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Dodge's 10 Most Badass Muscle Cars, Ranked

When mastering an art, sometimes it is best to learn from those who have already done so. This is what happened with Dodge, spending years under the Ford Motor Company before finally branching off into their own line of vehicles.

10 Best Drift Cars (With Zero Mods)

With America's rising interest in Japanese car culture, after its rise in pop-culture and films/tv shows, it was only a matter of time before the States adopted one of Japan's key sports: Drifting.

10 Most Badass Cadillacs, Ranked

As one of the most iconic and influential American brands in the automotive industry, Cadillac has been consistently delivering on their promise of luxury for over a century. Some of the models behind...

Top 10 Fastest Land Vehicles In The World

Throughout the last century, engineers have developed a myriad of creative approaches to building the most powerful and aerodynamic vehicle possible. The goal was to go as fast as possible without becoming airborne or losing control of the vehicle.

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