10 Cars Your Grandma Drove (That Are Still Awesome Today)

Your grandma may have owned some of these cars, but that's no reason to count them out. These cars are still very cool today.

When grandma's car comes to mind, one usually thinks of something dull, restrained, and conservative. A car that gets the job done, and that's about it. It may have some mild luxury features, but style-wise, they're about as exciting as Tuesday night bingo club. Cars like the Buick Regal, the Mercury Grand Marquis, and the later generation Cadillac Eldorado are notable examples of cars that have become ubiquitous with the senior driver.

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But not every car your grandmother drove was a bore. There are quite a few examples of so-called 'old folks cars' that manage to hold their own today. Below are ten examples, three of which are still being manufactured with all that newfangled tech that kids are into these days.

10 Imperial Crown

We start this list with a car that was owned by one of the most famous old folks in recent popular culture. That is the Imperial Crown, one of which belonged to Richard 'The Old Man' Harrison of the TV show Pawn Stars. His was a 1966 model, which was featured in a particularly heartfelt episode when his son and grandson restored it for his 50th wedding anniversary. According to legend, it took Harrison nearly 15 years to convince its previous owner to sell it to him, and for good reason. Imperial was Chrysler's luxury badge during'60s the '60s, and the Crown was positioned as the cream of the crop among the brand's pecking order.

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9 Oldsmobile Cutlass

While Oldsmobile might be dead, its memory lives on in the drivers who once revered it as the primer entry-level luxury make. While later generations of the Cutlass were about as stodgy and boring as they come, when it first came out in the thee 60's, it was one of the hottest sedans on the market. Old Cutlass still look cool thanks to its wide body, sharp angles, and a powerful V8 that proved grandma really knew how to blow driver's socks off.

8 Saab 99

Maybe your grandma was more progressive, or a lady who yearned for something different. If that's the case, she may have considered a Saab 99. First launched in the '60s, the car was one of the Sweedishmakekes's first international success stories. The later generation 99 is held in high reguard, thanks to the Turbo trim that boosted the humble 2-litre engine to 145 hp. It may not sound like much in today's numbers, but back then, it was a groundbreaking revolution in the world of small cars.

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7 Toyota Avalon

First introduced in the '90s, the Avalon was Toyota's attemp to capitalize on America's love of large sedans. Recenty, the car has earned a reputation for being a favorite among the 50+ demographic, mostly because its reserved look and feel appeal to those looking for something that won't stand out much. But that doesn't mean there isn't anything here for younger drivers.  The latest Avalons pack a punch with a V6 engine, a wealth of standard luxury features, and a hybrid option. It's also regularly named one of the most comfortable cars on the road today, and it starts at less than most entry-level Lexus models.

6 Buick Skylark

One of Buick's longest-running models, the Skylark drove its way into driver's hearts in the 1950s, and never looked back. A slick sedan with a hefty V8 Nailhead engine, the Skylark is a text-book example mid-centuryntury American car design. While Buick later softened the Skylark's image as the years wore on, the older versions are still remembered fondly by those who drove them. If your grandma had one of these, she was no doubt the envy of the suburbs.

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5 Cadillac DeVille/DTS

A historic car in Cadillac's lineup, the DeVille was later turned into the DTS (DeVille Touring Sedan) in 2006. A car that was still in production as late as 2011, there are a lot of DTS's out there in good condition, waiting for a young driver to take it for a spin. While the car may lack the straight lines and bold details of newer Cadillacs, the DTS is still a throwback to the large, V8 luxury cars of old. It's a classy ride, and with so many used ones in good condition, it's possible to own such a sophisticated ride without breaking the bank.

4 Lincoln Town Car

Speaking classic luxury, the Lincoln Town Car is another great throwback to a forgotten era in automotive history. Based on the body of the Ford Crown Victoria, the Town Car became a popular car of choice by chauffer services. At one point in the not so distant past, it was impossible to go any metropolitanliton area without seeing a dozen of these cars zooming by. And for good reason, because not only was the body-on-frame design easy to repair, but the Town Car's timeless looks made it one of the classiest set of wheels on American roads. Ironically, the Town Car was also discontinued in 2011, the same year as our last entry, and its main rival.

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3 Oldsmobile 88

Perhaps one of the greatest cars Oldsmobile ever produced, the 88 had one hell of a ride during its 50-year lifespan. It was at the forefront of the entery-level luxury market for most of its run, offering perks similar to that of a premium car, but at a price more in line average consumer. It was big, bulky, and ran with a thirsty V8, but it was everything most people wanted out of their sedans back when it was released.

2 Lincoln Continental

America's premier luxury sedan for much of its lifetime, the Continental is a  seminal car in Lincoln's lineup. While it was revived for the 2017 model year, the car is best known for its run during the '60s and '70s, where it was a favorite among America's elite. Perhaps, if your grandma was born into the right family, she too had a Continental in her garage, which, let's be honest, probably had several cars in it if she had one of these baddies. The current generation Continental is one of the most luxurious American cars on the market today, though time will tell if this one will live up to the same pedigree as its forebearers.

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1 Chevy Impala

The Impala is one of the most recognizable cars in GM's lineup, so it's likely that plenty of grandparents used them to shuttle their children and grandchildren. While it's been around since the '50s, the models that came out of the late '60s and early '70s are usually held in high regard by auto enthusiasts. It's these early models that are lovingly restored by gearheads of all ages, showing just how beautiful even the most basic cars of the time were. And with so many model generations to choose from, this American icon will be associated with grandparents for years to come.

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