25 Cars Women Love Seeing Men Drive

Ask a bunch of men what their favorite things in life are and you'll notice a pattern. There will be a few things that are hardwired into the bizarre minds of us men - sports, cars, and women. And everyone knows cars and women go hand in hand... or do they?

Believe it or not, but there is tons of research on the subject, and as with most other research results it depends on what questions have been asked, the research participants' age, nationality, aspirations... In short, none of the studies match up 100%.

What really is interesting is that most studies show that women perceive men who flaunt their wealth as unsuitable long-term partners, believing they're less reliable and more selfish and promiscuous - so there's no need to run out and buy a red Ferrari then.

However, it seems women still want a man to drive a luxurious vehicle - it just has to be less in-your-face, meaning nice leather interiors and clean, practical designs are the way to go. As practical as they might be, no studies have mini-vans listed anywhere amongst the sexiest vehicles, so they're out!

But wait, there's more! There are some other factors as well, and here's where it gets more complicated. A man who cares about the environment gets a high score, but so does one who drives powerful cars, and classic cars. Currently, there aren't powerful, classic, zero emissions cars around, so I guess we just have to pick one and keep our fingers crossed?

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25 Nissan 370Z

via Cargurus

The Nissan 370Z has a lineage that goes way back to 1969 when the 240Z was first launched. The 370Z is a natural progression of the 350Z that launched back in 2003, and while it looks very similar there has been several upgrades and improvements to make the newer model better than its predecessor.

Women who are of the sporty type love it when men drive the Nissan 370Z. The design combined with a roaring 3.7-liter V6 and body-hugging seats are an invitation to go for a 'spirited' drive on some twisty roads

24 Jeep Wrangler

via Motortrend

Everything about the Jeep Wrangler screams masculinity. And being set up for doing some off-road discoveries, with its beefy tires and lots of ground clearance, it's guaranteed to be a hit with the more adventurous women out there who love camping in the wild and don't mind a bit of dirt under their fingernails.

The newest Jeep might look pretty much like every Jeep before it, all the way back to WWII, but it really is brand new - and it's actually pretty decent on paved roads as well.

23 Jaguar E-Type

via R M Sothebys

When the E-Type was first launched, Enzo Ferrari called it the most beautiful car ever made. It also had the performance to back up its looks. These days the E-Type is enjoying its status as a highly appreciated classic.

With its sleek, streamlined bodywork, fine leather seats, aluminum dashboard, and wooden steering wheel it just oozes class and style. This is a car typically owned by a distinguished gentleman, someone who appreciates the finer things in life - and the women who love it are usually the same kind. It's a perfect match.

22 Ford F-150

via Driving

The Ford F-series has been the best selling truck in America for a reason. Ok, that reason is probably that it's a very practical vehicle, but there was a study done by Insure that showed that women loved it when men drive trucks.

Basically, a truck like this implies that the guy is handy and knows how to fix things, and with regular $100 fill-ups it suggests that he's not obsessive about money and that he actually has $100. The Ford F-150 might be the ultimate understated chick magnet.

21 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

via Mercedes Benz

You won't find a more luxurious Mercedes than the S-Class. It has always been the car that shows where Mercedes' design is headed. It has smooth but powerful lines and a cabin with an amazing level of finish.

It has a smooth ride, with all the creature comforts you can think of, which should also give you an idea of what the man who owns it is like.

The typical S-Class owner is classy, stylish, and successful - which attracts sophisticated women in their 30s and 40s.

20 Jeep Grand Cherokee

via Jeep

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has an aura of robustness and ruggedness about it - yet it doesn't look out of place when parked outside a nice restaurant on a Friday night with its stylish, curved bodywork and 20-inch rims on the top trim version.

It's not all about the looks though, the versatility and performance of the Grand Cherokee most certainly are valid reasons as to why women love it when a man drives this machine. There was never any doubt that this car deserved to be on the list.

19 Range Rover

via Autoweek

The Range Rover is another car that has a rugged appearance, yet offers the passengers tons of luxury.

Its adjustable driving modes mean it's safe to drive on all kinds of terrain, and it lets you do it while surrounded by an extravagant leather interior and tons of tech.

It should come as no surprise that the Range Rover made this list. Sporty SUV performance, good looks, lots of luxury, as well as being a safe and reliable vehicle are things that most women would find attractive in a car.

