25 Pics Of Celebs Who Totally Smashed Their Cars

The list of celebrities and musicians who've been involved in terrible accidents is endless. And while some of these celebrity crashes were fatal, resulting in the deaths of multiple people, others walked out of their cars without a scratch. Know anyone famous who’s been in a car accident? Everyone from Denis Rodman to Halle Berry has been in incidents while driving. In fact, back in 2000, Halle Berry was fined for leaving an accident scene that had taken place in West Hollywood at 2 am in the morning.

It’s never all glamour and fame for celebrities who are fascinated with cars. Most of them are ill-fated and reckless enough to get involved in car crashes. They tend to have tons of cash and extroverted personalities, and these qualities often go hand in hand with cool rides. The problem is, when you put a person with an extroverted personality, tons of cash, and daddy issues behind the wheel, things never end up being fruity.

Most celebrities use their cars to flaunt their wealth, endangering themselves and other road users in the event—or worse, crashing into the occasional baby stroller. We've all heard of the stories. In case you're wondering, here are 25 pics of celebs who totally smashed their cars.

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25 Norman Reedus

via media.thecelebrityauction.co

Back in 2015, after Norman had attended the Berlin Film festival and received the Rising Star Award, he probably got too excited, and after attending the R.E.M. concert that took place thereafter, he found himself stuck behind an 18-wheeler.

This was no ordinary crash as Norman was sent flying through the windscreen of his car ended up on the pavement.

Unconscious, he was rushed to the hospital, where he woke up. It wasn’t an easy recovery for Norman, and he probably won’t be cruising that fast again after a party, as he woke up in a German Hospital and underwent several procedures that, at the end of the day, left him with four screws in his body and a titanium eye socket.

24 Brandy Rayana Norwood - Range Rover

via microfilenetwork.com

Rayana Norwood, also known as "Brandy," was involved in a serious car crash back in 2006. Her accident was fatal, claiming the life of a 38-year-old whose Toyota was rammed into by the celebrity's Range Rover. The accident cost the musician close to $700,000 in lawsuits.

The deceased's two children each received $300,000 as compensation for their mother’s death caused by the celebrity.

The car that Brandy hit went through a median and was hit again by an oncoming car. The driver was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. This was perhaps one of Brandy’s worst career dips, and a lot of interest and attention was generated by the accident at that particular time.

23 Tom Brady - Audi A8

via dailymail.co.uk

Well, this has to be the first post on this list that's entirely not the celebrity’s fault. A few days before the celebrity was set to go back to football for the season in September, the star was hit accidentally by a careless driver who had skipped a red light. The sleek Audi of the New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, was damaged on the front. Fortunately, he walked out of the wreckage unbruised after his vehicle was hit by a passenger van. While Brady was uninjured by the incident, we can’t say the same about his car. Furthermore, the driver of the minivan became unconscious after the impact and was rushed to the hospital but thankfully survived the incident.

22 Charlie Sheen - Mercedes-Benz

via complex.com

It’s one thing for your car to get stolen, and it’s another thing to see it on the news involved in a terrible accident, but it's mind-boggling when that happens to two of your cars! Charlie Sheen has been a victim of auto theft, and while the circumstances that led to his very expensive cars being stolen remain puzzling, the thieves ensured they made a point by driving his expensive Mercedes-Benz off a cliff. It’s a good thing that the comedy actor wasn't in any of the cars when it happened. It seems Mr. Sheen has some unsettled scores with someone who's putting his sleek cars at risk.

21 Michael Phelps - Cadillac Escalade

Via nydailynews.com

Yes, you read right—Michael Phelps, people. Well, Michael Phelps has to be one of the world’s greatest athletes. However, his driving skills aren't directly proportional to his swimming skills. Well, let’s just say Mr. Phelps's reckless driving sent him hitting another driver with his Cadillac Escalade. While Phelps walked out fine from the wreckage, the other driver had to be rushed to a hospital to nurse minor injuries. Rumors state that Phelps might've been high on drugs when the accident happened. Well, the next time Phelps goes out on a drug-driving rampage, he needs to remember these streets aren’t filled with water.

