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The Complete Guide To Nissan's Car Lineup

Technically, the birth of Nissan started in 1911. However, this company wouldn't be the Nissan we know and love today. Instead, it would go through many names until Nissan became official around 1934.

10 Coupes That Make Excellent Rally Cars

If you ever watch/get a chance to watch rally car racing like the WRC and various Targa series, you'll see that the sport is dominated by hatchbacks and compact sports cars. Although it may not be obv...

Best & Worst Toyota Models, Ranked

When you have a car company as large and prolific as Toyota, there's bound to be at least a handful of outstanding vehicles in their history. This assumption, if made, would be correct, but, unfortuna...

Best & Worst Honda Models, Ranked

As we here at HotCars have said many times, almost every car manufacturer has a few great cars, along with a good bit of poor ones too. Regrettably for J.D.M.-lovers and Honda enthusiasts, this is also true for Honda.

Honda's Most Budget-Friendly Cars, Ranked

As far as widely known and distributed vehicles, Japan seems to have the market cornered in that aspect. For decades, Japanese automotive manufacturers pioneered the industry; making affordable and re...

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