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20 Of The Sickest Modified VW Beetles

Think of all the cars whose looks are so distinctive and so iconic, that they're instantly recognizable even to people who know nothing about cars. The Mini Cooper, the Jeep Wrangler, the Hummer, and ...

20 Sports Sedans That'll Make Her Think You're Rich

If you are out to impress a woman with your ride, then it must be sleek. If you are driving revered brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin then you won't struggle to impress her. These high end cars are designed to appeal at first sight.

20 Car Mods That Make Zero Sense

We all like to put our own personal spin on our possessions – especially when those possessions are as uniform and dull as they come. And they don’t come much more uniform than cars. Each one rolls of...

20 Of The Sickest Non-American Cars That Are All MUSCLE

One might assume that America has a monopoly on tire shredding hooliganism. After all, we are the birthplace of the muscle car, big block bricks that barely glance at the concepts of “handling finesse” or “subtlety” or even “fuel efficiency.”

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