15 Cars Driven By The Cast Of Dog The Bounty Hunter

Duane Chapman is one of the most colorful reality TV characters ever to hit the small screen in the US, and yet many of you probably don’t even recognize his name. He is better known as Dog, the star of the A&E network’s smash hit Dog the Bounty Hunter, which follows Chapman as he pursues criminals who have broken their bail conditions, collecting the reward money when he brings them to justice.

Dog first appeared on another A&E series about people with unusual jobs called Take This Job, but the channel’s bosses soon realized that his personality and his exciting occupation had the makings of a series of all his own. Eight seasons and almost 250 episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter were made between 2004 and 2012, before Dog and his wife Beth made three seasons of a spin-off show for rival channel CMT.

The original show and the spin-off all heavily featured the Chapman family; it may be an unusual choice for a family business, but many of the Chapman kids are also involved in bounty hunting – although the family has also had its own brushes with the law!

When you’re chasing down criminals, it’s important to have a vehicle you can rely on. Check out the list below to find out what Dog and the other members of the Chapman family have driven over the years.

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15 Dog the Bounty Hunter- Ford Expedition

Via newsplop.com

Take a look at the various SUV models that Dog has driven over the years, and you can soon spot the one thing that they all have in common – and it’s not just that they’re tough enough for bounty hunting! Chapman is obviously something of a patriot when it comes to his vehicles, preferring US-made SUVs to those from Japan and other foreign car manufacturers.

And vehicles don’t come much more US-made than Ford. Dog has also been seen behind the wheel of a Ford Expedition, which first rolled off the production line in 1997 as a successor to the iconic Ford Bronco truck.

14 Dog the Bounty Hunter- GMC Yukon

Via mlive.com

The black GMC Yukon which was owned by Duane and his wife Beth, who was also an important part of the TV show and the bounty hunting business, was involved in a serious accident when the couple was visiting Hawaii in 2014. The couple was driving on Highway 1 when they got rear-ended by the driver of a Chevy pickup.

The Chapmans’ GMC Yukon, a full-size SUV which has been in production since 1991, ended up in a ditch, but luckily neither of them were seriously hurt. The driver of the Chevy fled the scene but was soon traced and arrested on a DUI.

13 Dog the Bounty Hunter- Cadillac Escalade

Via caranddriver.com

SUVs may be the perfect vehicle for a tough guy like Dog, but that doesn’t mean that he has to go without a little luxury and comfort when he’s in pursuit of his latest target.

Another vehicle he has driven during his time on TV is the Cadillac Escalade, a luxury SUV that is popular with Hollywood celebrities. Still, that luxurious interior certainly doesn’t seem to slow Dog down; in his 40-year career chasing down bad guys, it is thought that he has tracked down more than 7,000 fugitives, from all over the US and even across the border into Mexico and Canada.

12 Dog the Bounty Hunter- Chevy Tahoe

Via topspeed.com

Of course, tracking down fugitives is only a small part of Dog’s job; he also has to get them back into custody so he can collect his reward, and very few of these criminals are willing to come quietly!

Dog has caught come notorious crooks in his career, including those who have committed very serious crimes, and if he’s going to get them back to the police station without them escaping once again, then he needs somewhere they can be safely and securely transported – another good reason for Dog to use an SUV like the Chevy Tahoe when he’s working.

11 Dog the Bounty Hunter- Lincoln Navigator

Via whnt.com

The Cadillac Escalade is not the only luxury SUV that Dog has driven throughout his bounty hunting career; he also once owned a Lincoln Navigator, which is a rough and ready SUV on the outside on the outside, and all comfort and luxury on the inside – not that Dog wants his fugitives getting too comfortable on their ride back to the cops!

The Navigator, which has been made by Ford’s luxury division since 1998, is the heaviest production vehicle Lincoln has ever produced and will set you back at least $75,000. Not that Dog has often needed to worry about cash, thanks to the income from his TV shows and his bounties.

10 Dog the Bounty Hunter- Jaguar XJ

Via jaguarseattle.com

Dog may be patriotic when it comes to the SUVs that he uses for work, but he does have a guilty motoring pleasure, which he has used when he isn’t on the road chasing fugitives. He once owned a stylish Jaguar XJ, a British-made luxury saloon car which has been the company’s flagship vehicle since it was launched in the 1970s.

The elegant and sophisticated car isn’t quite what you would expect to see Dog driving, but his XJ6 model does have a powerful V12 engine, which can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 8 seconds – not bad for a saloon!

9 Dog the Bounty Hunter-Chevy Suburban

Via dailymotion.com

Dog is the undisputed star of the show and is also one of the most experienced and successful bounty hunters in the States. When it comes to work, he seems to prefer SUVs, which these are days are fast enough to chase down his quarry, while also providing plenty of comfort for driver and passenger for those longer pursuits!

