps that’ll really get your creative juices flowing.

15 Dodge Magnum: Sleek And Strong

via circlesix.com

Magnum owners can rejoice in the fact that they own one of the coolest cars probably ever produced by mankind. With plenty of power and street credibility, the mighty Mopar powered Dodge can handle nearly any task thrown at it, and still look like the bomb at any sort of event. Check out this slamming body kit from the guys over at halosupercars.com. They call it the Nomag. The all-white ultra-minimal styling really brings out the Magnum’s looks. Even the white wheels are a really cool touch. Just think of the possibilities you can come up with. Time to get styling.

14 Honda Accord:Carbon Nirvana

via lnwfile.com

Thailand mod specialists NKS really know how to style a Honda. This really fantastic kit for the Honda Accord easily proves that. The company has been around since 2008 and ship all over the world. This sleek and modern carbon body kit truly makes the Accord stand out like a diamond.

This Honda reminds me of a high-end Mercedes or Audi with this body kit.

The front-end integration is seamless, almost like what the Accord should have looked like in the first place. The all-around skirting is a nice touch, making the Honda’s exterior look like flowing liquid. Check out more pics at nksbodykits.com.

13 MINI Cooper: Bold And Brave

via northamericanmotoring.com

The folks over at carid.com are offering what’s called the Liberty Walk body kit for the MINI Cooper, and man, is it hot. This is one of those body kits that can be called drool-worthy. It gives the Cooper a really aggressive and lowered stance. The fit and finish looks great, and the detail is instantly noticed. I especially like the thoughtful things like the vents just forward of the rear wheel flares. The colours of the kit can of course be OEM matched to ensure a perfect match, but you should be able to customize the colour to suit your taste, from mild to wild.

12 Toyota Prius: Green Machine

via stancewars.com

Now this what I’m talking about. Sure, it’s only a concept, but I bet all of you Prius owner’s minds are simply reeling from the image. The normal Prius, while practical, is also way too boring in the appearance department. The beauty of the internet is that there are so many different ways and businesses to discover for customizing your potential masterpiece. There are some very interesting full body kits out there in the wild from companies such as waldusa.com and global.rakuten.com. Either way, Prius owners are certain to find something to bring out their car’s individuality, because that’s what it’s all about.

11 Toyota Yaris: Pretty In Pink

via butlertoyota.com

This certainly ain’t your mama’s Yaris. It’s actually the Yaris Club Racer, that was built in 2012 for US competition races. The remodelled body is quite nice, with plenty of pop to make sure the Yaris is noticed from near and far. Butlertoyota.wordpress.com says that that Sportscar Magazine carried out most of the modifications themselves.

It looks like they did a fantastic job, by the looks of the Toyota.

The colours work fantastically on the three-seater, without making it look garish. Similar wraps can be found online at sites like carwrapsolutions.com, which have a great selection for all types of cars.

10 Hyundai Veloster: This Mod Is Sick

via pinterest.ca

Now this is one heck of a mod job. Anyone driving a Veloster will have to admit that this kit is sick as all get out. That front kit is just too cool, giving an already great looking car some added ferocity. The rear and sides of the kit make the Veloster look just as good. They also lowered the car’s height to improve handling and to add to its visual impact. The Lamborghini style doors are absolutely eye-catching and the entire car just looks far more exciting than the in its original form.

9 Dodge Ram: Perfectly Camouflaged

via truckindo.com

This 2014 Dodge Ram is swathed in camouflage inside and out, according to truckindo.win. I just know that it’s a great example of making a vehicle your own individual statement. The big diesel’s also been lifted up a few inches, adding to its looks. Even the center console and seats have the camo package.

We wouldn’t need a deer stand with this brute of a truck blending in perfectly with the environment.

You could probably take out more than a few maple trees with the massive fender guard, and you also have more clearance with the spare mounted on top.

8 Ford Fiesta: A Grille Like A Hip Hop Artist

via carid.com

Fiesta’s have always been cute, but this body kit is the reason a lot of little boys and girls can’t wait to grow up. The grille-like lights in front tells you that this car isn’t asking you for respect, because it doesn’t have to, and could care less about your opinion. Everything was well thought out for the Fiesta’s kit. Especially the fantastic front and rear tire flares. And those funky covers on the hood are certainly original. I especially like how the headlights match the integrated bumper’s lights. I would buy this kit in a heartbeat, no questions asked.