18 BMW M6

via Driving

The M6 Cabriolet certainly doesn't qualify as a typical chick car. It's extraordinarily fast for a car of its size, capable of doing 0-to-60 in just 4.3 seconds.

Being a BMW, you know the build quality is great and the interior is luxuriously wrapped in soft leather.

So what type of women are attracted to the BMW M6? According to research done by relationship coach DeAnna Lorraine, it's the good-looking, wild, and power-lusting women who love it when men drive the M6, so be careful out there!

17 Mercedes-Benz C350 Coupe

via Wikipedia

The Sporty Mercedes C350 Coupe has always been a popular car. It's been popular with the owners because of its enjoyable chassis, and popular with the ladies because it's a sporty Mercedes. While the older models had rather lazy powerplants, the new one packs more punch - ultimately making it more of a true driver's car.

If you desperately want a Mercedes that women love, but you can't afford an S-Class or you actually prefer a sports car, the C350 Coupe is the car you want. It's not cheap compared to some of the rivals, but hey, it's a Merc.

16 Tesla Model S

via Wikipedia

There have been studies that concluded women like men who drive powerful and stylish cars, but there are also studies saying women prefer men who drive environmentally friendly vehicles. So I guess that means the Tesla Model S ticks both those boxes and should, therefore, be a safe bet when it comes to attracting women?!

The Model S does have a nice, sleek design, and there's a comfortable leather interior, lots of space, some fancy gadgets, and ludicrous acceleration... I think the Model S belongs on this list.

15 Ford Mustang

via Top Cars Motion

The Mustang is an affordable option for those who want a sports car that will attract the females, yet still makes him look masculine. There's nothing feminine about the Mustang whatsoever, it both looks and sounds like it was designed to win a manliness contest.

And it turns out the mean looks and roaring engine are the exact things women love about the Mustang. Those who are into the Mustang will definitely ask you to show them what the car can do on a long, straight, empty stretch of road.

14 Chevrolet Camaro

via Robb Report

Another American icon, and just like the other icons on this list, the Camaro is a very muscular and macho car.

It doesn't attract women because of its price tag or luxury, it's all because of the design, sound, and performance.

The women who love it when a man drives a Camaro are the same ones that love the Mustang and the Corvette. The action-loving thrill-seekers who prefer a guy with a somewhat bad boy image. If you're not bad, just get yourself some U.S. Muscle and you're sorted.

13 Porsche Boxster

via Car and Driver

While often referred to as a 'girl's car,' the Porsche Boxster is actually a better handling car than its bigger sibling, the 911, due to its mid-engine configuration.

Whether it's called a girl's car due to its smaller engine or just because it's not a 911 is unknown, what matters is that women love the Boxster.

The Boxster does look cuter than most sports cars out there, and that might have something to do with it, other than the fact that it's a Porsche. The Boxster tends to attract the sporty, go-getter kind of women.

12 BMW Z4

via Motor1

Following the hairdresser's special, the Z3, the Z4 adopted a more masculine and aggressive look. The latest version of the Z4 has become even sportier and can even give the Porsche 718 a run for its money.

It's not hard to see where the appeal of the Z4 lies - it's a sporty BMW convertible.

The seats are upholstered in luxurious leather and grip on to your body in all the right places while providing more than enough support through corners, and now it offers better performance figures than ever.

11 Audi TT

via Motor1

Back when the first version of the Audi TT was launched it was voted 'Sexiest Car' by several women's magazines. These days there might be more competition in the sports car segment, but the sporty Audi is still one of the most attractive cars around.

Life is both easier and harder at the same time for the TT. Being an Audi it gets to surf the brand's reputation and recognition, which is why non-car people like it. But being a sporty Audi it also needs to perform well to satisfy the true driving enthusiasts - luckily its performance matches the looks.

10 Audi A5 Cabriolet

via Audi

There are certain cars on this list that are able to attract people's attention without being particularly flashy, the A5 Cabriolet is definitely one of them. While it doesn't offer a lot of flash for your cash, it does provide discrete luxury for those who like the wind blowing in their hair.

Women love it when men drive the Audi A5 Cabrio because it shows he is stylish and makes decent money, yet he has chosen an understated vehicle instead of showing off. Audi's reputation for quality and craftsmanship certainly helps with its popularity as well.

