10 Celeb Kids Who Drive Worse Than Their Parents (8 Who Are Better)

Keep reading to discover what celebrity children drive better than their parents and which ones could learn a thing or two.

Do we inherit our driving skills from our parents? If mom or dad taught us how to drive a car, then it’s likely that we’ve picked up on at least a few of their habits, for better or worse. But at the same time, just because someone’s parent is a good (or bad) driver doesn’t mean their offspring will be the same.

Take celebrities as an example! There are tons of famous celebrity kids who’ve made headlines for their poor decisions when it comes to getting behind the wheel. From driving after a bit too much partying to giving into reckless dares, even the rich and famous can get in trouble with their driving. Actually, when someone has access to tons of designer and luxurious cars, it’s probably more likely that they’re bound to get in trouble.

But with that being said, there are also plenty of examples of celebrity children who seem to drive better than their parents. Sometimes it’s the adults who have poor driving skills. Whether they got into trouble with the law or are just self-admittedly bad at navigating the road, fans will be surprised what celebrities aren’t setting a good example for their kids when it comes to road safety. Keep reading to discover what celebrity children drive better than their parents and which ones could learn a thing or two.

First, let's begin with the celebrity kids who could benefit from brushing up on their driving skills...

18 Worse - Paris Jackson: Don't Trust Hitchhikers

via CNN

Unlike the other famous celebrity children on this list, Paris Jackson isn’t a poor driver because she has bad skills or got into an accident… it’s more because she doesn’t seem to understand the concept of staying safe on the open road!

This past January, the only daughter of Michael Jackson revealed that she’d recently been robbed by a hitchhiker. “So, last night I picked up a couple of hitchhikers and one girl was pretty [messed] up," she revealed in a live video posted to social media, Entertainment Tonight reports. "I mean I remember taking out a pair of my own socks and putting them on her and stopping at a […] fast food place to get them dinner." She continued, “I gave you guys a ride across L.A. and I do my very, very best to be the best Uber driver ever, even though I’m not a part of Uber and you steal my [stuff], dude? What the [heck,]” she concluded.

17 Worse - Bella Hadid: This Isn’t Very High Fashion

via US Weekly

Bella Hadid is the youngest daughter of former model Yolanda Foster and businessman billionaire Mohammed Hadid. She and her sister Gigi Hadid are both well-established supermodels in their own right, too.

Back in July 2014, Bella made headlines after she was arrested for driving under the influence, making her the only one out of her siblings to make such a mistake. "The minute I answered [the phone]…my heart just sunk in my shoes," Yolanda said of what it was like to learn her then-17-year old got in trouble, E Online reports. "I knew something was wrong."

16 Worse - Presley Gerber: Not Model Behavior

via Entertainment Tonight

Presley Gerber is the model son of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. But when we say ‘model,’ we mean it in the fashion sense and not as a role model. Presley may only be 19-years old, but he’s already got himself quite the driving history.

This past January, the famous teen was picked up after driving under the influence (and under the legal age, too). “Presley Gerber takes this very seriously and is taking the necessary steps to address the allegations,” the family’s lawyer, Scott Spindel, said in a statement following the incident, People reports. He emphasized the teen had no prior record and this was just a one-time mistake- hopefully, at least.

15 Worse - Nicole Richie: Not Such A Simple Life

via People

While Nicole Richie has cleaned up her bad driving habits in recent years, no one can forget the socialite’s multiple run-ins with the law during the early 2000s.

The famous blonde, who happens to be the daughter of Lionel Richie, was first arrested in 2003 for driving with a revoked license as well as for possession, for which she received three years probation. Then in 2006, Nicole was taken in after failing a sobriety test. She’d evidently been driving in the wrong direction on an exit ramp getting off of the freeway (yikes!). Nicole eventually had to serve time behind bars and take an anti-drinking class to pay for her mistakes.

14 Worse - Khloe Kardashian: Taking A Chauffeur From Now On

via YouTube

No one can forget the Keeping Up episode where Momager Kris freaked out at Kim for taking selfies en route to turning Khloe into the authorities. Khloe had gotten in trouble for driving under the influence in 2007, which was all documented on her family’s reality show. The reality star eventually had to serve time in 2008 for violating her probation stemming from the incident, though she was released a mere three hours into her 30-day sentence due to overcrowding.

