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10 Of The Funniest Looking Cars

With so many car models being produced nowadays, it can be hard to pay the proper homage to some of the classic cars, and the ones that made us laugh thanks to their designs. A lot of these designs have been inspirational, despite their shortcomings.

Fastest Cars In GTA 5, Ranked

Since the creation of Pong back in the 1972, video games have captivated to minds of young and old people alike. The opportunity to experiences lives, situations, and wealth that some may never encoun...

10 Coolest Cars For Drag Racing

Drag racing has been around for almost as long as cars themselves. The sport has garnered popularity as a display of the quickest and most beastly vehicles out there directly competing one against the...

10 Phenomenal Budget Performance Cars

It is generally accepted in the automotive world that one must "pay to play" - the more power and capabilities an owner desires, the deeper they must plunge into their wallets. This is not to say, how...

10 Best Car Wax Brands

Car detailing is not an easy job to do if it was then everybody would be doing it to their own cars. But there are some people who will not let anyone else touch their precious rides, let alone have t...

8 Craziest Driver Changes In F1

Formula One is one of the most competitive sports on this planet. Not only do you need to start as a young child, but you must also have very very deep pockets. In fact, Formula One is also one of the most expensive sports on the planet.

The 10 Coolest Cars From Pimp My Ride

Who remembers Xzibit and his very amusing show, Pimp My Ride, that dominated the early 2000s?  Covering six seasons of astonishing automobile upgrades, this restoration show changed the lives of a mul...

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