9 Lexus ES

via Lexus

The Lexus ES is not a supercar, a sports car, an economy car, muscle car, off-roader, or a green electric car. Nor is it horrendously expensive, so what is it doing on this list? What on earth makes women interested in a guy who drives an ES?

It's because the ES represents an owner who's successful and well rounded. The typical ES owner wants luxury, comfort, and practicality from his car and in his life in general, unlike most luxury car owners who seek status and enjoy being independent.

8 Chrysler 300

via Car and Driver

The Chrysler 300 might not carry the edgy design of more modern cars, but it still looks cool with its old-school, slightly retro design. Some call the 300 a poor man's Bentley, but it can still be a chick magnet in its own right - especially with the optional Premium Leather interior, 5.7-liter Hemi V8, and SafetyTec Plus Group package.

It might not be a real Bentley, but it definitely shows the owner isn't willing to compromise on power or luxury and is making his way to a better life, which will be attractive to a lot of women.

7 Hyundai Veloster

via Hyundai

When you think of chick magnets Hyundai usually isn't the first brand that comes to mind. But if you think of sports cars... nope, pretty much the same thing. But the Veloster is on this list for a reason.

It does have a unique four-door hatchback design, with only one door on the driver's side. The overall design of the car leans more towards sporty than practical, which should give you a hint it's not a family car.

Geared towards the younger generation, the Veloster can be quite a chick magnet for younger men... just don't say it's a Hyundai.

6 VW Camper Bus

via Dailymail

The old VW Camper Bus is probably the ultimate hippie car, and that's also the kind of women it attracts.

The car offers absolutely no frills whatsoever, but that's actually where the attraction lies; a back to basics lifestyle with few luxuries.

Driving the VW bus is like sitting in a can made of thin sheet metal, with no safety features at all, so it's probably a good thing that it's really slow? The main problem with the old-school buses is that they're becoming pretty expensive, so it takes a rather well-off hippie to buy one in good condition.

5 Audi R8

via Car and Driver

The Audi R8 might be the perfect sports car. It's stylish, fast, handles like a dream, and looks amazing - yet it doesn't scream for attention like certain other mid-engined sports cars do.

The interior is an ocean of leather and Alcantara, there are all kinds of fancy gadgetry going on with a 12.3-inch display in place of the standard gauges, 4G LTE connectivity, and wi-fi hotspot capability. The R8 is definitely a hit with the ladies, but there's a chance you'll love driving it so much you won't have time to talk to them anyway.

4 Maserati Gran Turismo

via Wikipedia

The latest Maserati Gran Turismo might be hard to distinguish from the model that was introduced more than 10 years ago. That doesn't matter though, it just means you can get the older model and only connoisseurs will ever know the difference.

Having 4 seats and being less flashy than a red Ferrari or bright orange Lambo makes it a more reasonable choice for someone who wants to claim ownership to one of Italy's finest cars.

A Maserati shows that the owner has bucket-loads of style, money to spend, and has no problems being the center of attention.

3 Porsche 911

via Perodis Model Motor

Porsche has spent decades fine-tuning and perfecting every detail of the 911, and the result is one of the best, if not the best sports car money can buy. Now that's all fine and dandy, but does it attract the ladies?

It's a Porsche, so of course, it does! The 911 is one of the very few high-end sports cars that will actually make women walk up to you and initiate a conversation. With most sports cars you'll end up with a bunch of dudes talking to you about performance figures, but not the good old 911.

2 Corvette Z06

via ARS Technica

Few things scream "USA" like the Corvette, and the Z06 is the result of decades of engineering and race track experience. In fact, Car and Driver has it ranked as one of the best sports cars out there.

So what? There are plenty of sports cars that didn't make this list, what makes the 'Vette any different? It might be that it's so easily recognized by everyone. There are stories on the Corvette Stingray forum of women just getting into guys' Corvettes, asking to be taken for a ride. That's reason enough to deserve a spot here.

1 Chevy Spark EV/Bolt

via IOL

The Spark EV was the first all-electric passenger car marketed by GM in the United States since the EV1 was discontinued in 1999. In December 2016 the Spark was discontinued and replaced by the Bolt that had a much longer range.

The Spark EV and Bolt are perfect cars for those living in an urban environment, being small and nimble it's easy to maneuver in city traffic and easy to park in tight spaces.

For those who can't afford a Tesla Model S, the electric Chevy's are a bargain option to attract the environmental chicks.

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