20 Mel Gibson - $110,000 Maserati

via carimages.com

The famous actor Mr. Gibson ruined his $110,000 2008 Maserati in August, and it left him with a five-figure repair bill, to the dismay of his insurance company. The accident caused the front right-hand side of the car's tires to come off the axle.

It’s reported that Gibson lost control of his car while driving on the rocky hillside of Malibu Canyon Road.

Gibson got off safe and was uninjured, but his car had to be towed due to the extensive damage it suffered from the crash. Well, Gibson was clearly not having the best year. It was rumored, at that time, that his raging ex-wife had also been part of Gibson’s turbulent year.

19 Tracy Morgan - Limo

via news.sky.com

Well, it’s a bit out of the ordinary to make people happy and end up in a car crash, but that’s exactly what happened to Tracy Morgan back in 2014.

After leaving a comedy show in Delaware, Tracy Morgan’s Limo was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer, perhaps the first accident on this list that wasn't the result of a celebrity's error.

After the accident, Tracy ended up in a coma for two weeks. He suffered several broken bones and underwent some serious therapy to regain full recovery. His mentor, who was riding with him on that day, wasn’t too lucky and was killed in the accident. Tracy’s Limo was totally wrecked after the accident; it’s a good thing he wasn’t behind the wheel.

18 Kanye West - Porsche

via missdimplez.com

Well, Kanye West is perhaps the most controversial celebrity in the US, as some of the stunts he's pulled will remain in our minds forever. In 2002, Kanye West got involved in an accident that resulted in his jaw being wired shut so that it could permanently heal. This particularly traumatizing moment for Kanye West prompted him to release his first hit, “Through The Wire.” According to Hollywood, it's this song that officially launched his career as a rapper in the US. Well, Kanye, this accident looks like a blessing in disguise. He probably would still be selling his mixtapes at the corner if it wasn’t for that crash LOL!

17 Miles Teller

via tmz.com

In 2007, Miles Teller and his friend almost lost their lives in a car crash. He and a buddy were going 80 down a highway when his friend, who was driving at the time, lost control of the car they were in. Their car flipped eight times, and during the impact, Miles was tossed out of the window. Miles Teller suffered serious scarring on his face, and he still has two pieces of pavement under his skin from the accident today. Nevertheless, Miller was very lucky to get out of that accident alive. In case you've been wondering where the scarring on his face came from, now you know.

16 Matthew Broderick - BMW

via cyber-breeze.com

We all love Matthew Broderick. He's famous for roles such as Ferris Bueller and the voice of Adult Simba in the famous Disney animation Lion King. Other than those, he's a pretty quiet guy. And apart from allegations that you get of him cheating on his wife when you first google his name, that’s just about it.

In 1987, while on vacation with his girlfriend in Ireland, Mathew hit another car head-on, resulting in the death of both the passengers in the other vehicle.

Matthew broke his leg among other cuts and bruises that he sustained. Jennifer escaped with a few bruises.

15 Morgan Freeman - Nissan Maxima

via tmz.com

Who doesn’t love a Morgan Freeman movie? In case you don’t, you better start looking into them. In 1997, Morgan Freeman crashed his Nissan Maxima near his home on a Sunday night. Following his crash, Freeman was airlifted to hospital with multiple broken bones that resulted from the accident that happened in Mississippi. The actor veered off the road while driving with a friend, causing their vehicle to flip multiple times. Morgan Freeman was treated for severe nerve damage and a broken elbow and arm. This crash was so bad, it left the actor fighting for his life. It’s rumored that the doctors spent close to four and a half hours trying to save his life. We're still looking forward to more amazing movies from him, though.

14 George Michael - Range Rover

via alternative-right.blogspot.com

Well, the “Careless Whisper” singer was clearly lucky to be alive after he fell out of a moving vehicle back in 2013. After the accident, the singer was airlifted to hospital.

Michael, in his defense, stated that he was trying to close the door of his silver Range Rover when he fell out while it was in motion.

He was rescued by a minivan driver who blocked the road so that oncoming traffic couldn’t run him over. The Musician sustained head injuries. This wasn’t the celebrity’s first accident, though; he had been involved in a series of smashes before. One of his most iconic crashes involved him crashing into a Snappy Snaps store while under the influence of cannabis.

