5 Celebs That Are Banned By Bugatti (And 11 That Are VIPs)

While Bugatti loves when celebs buy their cars, there are some celebs who are not welcome in their showroom.

Celebrities and Bugattis go perfectly together. If a rich and popular celebrity were a hand, then the Bugatti is the perfect sized glove to fit around it. It’s one of the few brands of cars that does a celebrity’s status justice while they’re out in public.

Unlike other car brands, Bugatti is not as selective of its clientele. For proof, check out our list of celebs who got banned by Ferrari. One of Bugatti’s execs, Anita Krizsan, had this to say, as provided by Top Gear: "This brand shouldn’t be seen as closed. We want to share. If anyone walks in, the car is not roped off, you can have a look. You can touch it, feel it. We are not here because we want to sell cars, we are here to represent a beautiful brand. It’s important to us."

While the brand’s openness looks good to the public, in truth, they want celebs to take their cars home. When a celeb drives around in a Bugatti, it serves as a sponsorship for the brand. Plus, when people see their favorite celebs in the world driving Bugattis, they start to associate that brand with the best.

In reality, the brand is far from perfect though. Read glaring problems Bugatti doesn’t want to tell us about its supercars to see why.

While Bugatti loves celebs buying up their cars, there are some that are not in their favor who they’d wish would never show up at one of their showrooms again. We’re going to look at Bugatti’s favorite celebs today and the ones they feel are bringing down the good reputation they've worked tirelessly to achieve.

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16 VIP: Cristiano Ronaldo

via SPORTbible

Some celebs want all the fanfare while driving around in public, while others shun it. To see which category Cristiano Ronaldo falls in, go to mad celebs that didn’t want their photo taken and those that want the attention. Regardless of which side Ronaldo falls on though, he’ll always be in the good graces of Bugatti.

According to Daily Car Blog, he got a Veyron in 2016 and then a Chiron after making his 400th appearance for Real Madrid. In getting a second Bugatti, Ronaldo only doubled down on his loyalty to the brand, which likely loves having one of the world's biggest stars behind their cars.

15 VIP: Sylvester Stallone

via Hollywood Rooster

Known for his legendary roles, including his turn as Rocky, Sylvester Stallone is the perfect celeb to own a Bugatti. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he’s got $400 million to play with. That number should only rise if he keeps staying busy with new roles in Hollywood. When it comes to his Bugatti, all we really know is that he owns a Veyron, reports Celebrity Cars Dubai.

Here he’s seen driving around with his wife, Jennifer Flavin. Stallone is one of those instantly recognizable actors around the globe. His Bugatti ownership only helps the car brand as it continues to attract more successful celebs.

14 Thorn In Bugatti’s Side: Tom Cruise

via pressroomvip.online

Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars on the planet today. He’s got an impressive car collection, which we cover in rides Tom Cruise keeps in his garage and cars from his movies. He and Bugatti seem like a perfect pairing.

According to Daily Car Blog, he was even one of the first ones to get a hold of a Veyron. Where Cruise made the brand proud was when he decided to roll it out on the red carpet to the premiere of Mission: Impossible III. Where he fell out of their good graces though is when he struggled to get the door open, making the car look bad in front of the entire world.

13 VIP: Jay Leno

via CNBC

Bugattis? Yeah, Jay Leno is a fan of them. It’s not really surprising though considering his immense car collection. He even has cars nobody has ever heard of. On an episode of his show, Jay Leno’s Garage, he featured the Bugatti EB110, however, it wasn’t his. Bugatti still must’ve appreciated his love for this car and showing it to the world on his platform.

Road and Track reports that he even has an extra engine of this car lying around, which is an impressive V12. With the kind of spotlight he puts on Bugatti and the brand as a whole, it’s no wonder he’s on their “nice list.”

12 VIP: Ralph Lauren

via alux.com

The fact that Ralph Lauren owns a vehicle that's part of our list of rare cars proves he’s got a penchant for exclusive rides. This may be the best one of his collection though. Aside from the rare Ferrari, he’s got a special kind of Bugatti. Jalopnik reports that his Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic is worth a staggering $40 million.

The car came out in 1938, which along with only being one of two in existence, helps to explain the car’s insane price tag. With one of the brand’s best cars in Lauren’s safekeeping, this puts him in their upper echelons of owners today.

11 VIP: Keith Urban

via The Daily Mail

Getting himself a Bugatti helped propel artist Keith Urban to new heights. He even made the cut of country stars with nicer cars than Kid Rock. While many might have trouble reconciling Urban with a Bugatti, considering it contrasts some of the lyrics to his songs, the brand itself couldn't be happier. Without a doubt, he’s one of the biggest country stars today, and his Veyron only ups the automaker’s profile that much more.

Spotted with a white one, and what Celebrity Cars Blog notes is a customized black one, it appears that Urban might even have more than one in his collection.

10 Thorn In Bugatti’s Side: Simon Cowell

via 5starweddingdirectory.com

It’s only fair that TV personality Simon Cowell, who’s known for critiquing others, should get a dose of his own medicine concerning his history with Bugatti. On multiple occasions, the paparazzi snapped photos of Cowell driving around in his stunning Bugatti Veyron.

