25 Celebrities Who Got Crazy Cars As Presents

Another celebrity, another supercar. There isn't much that surprises fans of the rich and famous as they buy up the most exclusive, colorful and downright insane high performance cars. Where else will they put their millions, after all?

Exotic cars are about pleasure for some celebrities, while for others it's about growing their collections. There are also those who buy and sell rare cars the way art investors deal in the paintings of Monet and Gauguin. While your average bank balance doesn't really cut it for buying a new Lamborghini or Mercedes, celebrities gave access to some of the best sports cars on the market.

For the richest celebrities, this access is so great that they end up gifting their loved ones with amazing cars as presents. In some cases, for love, while in other cases – to show off. It doesn't stop there either, with some celebs like champion boxer Floyd Mayweather buying himself the fastest hypercars on earth as gifts simply because he can. Now let's take a look at some of the craziest examples of awesome celebrity gift cars of all time.

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25 Blac Chyna – Lamborghini Huracan

via MTV

Rob Kardashian stepped into buy-your-partner-an-insane-ride territory with purchase of a similarly insane purple metallic Lamborghini Huracan. This was the perfect engagement present and you can see Chyna's broad smile to prove it.

While Kardashian could've done the normal thing and leaned more toward romance, it's also pretty romantic to drop a load of cash on a rare Lambo that practically no one else will ever drive around. It seems crazy, but that's what people do for love right?

24 Conor McGregor – Rolls Royce Ghost

via www.blog.dupontregistry.com

Conor McGregor is known for his skills in the MMA cage and is also increasingly known for his growing luxury car collection. While this won't be the only time a boxer is riding around in a Rolls, this might be perhaps the only time that you'll see a boxer's face emblazoned across the side of one in a massive graphic.

Sent to the man by Rolls Royce Cars North America, this matte black Rolls Royce Ghost is all show, inside and out. That includes the price, of course, which is a cool $350,000. Seems that whether McGregor wins his next fight or not, he's still a winner.

23 Floyd Mayweather – Triple Red Bugatti Grand Sport Convertible

via Pinterest

This one was always sure to be fodder for the gossip mags. Floyd Mayweather is back at here once again with an extremely rare Bugatti Veyron. Actually, it's so rare that Mayweather's associate Obi Okeke called this a one-of-one model.

Finished in a deep, rich triple red paint job, Mayweather once again gifted himself this Bugatti around the time of his fight against Connor McGregor. But with a ridiculous price tag of $3.3 million, it seems totally over the top. That's until you read that Mayweather was billed to take home $300 million after the fight with McGregor.

22 Spencer Pratt – Camaro SS

via justjared

You can definitely see that this story has all the hallmarks of a high school romance. Whether intended or not, reality TV actress Heidi Montag gifted her husband Spencer Pratt this very clean Camaro SS as a wedding gift.

While it might look like a testosterone-powered V8 muscle car, it's quite obviously a sign that Montag knows her man's tastes in performance vehicles. It does come across as a bit of self-promotion, but for the love of cars we can let it slip this time.

21 Kanye West – Lamborghini Aventador

via Zimbio

So what do you buy your partner when it's time to give them a gift? In the case on Kim Kardashian, she wanted to buy rapper Kanye West the 700HP Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. After all, a rap star doesn't need to drive around in a Toyota Corolla. You can see West in the photo circling his new gift, admiring the sharply cut lines of his new supercar in a slick matte black finish.

While every romance comes to an end of sorts, West eventually sold his ride after driving it for less than 2,000 miles. While he could probably ask for way more than even a new one would cost, he sold it for a reported $444,995.

20 Carey Hart – 1929 Ford Delivery Sedan

via foxracing.com

You could argue that this one is for the diehard pistonheads only, but anyone can appreciate a rare classic that you'll never spot in the wild. As if being with Pink wasn't enough of a plus, Motocross legend Carey Hart received this stunningly clean 1929 Ford Delivery Sedan as a birthday present from his pop star partner.

Pink reportedly commissioned acquaintance Heath Pinter to construct this Ford for Carey as a special gift and, as you can see, the result is true to the original but an impressively restored upgrade.

19 Justin Dior Combs – Bentley Mulsanne

via Pinterest

Diddy – best dad ever? Definitely yes if you consider the fact that he bought his son Justin a Bentley Mulsanne. The gift of fatherhood knows no bounds, after all. It's not just the gesture that's impressive, but the babyish blue matched with those silver rims. It's a stunner.

This certainly won't be the last time Justin steps into a luxury car like this, and it's probably not the last time that he'll be seeing a four-wheeled gift from his dad either. This one would've made Justin the envy of his friends without a doubt.