13 Ozzy Osbourne - Ferrari

via facebook.com

Well, the star put his sleek Ferrari in danger a while back. The prince of darkness, at one time, rear-ended another car in the streets of L.A. and looked all confused about it.

Ozzy was cruising down the road in his Ferrari before rear-ending a Mercedes from behind.

According to those who were at the site, Ozzy looked confused, and both parties had to wait for the police to arrive before they traded information. There were injuries in the incident, but the damages were pretty minor. Good thing the damages were minor and that Ozzy was immediately whisked to safety.

12 Dwight Eubanks - Mercedes-Benz

via starcasm.net

Well, he doesn’t really deserve much of the spotlight with his own work, but in case you have no idea who this is, he’s the designer who featured in the Real Housewives of Atlanta. And while his work doesn’t bring him under the spotlight, this accident—and more so his driving skills—clearly did. The designer managed to drive his Mercedes-Benz into a puddle of wet cement. Well, in case you thought this was an easy situation to deal with, then you'd be wrong. It took construction workers three excruciating hours to remove the vehicle that was stuck in the cement puddle. It’s hard to understand how he, designer or not, got himself in that situation in the first place.

11 Dennis Rodman - Range Rover

via tribktla.com

Remember the Rodman movies? He clearly made our childhood worthwhile. The super active celebrity was once involved in a horrific accident that forced his Range Rover to flip upside down. It’s unbelievable how Mr. Rodman was able to quickly turn his misfortune in his favor, though. Rodman barely got away without a scratch from the accident, but his car wasn’t as lucky, as it was towed straight to the salvage yard.

According to witnesses, the NBA star was seen in his car before it tipped three times.

Rodman wasn't driving alone; fortunately, the passenger didn't sustain any serious injuries either. His car clearly looks like a scrapyard masterpiece, though. This was a lucky one for the star.

10 James Dean - Porsche 550 Spyder

via documentingreality.com

Well, this is a sad story. Dean crashed his new car as he was driving it in a car race that he had registered for. Bad thing, he hadn’t familiarized himself with the car before driving it, causing him to crash it in the event. A week before the accident, a fellow actor had joked to him, that if he ever got into the Porsche 550 Spyder, he'd be found dead. James Dean was said to be driving at a high speed when he crashed his Porsche, and the crash was fatal to him. Investigators were unable to determine if he died upon impact or due to the fire after the impact.

9 Ryan Dunn

via dailymail.co.uk

Watched Jackass? Well, in case you have, then Ryan Dunn isn't a new face to you. According to the police, the Jackass star was doing about 130 mph before the horrific accident happened. The accident happened in Pennsylvania, killing both him and his passenger.

Crash investigators were unable to determine the cause of death; it was unclear if the two had died from the impact or due to the fire that developed after the crash.

The car was in such bad shape after the accident. It’s a pity we had to lose such an entertaining celebrity on the road.

8 Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean

via nydailynews.com

Well, he has to be the most unique celebrity on this list. Mr. Bean crashed his beloved car, not once, but twice, into a Rover. If you asked me before learning about this crash, I would've said that Mr. Bean has to be the best driver, based on what I had seen in my childhood years, as he managed some serious stunts out of his Mini Cooper. It’s pretty shocking how he ended up reversing into another car TWICE! If you thought that was surprising, though, then you have another thing coming. Rowan Atkinson recently crashed his car into a lamppost, causing his expensive car to catch fire and burn. Well, goodbye, expensive Mr. Bean car. Mr. Bean still entertains his fans with a new animation series, though.

7 Jay Kay - Lamborghini Diablo

via topspeed.com

Well, the lead singer of Jamiroquai once crashed his beautiful purple Lamborghini Diablo. This car was estimated to cost around $360,000 at the time.

Kay lost control of his Lambo while trying to make a turn; he was thrown out onto the edge of the road and was later fined $800.

This isn't the first car crash the celebrity has gotten into, and it’s probably the reason why his fans weren't all that surprised about the succeeding crash. His Purple Lambo ended up being a piece of junk in a scrap yard. Next time, he better invest in an expensive hat rather than a car—at least, if it gets damaged due to his carelessness, it'll be less expensive.