Still, it appears that Khloe is definitely the worst driver in her family. We guess that’s why they all have chauffeurs!

13 Worse - Weston Cage: Just As Bizarre As His Dad

via NY Daily News

Weston Cage is the grown-up son of actor Nicholas Cage. Like his dad, he’s always making headlines for his bizarre behavior. But unlike his dad, Weston has actually gotten in trouble with the law when it comes to his driving skills.

In February 2017, the media reported that Weston got into a wild chase with authorities, TMZ reports. He’d been driving in San Fernando Valley on a Saturday when he got into a minor accident. After a heated exchange with the other driver, he sped off after believing police had been called. However, Weston eventually lost control of his vehicle and crashed into someone’s front yard, taking out several mailboxes and a street sign in the process.

12 Worse - Kiefer Sutherland: Fourth Times The Charm

via Youtube

Actor Kiefer Sutherland is the son of another famous actor- Donald Sutherland. Even though he’s long been a grown-up, it hasn’t stopped Kiefer from getting in trouble with the law over the years, especially when it has to do with his driving.

The actor was arrested four separate times between 1989 and 2007 for driving while intoxicated. His 2007 arrest made international headlines. Kiefer was arrested but subsequently released on a $25,000 bail. The celebrity eventually pled no contest to the charges and spent 48 days behind bars. It was later revealed the actor’s drinking problem was to blame for his run-ins with the law.

11 Worse - Chet Hanks: The Middle Child Syndrome

via KSAT

Tom Hanks is a proud father of three boys. But it’s always been his middle son, Chester “Chet” Hanks, who’s given him the most grief.

In 2015, Chet made headlines after he got into an incident while driving his parent’s car. He reportedly rear-ended a man while driving on a California highway under the influence. Not only was Chet charged for his mistake, but the other driver brought a lawsuit against Tom and his wife, Rita, arguing they should’ve prevented their son from driving while in his condition. At the end of the day, Chet is the one to blame here.

10 Worse - Indio Downey: A Cautionary Tale

via US Weekly

Robert Downy Jr. has had his fair share of run-ins with the law. And unfortunately, the same can be said about his son Indio, too.

Indio has had various troubles. Most famously, in 2014, he was taken in after he was found with substances in his vehicle- definitely something you don’t want to have around while driving. The then-teen was said to have been going through issues, similar to the ones his father dealt with in the ‘90s, TMZ reports. "We’re grateful to the Sheriff’s department for their intervention, and believe Indio can be another recovery success story instead of a cautionary tale,” Robert released in a statement at the time.

9 Worse - Nick Hogan: Don't Accept A Dare

via Page Six

Nick Hogan, who used to be involved in professional motorsports, is the only son of pro-wrestler and reality star Hulk Hogan. While not much is heard about the 28-year old nowadays, his name was spread across the tabloids in 2007 when he was involved in a serious car incident.

The then-teenager crashed his vehicle into a tree while inebriated after being dared into a drag race. Unfortunately, the star’s best friend had been in the passenger seat at the time, he now requires constant care. “There are days when I can’t even get out of bed,” he told the talk show in 2010 about being riddled with guilt. Now, let's take a look at which celebrity children are better drivers than their parents...

8 Better - Kendall Jenner: Nothing To Report On Her

via People

Well, it’s not only Kendall Jenner who’s a better driver than her father, Caitlyn Jenner. All of Cait’s kids likely count as better drivers than their famous father, as none of them have gotten into an accident as serious as the one Caitlyn got into only a few short years ago.

Back in 2015, Caitlyn made headlines after she was involved in an incident, USA Today reports. Reports say the celebrity’s SUV was being hounded by paparazzi, as it was the height of speculation over whether she was transitioning or not (she confirmed it later in the year). Cait’s vehicle was rear-ended by another car. The driver of the second vehicle passed on the scene.

