20 Cars That Will Probably Get Stolen The Second They Leave The Dealership

Many cars have a much higher rate of being stolen than others, meaning customers should avoid them or do more to protect them.

"The increase in vehicle thefts over the past two years should be a reminder that drivers must do their part to protect their vehicles," says NICB President and CEO Joe Wehrle. "Anti-theft systems in newer model cars and trucks are excellent, but they don't work if you don't use them.” This is a stern warning to car owners out there. Theft can be prevented however it is up to the owner to follow through with the precautionary measures provided by the various car companies.

Without a doubt, certain car types are easier and a lot more enticing to snatch up. Take the Honda Civic and Honda Accord – the ‘97 and ‘98 versions continue to be stolen to this day and a lot of that has to do with ease factor. It is also because Honda is the most purchased vehicle out there. So what that means is lots of maintenance issues and the need of various Honda parts. This is why those old school models are still frequently stolen to this day. You’ll be completely baffled at how many Honda rides have vanished in the US alone. To their credit, Honda has done an excellent job of ensuring the utmost well-being of their rides with new security measures throughout the years.

Along with the US we’ll take a look at Canada and various countries across Europe. We’ll feature the most stolen cars in the area. Unlike the US Volkswagen, Lexus and Audi seem to be a popular trend in those areas. Without further ado let’s get started. Here are 20 cars you shouldn’t but because they’ll probably get stolen!

20 Lexus GX460

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It might be a bit of a surprise but out in Canada the ride that gets stolen at the highest frequency is the Lexus GX460. It isn’t too surprising as to why however. The car is a luxury ride with off-road capabilities. The fact that it drives really well and looks pretty darn good might be a big factor. It is also worth mentioning that the ride isn’t a cheap one either with newer models selling for a near $60,000 price point. Those looking to buy a ride in Canada might want to steer clear from this ride. However in the US the same problem doesn’t exist as SUVs seem to have a lesser worth for car thieves as opposed to various types of pickups.

19 Ford Super Duty Trucks

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In both Canada and the US, the Ford trucks are among the most commonly stolen vehicles. In Canada for 2017, the Super Duty models filled up the top 10 most stolen cars list with eight different models in the top slots.

The 2007 model was the second most stolen car in Canada, specifically the F-350 Super Duty.

The other models in the top 10 included the 2006, 2005, 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2002. The F-250 Super Duty also made an appearance in the 10th slot. It’s an issue in the US as well. In fact, so much so that the Ford-F Series Pickup ranks in as the third most stolen vehicle of all-time. As of 2017 Forbes claims close to 33,000 have been stolen.

18 Toyota Corolla

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The Toyota Corolla makes the list in the US for both one of the most stolen car of all-time and in the recent years as well. A big reason for the all-time nod might be due to the longevity of the line. It made its debut way back in the late 1960s. It remains on the market today as one of most affordable rides. Its also pretty darn fuel efficient – these are two reasons as to why it stays afloat and why it might be getting stolen so frequently. The car comes in eighth all time in the US with more than 12,000 models stolen. It was also among the top three in 2016 for most stolen vehicle in the US. It isn’t uncommon for Toyota’s to get stolen as you’ll see in this article.

17 Hummer H2

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Have we teleported back to the early 2000s? Well, according to the list of most stolen rides in Canada the Hummer H2, 2003 model is among the most stolen rides in all of Ontario. Okay, some of you are probably scratching your heads. Who in the heck would want to steal that? It seems like a lot of people, especially in Ontario.

A big reason for this might due to the rarity factor.

The line entered the market back in 2003 and despite all the hype it finally ended in 2009. This might make it a sought after ride for theft. Or, there is also the chance of the owners getting it purposely stolen for some insurance money cause seriously, who wants that in their driveway in 2018?

16 Volkswagen Touareg

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Surprisingly Volkswagen isn’t the most commonly stolen car in the US. So hey, for those US citizens out there maybe you should buy it without the hassle of it possibly getting stolen. Canada has a higher rate. That might be due to the frequency, Volkswagen’s are popular in various cities such as Montreal and Toronto. The car company is real popular in Europe. In fact, in France the Touareg is among the most commonly stolen rides. Other car companies prone to theft in France include Renault, Peugeot and Audi. Maybe you might want to steer clear of those model types when visiting the Eiffel Tower!