According to Daily Car Blog, he picked it up back in 2008. It didn’t take long for the celebrity to let go of his Bugatti though, which the same source notes was gone a mere six years later. What we find even more upsetting is that the car only had 1,300 miles on it. Bugatti can’t be too happy about this.

9 VIP: Tom Brady

via Cycloop

Part of what makes Bugatti a prestigious brand is its star-studded list of owners. Tom Brady is arguably the best quarterback in NFL history, and it’s no surprise he’s got a Bugatti to solidify his status. Daily Car Blog reports that he owns a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport worth $3 million.

Bugatti must be glad to have an owner like Brady who reflects well on the brand. It only affirms the brand’s style and level of quality when a professional like Brady picks one up. If one were to come up with the Mount Rushmore of Bugatti owners, Brady seems like a shoo-in candidate.

8 VIP: Jay-Z

via Motor Authority

It’s out in the open how Jay-Z got his Bugatti. To find out the circumstances behind it, read cars sitting in Jay-Z’s garage and some Beyoncé put there. Despite not buying it himself, one can’t fault Jay-Z. At the end of the day, he’s a Bugatti owner and that makes the brand proud.

There’s no bigger rapper today—or arguably in history—with as much status and wealth as Jay-Z. Owning a Bugatti is just the cherry on top that further solidifies the brand's cachet. He may not take it out for a spin very often, but owning the car is enough.

7 Thorn In Bugatti’s Side: Flo Rida

via CelebrityTreat - WordPress.com; Diamond Exotic Rentals

Some celebs just can’t handle their Bugattis. Look no further than Flo Rida, who got in trouble while driving his Veyron in 2011. Jalopnik reports that Flo Rida got behind the wheel after having one too many. The officer that pulled him over even put the rapper through a field sobriety test, which he wasn’t able to pass.

Like any car brand, Bugatti wants to make headlines, but not this way. Even though there’s the old adage that P.T. Barnum coined, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” the brand can’t be too happy with Flo Rida since this incident.

6 VIP: Xzibit

via GTspirit.com

One could argue Xzibit belongs on Bugatti’s “naughty list” for selling his to Floyd Mayweather. However, we’re making a case that this only helped his standing with the legendary automaker. When one considers Mayweather’s higher profile, his Bugatti only went on to reach a greater platform that only increased its visibility.

Something tells us Xzibit didn’t want to part with it but knew that if it was going to someone else, it better be in good hands. Plus, Bugatti wouldn't want an owner who could no longer afford to pay for it. In retrospect, this move seemed like a win-win for Bugatti.

5 VIP: Roberto Carlos

via Defensa Central Motor

Even as a former soccer player, Roberto Carlos still gets a lot of attention. One could argue that one of the biggest newsworthy things he did outside of the sport was getting a Bugatti Veyron. These cars are good at getting the public’s attention.

According to Goal.com, he got one for his 38th birthday worth a little over $2 million. They note that he specifically asked for it as a gift. While one could take issue with the fact that he made his lavish birthday wishes known, Bugatti is also benefitting from the soccer star's gift. It makes it look like the automobile is the greatest gift anyone could ever receive.

4 Thorn In Bugatti’s Side: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

via MSN.com

Bugatti wants more than celebs buying their cars, they want long term owners, too. It seems that Mayweather has fallen out of favor with the automaker after putting both his lavish Bugattis up for sale. They include, according to The Drive, a 2011 Veyron Grand Vitesse and a 2015 Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.

The former one went for $2.45 million, the latter for $3.95 million. One can imagine Mayweather getting a little more for them than what he originally paid, which can't make the brand too happy either. For more, he ditched, read cars Floyd Mayweather got rid of because they weren’t good.

3 VIP: Scott Storch

via YouTube user Bruce A

Scott Storch made his millions as a music producer, which yielded him the kind of serious Benjamins necessary to buy a Bugatti. In his own words, according to a Vlad TV interview, Storch claims his Veyron was #004. He also goes on to note, as per the same source, that after Ralph Lauren, he was next in line to get a Veyron in the United States.

If true, then he was one of the first to get a hold of this legendary car before all these other celebs caught on. See former music stars who own cars they clearly can’t afford to find out what other cars he’s had trouble holding on to.

2 VIP: Katie Price

via SkiddMark

We once highlighted the fact that Katie Price drives pink cars in our piece pop singers who drive beaters and who drive the nicest cars. Yup, you guessed it—this pink paint job applies to Price’s Bugatti. According to The Sun, the other cars in her fleet are pink too, such as a Range Rover and VW Beetle. While painting a Beetle pink is probably more fitting, that hasn’t stopped Bugatti favoring Price as one of their owners.

The same source notes that Price wrote online, “Just left @afzalkahn getting this BUGATTI and he is doing it in pink. So you like it?” While this might rub gearheads the wrong way, it delights Bugatti.

1 Thorn In Bugatti’s Side: Jenson Button

via Motor1

As a former race car driver, Jenson Button seems like the perfect owner to appreciate the kind of performance and engineering of a Bugatti. The union seems like a no brainer. Apparently, it wasn’t made to last, however.

The Telegraph reports that in 2009, Button put his Veyron up for sale. He wanted a little more than $1 million for it, which seems like a good deal for only putting 1,500 miles on it. Like Simon Cowell though, Bugatti can’t be too pleased with him selling one of their cars having driven it so little. It looks like he wasn’t satisfied with it.

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