Over the course of the eight seasons of Dog the Bounty Hunter and spin-off show Doug and Beth On the Hunt, he has driven an impressive array of full-size SUVs, including a Chevy Suburban, a vehicle which started life as a station wagon all the way back in 1935.

8 Beth- Cadillac DeVille

Via idealclassicccars.net

Beth Chapman is Dog’s fifth wife, but it does seem that she is the one woman who managed to tame him! The couple married in 2006, despite Dog’s daughter Katy having been involved in a fatal accident the day before, but they had been together on-and-off since 1986, and had two children together, as well as the various children from both their previous relationships.

Beth’s motoring pride and joy is a classic Cadillac DeVille, although given how precious the car is to her, she isn’t often seen behind the wheel. She is also an integral part of Dog’s business, running the office and even occasionally going out on the road to catch fugitives with her husband.

7 Beth-Mercedes Benz C-Class

Via usmagazine.com

The couple announced that they were leaving the bounty hunting game in 2017 when Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer – a subject which was covered in a one-off special episode of the TV show called Dog and Beth: Fight of their Lives.

The couple still manages to enjoy themselves, however, and if Beth is able to drive she is usually seen behind the wheel of her Mercedes Benz C-Class executive car. First produced in 1994, the C-Class has become on the company’s most popular models, thanks to its precision engineering and luxurious interior – and Beth certainly deserves a little luxury at this point in her life.

6 Leland- Hummer H2 SUT

via Cardid

Leland Chapman was one of the key members of the Dog bounty hunting team, but he wasn’t always so close to his father. He is the son of Duane Chapman’s first wife, La Fonda Sue Honeycutt, who he wed in 1972 and divorced in 1977 when he was serving a prison sentence.

Leland clearly likes to think of himself as something of a hard man, at least if his choice of car is anything to go by; one of his favorite vehicles is his Hummer H2 SUT, a pickup version of the super-size SUV.

5 Leland- Chevy Avalanche

Via upstateauto.net

Despite a difficult start to their relationship, Leland worked with his father in the family business until he left to set up his own bail bonds company in Hawaii. However, it seems that the two men might have more in common than they think, as Leland could well have been inspired by his father’s favorite type of vehicles when he bought his own Chevy Avalanche – an all-American car just like those in Dog’s collection.

The Avalanche is a pickup but built on the same wheelbase as the Chevy Suburban, and with a pretty small truck bed compared to many others on the market.

4 Duane Jr- Chrysler 300

Via usatoday.com

Leland’s biological brother is Duane Chapman Jr, another son who followed Dog into the bounty hunting business, but who also left the family business to set up on his own, following a major argument which was featured on the show. Duane Jr is another member of the Chapman family who seems to have a penchant for US cars, but unlike his dad and brother, he prefers more classic vehicles, with a little more style and elegance than a rough and ready SUV.

He once owned a Chrysler 300, a full-size luxury four-door sedan which first rolled off the production line in 2004, and which costs at least $40,000.

3 Duane Jr- Ford Mustang Convertible

Via thetruthaboutcars.com

Like his step-mom Beth, Duane Jr is also a big fan of classic US cars. Beth may have her stylish Cadillac DeVille, but Duane Jr prefers a good old-fashioned muscle car; the Ford Mustang. The Mustang may not be as powerful as some of its muscle competitors, but it certainly has staying power and has been in almost constant production since 1965, reinventing itself for every new generation.

When Chapman left Dog the Bounty Hunter, he decided to move south to Florida, so it makes sense that he would drive a convertible Ford Mustang while living in the Sunshine State.

2 Tim-Chevy Van

Via cargurus.com

Tim “Youngblood” Chapman gives Dog himself a run for his money when it comes to larger than life personalities. Despite sharing a surname, the two men are not related, but they have worked together for decades in the bounty hunting business, and Youngblood was an integral part of the Dog the Bounty Hunter TV show.

He and Dog were both of the same generations, and both had an appreciation for great vintage vehicles – including the old Chevy Van which was in Youngblood’s collection of cars. The Chevy Van was in production between 1964 and 1995 and can be set up either as a bus or as a campervan.

1 Tim- Dodge Ram

Via guideautoweb.com

The two old-school bounty hunters may not be related, but Dog always called Tim his blood brother on the show – which is where the Youngblood nickname came from. Although he always deferred to Dog, Tim himself came from a family of bounty hunters and made his first civilian arrest at the age of just 14 when he was working in his mother’s bail bonds business.

Like Dog, he knows that SUVs and pickups are perfect for chasing down criminals, which is why his other car is a Dodge Ram truck, a full-size pickup which has been rolling off the production line since 1981.

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