7 Toyota Corolla: Low-Rider

via pinterest.com

It’s pretty easy to spruce up an aging Corolla with a little research and just the right body kit. This one has lots of style to it, The LED lights inside the aggressively designed vents of the front spoiler really sets off the rest of the full-body kit. The Toyota badge is really given the spotlight here, appearing to hover out in front of the grill with the special decal inlay installed. The side skirting is minimal and understated, as is the rear skirting application. It’s a really tightly designed body kit that I think any Corolla owner would love.

6 VW Golf: What It Always Should Look Like

via carmag.com

A serious power upgrade combined with a minimal body kit turns this Golf GTI into an absolute monster. V&B Automobiletechnik handled the mod for this Golf, pumping up the power of the stock engine from 262 hp to an amazing 473 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque, according to motor1.com.

That’s a nearly unimaginable power increase, especially for a front-wheel drive car this size.

It’s not a cheap upgrade, roughly $13,000, but if you have to be king of the hill on your block, I can’t think of a better way to do it. Talk about the ultimate sleeper car.

5 Ford Transit: What A Skirt Will Do For It

via exclusivecustomz.com

Just because you haul a lot of stuff around doesn’t meant your vehicle can’t look its very best. The Ford Transit Connect Body Kit, transforms your transport Van into a suave cruiser. I saw this one at exclusivecustomz.com, and is a full body kit for your Transit, coming with front and rear bumpers, side skirts and what they call a “barn door spoiler”. The kit looks cool as well as functional. Plus, it’s nice that there are aftermarket firms that provide innovative solutions to niche vehicles like the Transit. The site even offers more than one type of full body kit for the big van.

4 Dodge Dart: A Wide-Body For The Streets

via dodge-dart.com

This “Black Widow” Dodge Dart was started in 2013 by Nicole Viscovich, who wanted to enter the car into SEMA, according to dodgedartz.com. Nicole’s family are Dodge lovers, which is why she chose the Dart to customize. She actually purchased the stock Dodge Dart 13 days before SEMA. She put a lot of work in it to get it ready and was able to get a good number of sponsors. As you can tell, the Dart turned out to be truly sick, and Nicole has completed a lot more car shows since. So, don’t get discouraged about wanting to pimp out your car. Just go for it.

3 Honda Civic: The Perfect Mod Kit

via civicx.com

This body kit is loud and neon proud. What makes it look so nice is the fact that it’s a simple kit. The loud color doesn’t take anything away from the very elegant design. I think it was very wise that the owner didn’t add any sort of stripes or contrasting designs over the color, as it would have definitely detracted from the otherwise clean appearance.

The front lip is very nice and modern.

It really compliments the grill area. The side are really fantastic and blend in perfectly. The attention to detail is quite evident, bringing the entire design together to truly enhance the Civic.

2 Subaru WRX: Blue Is The New Black

via unratedflair.com

The Japanese company Varis.co.jp has tons of experience modifying and making the coolest body kits and accessories for Toyota cars and many others. But I’m sure you can tell this just by checking the pic above. I’d be satisfied just having the hood! The red and grey theme make for a really great contrast without being loud. The front end of the kit enhances, rather than hide what type of car you have, which I like very much. I also like that each and every piece can be purchased separately, so you don’t have to break the bank to liven up your car.

1 Ford Ecosport: A Mean Green Mod

via cartoq.com

I’ve never given much thought to the fact that a Ford Ecosport could ever be made to look good. The pic above changed my mind. I would be beaming with joy to be driving this modded version. It looks fantastic, especially with the gigantic “FORD” badging up front. Cartoq.com reports that it’s actually a Ford Raptor styled grille. I really like the aftermarket lights and massive, oversized tires. It really transforms the bland Ecosport into a rather impressive beast. Even the red striping sets off the front end perfectly. Great job.

Sources: kuhl-usa.com; carid.com; jalopnik.com; kingmotorsports.com

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