18 Nick Young – Chevy Impala

via pagesix.com

There is hardly a better way to show your love for someone than to buy them an Impala. And that's exactly what Iggy Azalea did when she surprised boyfriend Nick Young, also known as one of the stars of the Los Angeles Lakers.

She gifted her beau the 1962 Impala for Christmas and it was like Young's Christmases came all at once. Its electric blue paint job is slick. It's a nice complementary color to go with the big red bow that was placed on top for delivery.

17 Kim Kardashian – Ferrari 458 Italia

via auto-types.com

This one almost seems like it was from back in the day, but it's still an impressive act of self-love, to say the least. A pre-Kanye Kim Kardashian decided to give herself the best wedding gift one could hope with this stunning white Ferrari 458 Italia.

And of course, this isn't just a stock Ferrari. It was customized with an aggressive set of Agetro M140 wheels in a matte finish to add a little extra flavor. But the whole time this was happening, the burning question was what her then-partner Kris Humphries thought of the whole deal.

16 Quavo – Lamborghini Aventador

via TOP40NOW on YouTube

If it's not enough to be a successful rapper, then why not go one step further and become a rapper who is the owner of a shiny Lamborghini Aventador? Migos star Quavo did just that when he took delivery of the model you see above, which he posted on Instagram to his horde of followers.

It wasn't exactly clear who bought this gift for the man, but after tagging his management team in the post it's likely that it was them who organized the purchase. Whoever was behind it, this is certainly one crazy object to suddenly roll into your garage one day.

15 Chris Evans – 1967 Camaro

via Engine Swap Depot

With friends like Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr., you never have to worry if there's be a surprise gift coming in the mail. Or ending up in your garage. Downey found this vintage 1967 Chevrolet Camarom, which he sent for a custom build at a tuning workshop before gifting it to none other than Captain America actor Chris Evans.

Downey presented this special gift to Evans while filming was underway for the third Avengers film. You could play around with superhero analogies on this one, but either way it's a big gesture from one star to another – and a sweet ride.

14 Ashley Theophane – Chrysler 300

via Motor 1

Floyd Mayweather is on this list once again, but it's not for gifting himself a car worth millions. Instead, he picked up a Chrysler 300 to British boxer Ashley Theophane, his protege and a talented athlete himself.

The Chrysler 300 is a luxury sedan and marketed towards a premium market segment. It's quite fitting then that the names involved in this gifting are befitting of the brand. And it probably won't be long before Mayweather whips his credit card out again...

13 Kelly Brook – Mercedes-Benz CL500

via junction21chauffeurs.co.uk

You don't need to ride in a Lamborghini to be one of the lucky few. Putting high performance aside for a moment, we come finally to TV presenter Kelly Brook, who received a Mercedes-Benz CL500 from her then-boyfriend and former rugby star Thom Evans.

While it doesn't have all the flash of the other entries here, the good stuff in a Mercedes is mostly what you can't see. But even still – a twin-turbo V8 also doesn't hurt.

12 Floyd Mayweather – Rolls Royce Wraith

via Exotic Whips

Never one to act the way you'd expect – which is probably why he's such a phenomenal boxer – Floyd Mayweather has bought up exotic cars ranging from Bugatti, to Koenigsegg and also Ferrari. So it should come as little surprise that he ended up with this Wraith as a present.

Did his girlfriend or best friend buy it for him? Was it a mysterious surprise gift? As you'll soon find out, Mayweather gifted this one to himself. And when you're an undefeated boxing champion of Mayweather's caliber, it's not hard to see why.

11 Floyd Mayweather – Rolls Royce Phantom

villainfy media on YouTube

Not to be outdone by his previous self-gifts, Floyd Mayweather also sank some of his wealth into this Rolls Royce Phantom pictured above. There haven't been any confirmations of just how much Mayweather paid for this whip exactly, but it's going to set you back around half a million without options.

With a V12 under the hood and luxury for days (years), this is one of the most impressive rides one of boxing's greats picked up – and it's sure to not be his last.

10 Daniel Craig – Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster

via topspeed.com

Sure, James Bond star Daniel Craig gets his fair share of time being the wheel of Aston Martins during his day job. And it's also widely known that Aston has promised him the keys to any of the marque's vehicles, at any time, for the rest of his life. But with this Vantage Roadster, Craig decided to give himself a special gift to celebrate his 45th birthday.

Craig took delivery of this V12 monster outside his London home and it begs the question. Does it come with missiles and a hidden defibrillator in the glovebox? Probably not, but this is certainly one way of marking the special occasion.