15 Jeep Cherokee

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The Jeep Cherokee is another model that has been on the market for what seems like forever. It began as the Wagoneer in its earlier days during the 70s. Today, it continues on with its fifth generation. The ride remains a popular one in both Canada and the US.

However for those in the US perhaps it might be wise to install a tracking device on this SUV or perhaps make it a purpose to get insurance.

The 2000 Jeep Cherokee is among the most stolen vehicles of all-time in the US. More than 9,000 have been stolen according to Forbes.

14 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

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Out in Canada, specifically Quebec the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited was among the most stolen rides for 2017. It isn’t hard to understand why. The car has plenty of resale value due to its look and capabilities. The real kicker is the price point, the Wrangler Unlimited is surprisingly affordable and that makes it so much easier to sell. The Wrangler Unlimited made the top 10 theft list in Quebec for two separate models. The 2016 version came in at number three while the 2015 version is the seventh most stolen ride in the French speaking province - this according to Auto Trader.

13 Mercedes E-Class

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It seems like thieves have a more expensive taste out in the UK. Among the list of most stolen rides includes some of the top luxury brands like BMW, Range Rover and Mercedes. For the last six years, the BMW X5 continues to be the most stolen ride. The Range Rover Sport is another frequently stolen SUV in the UK. However in terms of cars, the Mercedes E-Class and C-Class are at the top of the list. Let’s pay our respects to the BMW M3 and BMW 3 Series which are also rides that are stolen frequently in the UK.

12 Nissan Altima

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First issued in 1992, the Altima was originally considered a compact car. Coupe versions have been made however the ride enjoyed some serious success when it turned into a mid-size vehicle.

The car is a popular one, especially due to the reasonable price tag.

Newer models can be purchased in the US for just $25,000. Perhaps this factor alone made in vulnerable to theft related incidents. The ride was among the most stolen models in 2016 finishing up just behind the Camry with over 1,000 models stolen according to Forbes. Nissan is aware of the issue and suggests a tracking device for the car.

11 Mitsubishi Lancer

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Although a Lancer has a reasonable price point along with capable performance it might not be the best idea to buy the ride particularly over in the Great White North. Not only is the ride among the most stolen in the Atlantic Provinces but it’s also among the more ticketed rides out there. Purchasing a Lancer, it won’t be too surprising if you experience one or the other. In fact, maybe ask a prior owner if one of these instances ever took place? According to Auto Trader the Lancer a topped the list for 2017 in terms of theft in the Atlantic Provinces. The 2012 Lancer beat out the 2003 Dodge Ram for the "top honours.”

10 Dodge Charger

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“Fiat Chrysler has had a few security issues over the past few months, with Ram trucks and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawks stolen from Detroit-area plants in May and November, respectively. But on Sunday, another theft took place, except instead of Trackhawks, the scoundrels nabbed Dodge Chargers.” Yup, look away Charger enthusiasts. According to Jalopnik, this was one of the many theft incidents involving Chargers taking place in Detroit. The ride is experiencing a theft boom, it ranked in at number four in terms of most thefts in 2016 with nearly 950 Chargers stolen. We can hear those muscle car enthusiasts gulping from here!

9 Toyota 4Runner

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While Chargers are being stolen in the US it seems like thieves in Ontario and Quebec are on the lookout for Toyota 4Runners. Now the likes of Car and Driver don’t consider this ride among the top SUV purchases out there. However a huge selling point for this ride is the affordable price tag attached.

In Ontario both the 2016 and 2015 models made it to the top 2 of the list for most stolen rides in 2017.

Even the 2014 model finished in the nine slot. Quebec seems to have the exact same problem with both 2016 and 2015 models also finishing at the very top of the crime list.

8 Land Rover

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In terms of volume Volkswagen’s are among the most commonly stolen cars in Germany – that really isn’t too surprising. However according to the percentages it is a lot riskier to own a Land Rover, this according to Henk Bekker of Best Selling Cars“For the fourth consecutive year, Land Rover was the most-often car brand stolen in Germany per number of cars insured. However, in 2016, the risk of a Land Rover being stolen in Germany was 2.1 per 1,000 insured – sharply down from 5.2 in 2014 and 4.5 in 2014.” Porsche and Audi is also risky to buy in Germany.

