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The 20 Fastest Pickups To Go 0-60 MPH

"Pickup truck" is broadly defined as a light-duty truck with an open cargo area. Pickups started appearing in the market in the 1950s, when people started seeing a use for an open cargo room in the ba...

The 25 Fastest Police Cars In The World

Everyday police cruisers aren't all that exciting. However, they're well-maintained tuned-up versions of their civilian counterparts. So, they're capable of giving you a run for your money if you deci...

25 Jaw-Dropping Cars That'll Get You A Girlfriend

Expensive cars and pretty women always end up together. For this reason, many men buy the best possible car they can to complete their image. Is it really true that a good, exotic car can attract a woman? We would say, completely and absolutely, YES!

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