7 Better - Ava Phillippe: Not Exactly Like Reese

via W Magazine

Ave Phillippe is the look-a-like daughter of Reese Witherspoon and her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe. Unlike her famous mama, this young teenager has luckily never had any bad luck when it comes to driving. But the same can’t be said about Reese…

Back in 2014, Reese made headlines when her husband, Jim Toth, was pulled over for suspicious driving. The actress was in the passenger’s seat and insisted her husband was fine (though he was later confirmed to not be sober). Reese ended up being charged on disorderly conduct for yelling at the officers, asking “Do you know who I am?” We wonder what Elle Woods would think!

6 Better - Ava Sambora: Not Taking After The Parents

via Pinterest

Actress Heather Locklear has one child- daughter Ava Sambora. And while the mother-daughter duo definitely shares their looks, which might be their only similarities. At least they don’t share the same history with driving.

So far, Ava has managed to evade any run-ins with the law when it comes to her driving. But her famous mama hasn’t always been so lucky. Heather has been picked up by authorities multiple times for unsafe driving. In 2008, she was pulled over for driving under the influence and eventually plead ‘no contest’ in 2009.

5 Better - Patrick Schwarzenegger: No Harleys For Him

via People

Patrick Schwarzenegger is one of the children Arnold Schwarzenegger shares with his ex-wife Maria Shriver. Despite growing up in the lap of luxury, Patrick hasn’t gotten in much trouble- something that can’t be said about his famous father.

Unlike his children, Arnold has actually gotten in trouble several times while behind the wheel- well, not a wheel so much. Arnold has gotten into numerous incidents while driving his motorcycle. In 2001, he was hospitalized for four days following a crash in LA. Then in 2006, Arnold crashed his Harley once again, this time with Patrick in the sidecar. Luckily, the injuries were only minor.

4 Better - Evan Ross: When Your Mom Is An Icon

via Pinterest

Evan Ross- who’s notably married to Ashlee Simpson- is the youngest son of iconic singer Diana Ross. Luckily for Evan, who’s now a father-of-two, he hasn’t had the same track record with vehicles as his famous mother.

In 2002, Diana made headlines when she was pulled over for erratic driving in Arizona and was subsequently charged for being under the influence. She eventually pleaded ‘no contest’ to the charges, Rolling Stone reports. She was additionally fined $800. It seems like the singer has used her mistakes to teach her kiddos what not to do.

3 Better - Milo Gibson: Hasn’t Pulled A Mel

via NY Daily News

Mel Gibson has a whopping nine children, but his son Milo is the most well-known, as he’s established a successful acting career for himself just like his dad. But that might be the end of Mel and his son’s similarities if their driving habits are anything worth comparing.

While Milo so far hasn’t had any troubles with his driving, the same can’t be said for his old man. In 1984, Mel was originally forbidden from driving in Canada for three months after rear-ending another car while driving under the influence. Then, in 2006, he was infamously pulled over for speeding.

2 Better - Alfonso Freeman: Free From Lawsuits


Alfonso Freeman is one of the grown-up children of iconic actor Morgan Freeman. And while it’s always seemed like Morgan could do no harm (how could anyone who voices those adorable Planet Earth documentaries?!), he’s unfortunately had more issues with driving than his own son.

Fans will remember that Morgan was involved in a car accident in 2008 that left both him and his passenger injured. The actor had been driving when his car flipped several times and ended up landing upright in a ditch. The passenger, Demaris Meyer, took Morgan to court, claiming the celeb had been drinking before getting behind the wheel, AL reports. Morgan was able to settle the suit the following year.

1 Better - Simone Johnson: Her Dad’s A Self-Admitted Bad Driver

via Entity Magazine

Simone Alexandra Johnson is the eldest child of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. While Simone has never been too active in the spotlight (thus we don’t know whether she failed her driver’s test once or twice), her father has been open about the fact that he’s not the best driver.

Once The Rock posted to social media about a time he cut off a fellow driver, Cheat Sheet reports. The actor was driving along in his truck when he heard a noise. “[I had] sideswiped another pick up that was parked in the street and destroyed the side mirror,” he wrote. Luckily, the celebrity said the car’s owner was all smiles once he realized who’d hit his car. Dwayne even offered to pay for damages, but the owner evidently refused.

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