7 2004 Chevrolet Silverado

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The Ford-F Series pickup is considered the most frequently stolen pickup from both then and now. However, the Silverado Pickup is no slouch either. On the all-time list the 2004 model ranks in at number four just behind the Ford with more than 31,000 models stolen in the past. Despite the pickup still being on the market these days the numbers have gone down comparable to the F-Series. At a price tag between $36,000 and $40,000 it seems like consumers are opting for Ford these days – even with Chevy’s lower price model. That might the reason for the declining theft numbers over the years.

6 Toyota Camry

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“There were nearly 100,000 Accord and Civic models stolen across all model years in 2016, followed by the Ford F-series pickup (32,721), Chevrolet Silverado (31,238), and the Toyota Camry (16,732).” Yes, that’s right, according to Fox News the Camry is among the most frequently stolen vehicles.

The 2016 ride is right up there with some of the heavy pickups.

Some car enthusiasts might make the assumption owners are getting it purposely stolen however in truth, it isn’t hard to resell such a ride at an affordable price tag. Clearly, when it comes to theft in the US it’s all about quantity and less about quality.

5 Chevrolet Impala

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Chevy makes another appearance on the list. Thieves aren’t limiting their search to pickups. The Impala is another ride among the more commonly stolen – we’re not talking about those old school bad boys but the modern day versions. The 2008 ride finished ninth in the US with a near 10,000 stolen. Ironically the older Impalas have also been stolen in the past. Most recently a man out of Florida got his vintage Impala stolen from a Craigslist buyer. The man claimed that he was going to have the ride inspected at a body shop – the only problem is he never returned with the car. Seriously who gives the stranger the keys to a vintage Impala!?

4 Ford Fusion

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The popular slogan “have you a driven a Ford lately” might easily turn into “have you seen my Ford lately?” The Fusion is another Ford car with prone to theft. The ride sells at a very modest price tag along with a high volume in the US. For those reasons it ranks in the top five according to NICB’s list of highest theft rates in the US for 2016. Numerous videos online have shown how easy it is to snatch various Ford models including the Ford Focus which can be seized in just a mere matter of seconds. Get protected if you buy a Ford!

3 GMC Sierra Pickup

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“London police are asking citizens to be vigilant and take extra precautions because of an increase in the theft of GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks throughout the city. In 2015, 205 of these vehicles were taken compared to 76 in 2014.”

Ironically the theft rate is not only going up in Ontario, Canada but it is also moving the needle in the US.

The pickup was a part of the Forbes top 10 list for having the highest theft rate in 2016. The ride disappeared 884 times in the year alone. Comparing that to Canada, that’s a lot of Sierra rides that have gone MIA.

2 Honda Civic

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The 1998 Honda Civic is near the top of the list for most stolen rides of all-time in the US. Civic owners prepare to take a deep breath; the ride has 49,547 stolen in the US alone! That makes it second on the all-time list. On the bright side, these days theft is down for the Honda Civic. In fact, not a single Honda made it on the top 10 2016 list in the US. According to CNN a lot of that has to do with the upgraded security measures; “Older models are still getting swiped, while newer models are stolen at much lower levels. The 2016 Honda Civic didn't even make the list of the 25 most stolen 2016 models. The difference: better security, according to the NICB. "It's mostly due to advances in anti-theft technology," NICB spokesman Frank Scafidi.

1 Honda Accord

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"Year after year, the Honda Accord continues to be a top seller at car dealerships throughout the United States for a variety of reasons, including their reliability, said Patrick Clancy, the vice president of law enforcement for LoJack Corporation. That means year after year there are more Accords on the road, getting into car accidents or needing parts for repair." So in other words, due to a high demand on the parts and the ride itself this has become the most stolen ride in the US. It makes the top of the all-time list, the 1997 Accord has been stolen more than 50,000 times! Though again, credit goes to Honda for at least trimming this number down heavily throughout the years with its newer models.

Sources: Forbes, AutoTrader, Jalopnik

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