6 Nick Hogan - Toyota Supra

via viprumor.com

Remember WWF superstar champ Hulk Hogan? Remember him ripping his costume just before he got into the ring? Well, his son has a thing for ripping cars. The son of the famous wrestler was practicing for an upcoming drifting competition when he crashed his car turning on a sharp corner. He lost control of his car and crashed into a palm tree. A pit crew member, Jonny Graziano, was paralyzed for life due to the event. Hogan got years of probation and 500 hours of community service for the accident. He's still lucky to have gotten out of that accident alive, though, but I doubt if he'll ever go drifting with a passenger again. Hogan’s yellow Supra, together with his reputation, was completely damaged.

5 Eddie Griffin - Ferrari Enzo

via cbsnews.com

Want to know what car Eddie Griffin crashed? Well, if you have to know, it’s a Ferrari Enzo.

It’s one of the most iconic cars to drive out of the Italian manufacturer's plant, and it cost the celebrity $1,500,000.

Eddie was practicing for a charity event in which celebrities were pitted against each other in a race. They were doing practice laps even before the event began when Eddie stepped on the gas instead of the brakes, slamming the red demon into a concrete barrier. It was a hard scene to watch, the Enzo all cramped up, and Eddie looking all devastated. Well, next time, Eddie might need to go for a refresher course before he sets foot on the track.

4 Lindsay Lohan

via YouTube.com

This is another story of a celebrity evading paparazzi turning deadly. Lindsay Lohan was trying to evade paparazzi while driving through Los Angeles. A light bulb idea hit her, and she decided to navigate a tricky turn to try and lose the paparazzi, but she ended up ramming into a minivan. Luckily enough for her, no one was hurt in the incident, but the paparazzi did get an interesting story from the incident. Her 600-horsepower beast, on the other hand, suffered extensive damages from the hit. Well, Lindsay, next time you're trying to run away from the paparazzi, remember that there are better things to run from.

3 Lane Garrison

via YouTube.com

It’s sad what happened to Lane, especially after acting about life in prison: he found himself in such a situation in real life after a deadly accident that killed a teenage boy. Lane Garrison was convicted and sentenced to prison just like the character he played in the famous TV drama Prison Break. According to authorities, the budding star was under the influence of drugs when the accident happened. In 2006, the SUV he was driving slammed into a tree, killing a teenage boy. Lane Garrison was then convicted of vehicular manslaughter for the death of the teenager. Let’s just say that Lane won’t be taking any more drugs or driving recklessly while he's inside a prison cell.

2 Mr. Kerimov - Ferrari Enzo

via cnn.com

Listed as being among the richest individuals in the world by Forbes, Suleyman Kerimov is a Duma member. Mr. Kerimov is also the owner of a $7.1-billion treasure. He once bought a Ferrari Enzo, and while driving it around France, it started raining. Since Mr. Kerimov was driving at high speed, he lost control of his Enzo and hit a tree near Nice, France. The car was reported to be going well above the speed limit, which was 35 mph. Well, as a result of his ignorance, the billionaire crashed his $1.2-million car. Clearly, it was nothing for the tycoon, but we're pretty sure he won’t be doing any high-speed driving when it's raining anytime soon. However, he's still lucky no one got hurt in the incident that cost him a rare car.

1 Christopher McDonald - Porsche

via dailymail.co.uk

Christopher McDonald was busted by the local cops after he veered his Porsche off the highway. Before his arrest, the celebrity was chugging beer during Oktoberfest in Lake Arrowhead. He tried to play the celebrity card but failed terribly. Christopher McDonald was charged by the San Bernardino County D.A.’s Office with two misdemeanors: driving under the influence of alcohol and also driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08 and higher. We're unsure if Mr. McDonald will learn to handle his liquor and his machinery, but for now, he'll have to live with a bad record. It’s a good thing he didn't cause any harm to himself, but his Porsche, on the other hand, wasn’t left without damage.

Sources: thesun.co.ukwetpaint.comperezhilton.com

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