10 Celebrities Who Drive Cheap Cars

The cars these Hollywood stars have chosen to drive might surprise you. Find out which ordinary vehicles these A-listers are driving.

When we imagine ourselves if we were celebrities, it is easy to formulate daydreams of how large our mansion would be, how many bathrooms we would have, and how expensive our car(s) would be. So, when we think of actual celebrities, we imagine that their lives would parallel those visions - that they would live as lavishly as we believe that we would if we lived a day in their life.

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While it is true that most people with multiple commas in their bank accounts often spend that money on vehicles that we could never dream of affording, some do not. Instead, opting to drive on four wheels that are inconspicuous, and may even be inside your garage. That is not to say that these celebrities do not have one expensive vehicle to their name, but the rides they spend most of their time in may surprise you. Here they are, 10 Celebrities Who Drive Cheap Cars.

10 Cameron Diaz (Toyota Prius)

Although retired now, the 46 year old former actress made her mark on Hollywood during her acting career. Starring various critical hits and audience favorites such as Gangs of New York, Shrek, There's Something About Mary, and Charlie's Angels - Cameron Diaz is a recognizable name in any household.

Given this career success, most would raise a brow at the thought of seeing Diaz driving down the street in a Toyota Prius. She has preferred the Prius as her vehicle of choice since the early 2000s, citing her environmentally conscious attitude as the reasoning behind this make and model that many have photographed her in over the years.

9 Mel Gibson (Toyota Cressida)

With a tumultuous career that dates all the way back to the 1970s, Mel Gibson is one of the most well-known actors of all time. Whether it is an upcoming film, or a less than flattering home video, Gibson's name on just about anything makes it an immediate headline. The actor/director has given dynamic performances in timeless classics like Braveheart, Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, and many more.

Which makes it all the more interesting that a man with an approximate net worth of $400 million would be seen on multiple occasions driving anything less than luxurious, let alone a clunker. But Gibson does, being spotted numerous times riding around in his Cressida from the '90s.

8 John Goodman (Ford F-150)

Do not let the golden trophies fool you. This actor's down-to-earth nature is evident by one of his vehicles of choice. John Goodman has made his own worthwhile mark on film and television staples over the years, including as one of America's "90s dads" for his portrayal of Dan Conner in Roseanne (now The Conners).

Though he has certainly made enough money through his success over the years to upgrade to a newer model and ditch this one from the late '90s, Goodman seems to be fine with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra with his trusted Ford branded companion.

7 Clint Eastwood (GMC Typhoon)

Like Gibson, and maybe even more so, Clint Eastwood has led a decades-long career of movie successes - both as an actor and now as a director. In some people's minds, Eastwood deserves consideration to be on the Mount Rushmore of Hollywood history, and for good reason.

After such an established career made Eastwood a legend in his own right, it is all the more curious why he would drive an old and less-than-exciting vehicle like the Typhoon he has been seen in on many occasions. Whether it be a down to earth nature like Goodman, or just his attachment to this car - no matter the reasoning, it is hard not to be surprised at the thought of Eastwood in what most would describe as a "clunker."

6 Justin Timberlake (Volkswagen Jetta)

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The former lead man for the pop boy band NSync (turned solo artist, of course) has developed a Midas touch for music during his 20-plus-year career. Known for his velvety pipes, boyish good looks, and just all around cool nature, one would expect to one of Time's most influential people driving something as sleek and sporty as he is.

Nothing against the Volkswagen Jetta that he so often has driven, but it is certainly not the first choice that most would picture JT cruising down the streets of LA behind the wheel of. No matter, he makes driving a Jetta look cooler than probably anyone else in the world, lending credence to the idea that it's not the car, but the driver that makes the difference.

5 Conan O'Brien (Ford Taurus)

A gag that has become almost as funny as the comedian himself is the sight of Conan O'Brien in his green Ford Taurus. This writer and late night talk show host is known for his sometimes dry and sarcastic sense of humor, but no matter how funny it may be to see the redhead driving his own version of a clunker, it is still surprising all the same.

Conan's model is from 1992, meaning that it was manufactured at least 6 years before his late-night career began.

4 Jennifer Lawrence (Volkswagen EOS)

One of this decade's darlings of Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence has gone from a girl next door greenhorn to a poised and established veteran right before our eyes, in just a few short years. Headlining as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games series, Mystique in the X-Men franchise, and winning an Oscar for her work in Silver Linings Playbook made her the highest paid actress in the world in both 2015 and 2016.

Comically, Lawrence is a self-proclaimed bargain hunter, and one of her main vehicles of choice is no exception. Although not a 20-year-old junkyard steal, a Volkswagen EOS is a more than modest car for an Academy Award winning actress with a net worth at upwards of $130 million.

3 Warren Buffett (Cadillac XTS)

As the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, the 88 year old Warren Buffett has a net worth of around $80 billion the last time we checked, making him not only one of the richest people in the world today, but one of the richest human beings of all time.

Money like that of Buffett's bank account is hard to wrap your head around. To try and put it in perspective, think about it like this: one million seconds is 12 days, one billion seconds is 31 years; one million hours ago was around 1880, one billion hours ago human beings did not exist on earth. Warren Buffett has 80 billion dollars. With change like that, Buffett could afford to buy a new Lamborghini every hour if he wanted, and then some. Yet, he chooses to drive a VERY modest (by his standards) Cadillac XTS, which only costs about $45,000.

2 Tom Hanks (Scion XB)

One of Hollywood's revered "good guys," Tom Hanks is an actor's actor. Having won two Academy Awards for best actor in a leading role, and starring in so many classics over the years, like Forrest Gump, Castaway, and Saving Private Ryan have led to an approximated net worth of $350 million for the legend.

Regardless, Tom Hanks features proudly his Scion XB, a boxy thing that you can take home yourself for only around $15,000, depending upon age and miles

1 1.Leonardo DiCaprio (Toyota Prius)

Finally an Oscar winner after far too long a wait, Leonardo DiCaprio comes from as humble beginnings as any, getting his first gigs in Hollywood as a supporting actor on Growing Pains and low budget horror films before he got his first big break. Since then, he has graced the presence of some masterpieces, including Titanic, Gangs of New York, Inception, and The Revenant.

Like his Gangs of New York co-star Cameron Diaz, DiCaprio can often be seen traversing the blacktop of Hollywood Boulevard in his economical and environmentally stable ride, the Toyota Prius. Despite his stature, fans that keep up with his off-screen life may not find this very surprising, as he has become a very vocal advocate for climate change and reduction initiatives, including creating the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation which aims to assist in transitioning the world to 100 percent renewable energy.

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