9 Dwyane Wade – McLaren MP4-12C

via topgear.com

It's not only motoring journalists who are busy drifting the McLaren MP4-12C around hairpins in the Austrian Alps. This is also something basketballer Dwyane Wade also gets to do after he received a green version of the supercar from Miami dealership The Collection.

This is next-level eye candy like we've never seen before. The twin-turbo V8 is sure to keep the biggest thrill seekers happy for a long time, but this is an insane gift from one a basketball star who already knows how to fly.

8 Johnny Depp – 1959 Corvette

via mulierchile.com

It's not like Hollywood star Johnny Depp would have trouble buying pretty much any car he wants. And while he could snap up any supercar his bank balance desires, Depp received this 1959 Corvette from The Rum Diary director Bruce Robinson, a film which Depp starred in.

The film was close to the actor's heart, as it was based on a novel written by his longtime friend and author Hunter S. Thomson. On this occasion, Robinson gave Depp the gorgeous classic simply as a thank you for his efforts on the film.

7 Petra Ecclestone – Rolls Royce Phantom

via thesun.co.uk

There are couples who celebrate their marriage with simple gifts or a honeymoon, and there are other couples who absolutely must celebrate with luxury vehicles. Heiress Petra Ecclestone received a new Rolls Royce Phantom to celebrate her wedding to James Stunt (but which has now ended...), placed in the driveway of a Beverly Hills hotel.

When trying to figure out who exactly gave Petra this stunning gift, you can turn back to presents past to find the prime clue. She also received a Bugatti as an engagement present from her dad Bernie Ecclestone.

6 Justin Bieber – Campagna T-Rex 14R

via topspeed.com

You don't need to be into motorsports to appreciate the Campagna T-Rex 14R. With what's essentially a transversely-mounted BMW M3 motor inside a vehicle that you could lift off the ground with one hand, this is a serious bit of kit.

And what a way to send off one of these than to gift it. That's exactly what pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek did when he gave his away to one other than good friend and pop star, Justin Bieber. This was not the first time Biebs was behind the wheel of a fast car.

5 GF Tiny – Porsche Panamera

via carid.com

Star rapper T.I. likes to offer nice gestures to his wife GF Tiny. The couple didn't reveal any details on a talk show, but when the news dropped that he bought a new Porsche Panamera for Tiny, there was bound to be a collective "nawwwww..." from fans of the couple looking in.

While it's not the flashiest entry on the list, it's a very reliable, yet still powerful, piece of German engineering. After all, it's not always the major thrills in life that count most, but the thought. And this is definitely one case where the thought wins out.

4 George Lopez – Range Rover

via legendcarcompany.com

Comedian George Lopez is a man of refined tastes, both on the stage and off. Evidence to that point comes with this Range Rover that Lopez received as a gift from his friends over at Platinum Group – the guys who love to match celebrities with hot cars.

While Lopez isn't known for his motoring tendencies, this all-black Rover is definitely a sign that he's in with the crowd. Or to the contrary, he might simply have a chauffeur to take him around the neighborhood.

3 Bow Wow – BMW i8

via stratstone.com

Bow Wow is one lucky guy. The rapper-slash-actor who starred in the CSI: Cyber TV series showed off his good fortunes after his fiancee bought him this brand new BMW i8. Whether or not Bow Wow is one to sit on the bleeding edge of motoring we're not sure.

But this hybrid sports car is definitely a statement maker. And not only that, but Bow Wow shows a side we aren't used to seeing in rappers – namely that this car is somewhat "intelligent", while the regular showing for rappers is big engines and insane price tags. Kudos.

2 Tyrese – Rolls Royce Wraith

via carscoops.com

Speaking of Christmas, actor Tyrese decided to make his come early with a little gift to himself. That gift was a Rolls Royce Wraith, of all things. It wasn't just for Christmas, but also reportedly an early birthday present as well.

Why the man couldn't wait until the days arrived isn't clear, but if you could afford a Rolls then I'm sure you wouldn't wait until Christmas to buy one. When you're a celebrity, it's always Christmas.

1 Kobe Bryant – 1963 Chevrolet Impala

via topspeed.com

Basketballers really do know their cars. One of the sport's legends, Kobe Bryant, was lucky enough to receive this '63 Chevy Impala from his wife Vanessa as a Christmas gift. It's got that very obvious LA Lakers color scheme going on, and it looks stunning.

This convertible was built by West Coast Customs and is really the classic kind of lowrider that we all think of when we picture one – muscular but understated. This one was auctioned not long afterward.

Sources: MTV, The Sun, Motor1

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