20 Celebs That Pretended To Own Fake Cars They Really Rented

Celebrities like to show off their wealth by posting pictures of their mansions, jets, and cars on social media. They want their fans to envy their lifestyle and feel that they are invincible. Most of us yearn to live that lifestyle but aren't aware of what's happening behind the scenes.

Although many celebrities earn millions of dollars, a lot of them also lose their money. The life that they live isn't always the same it can cause them to go broke once the payments don't start coming in as aggressively.

Many celebrities have lost their wealth but wanted to convince their fans that they lived an extravagant lifestyle. Since they couldn't afford to purchase lavish gifts for cash, the best alternative was to rent. After all, when a fan sees a celebrity in a selfie of his Lamborghini, he or she believes that the car belongs to the celebrity.

Several rappers deceived the public to believe that they own supercars by renting the vehicles. We wanted to find out which celebrities like to flash their vehicles while pretending to own it, so we went behind the scenes by enquiring from car rental companies about the cars that celebrities rent. During our exploration, we were surprised to see which celebrities rented the cars they claimed to own.

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20 Conor McGregor

via snap 361.net

Some celebrities want to live a posh lifestyle regardless of where they are in the world. Although McGregor earned more than $85 million with his bout against Floyd Mayweather, he doesn't own all the vehicles that he posts on social media.

McGregor wanted his fans to believe that he owned a Roll Royce Wraith, so he stood on the bonnet. When Platinum Executive Travel, a car rental company that owns the Wraith, saw McGregor pretending to own the car by standing on it, the company took legal action against him, according to the Daily Mail.

19 50 Cent

via Legit.ng

Although 50 Cent filed for broke, we're not convinced that he's broke. Many wealthy people have used the country's laws to circumvent payments and child support. 50 Cent, otherwise known as Curtis Jackson, made millions of dollars from record sales, designer clothing, and endorsements.

Although we believe that he can afford lavish vehicles, when MTV Cribs asked 50 Cent to take the network on a tour of his home, Jackson was an up-and-comer who couldn't afford Ferrari models. To make his lifestyle more lavish than what it was at the time, Jackson rented the cars from a Ferrari connoisseur.

18 Justin Bieber

via Intellectual Mindframe

Many people have said all sorts of things about Bieber, but nobody can argue that he has good taste in vehicles. Having a net worth of more than $100 million, Bieber can purchase almost any car that he wants.

While in Miami, Bieber was cruising around in a yellow Lamborghini. The Miami police were quick to pounce when Bieber decided to drag race with the Lamborghini. Bieber's night didn't end well. The Guardian reported that the police impounded the yellow Lamborghini. The police discovered that the Lamborghini was a rental.

17 Birdman

via Pinterest

Another rapper who featured on an episode of MTV Cribs was Birdman. Although Birdman has made millions in the last few years, he wasn't always rich. At the time MTV Cribs popped around to his home, Birdman wanted to display lavish cars. To make fans swoon his lifestyle, Birdman parked a 1972 Chevrolet Phantom Donk in front of his house. After the shooting of the episode with MTV, Birdman was exposed of renting the Phantom Donk.

He's not the only person involved in the hip hop industry to do something like that, as many rappers like to fool their fans.

16 Bow Wow

via Hip Hop DX

Speaking of rappers besides Birdman who rent vehicles and purport it as theirs, our next entrant is Bow Wow. When Bow Wow was growing up, many teenagers envied his lifestyle. As a youngster, Bow Wow had a hit single that played worldwide and affiliation to rappers such as Snoop Dogg.

Although Bow Wow had a lot going for him at the time, many viewers were surprised at how many cars he owned when he appeared on an episode of MTV Cribs. When the truth came out, as it inevitably does, records revealed that Bow Wow rented the supercars for his episode on MTV Cribs.

15 Lil Kim

via Twitter

When you can't live the life that you want to, you have to fake it until you make it. Rappers like to portray wealth in everything that they do, so they rent vehicles that they can't afford.

Lil Kim might have had success in the early 2000s, but the female rapper lost a lot of money due to splurging and not creating a passive income. When the checks ran out, Lil Kim wanted her fans to believe that she lived a lavish life. The best way Kim knew how to do that was by renting extravagant cars. When one is broke, it's best not to spend money on items that you can't afford.

14 Lindsay Lohan

via Celebrity WotNot

Everything was going right for Lohan until she decided to go off the rails. Once a singing sensation and a Hollywood actress, Lohan made several mistakes that led to her demise. Rental companies have made a lot of money from celebrities who rent vehicles, but some celebrities cause a lot of headaches for those companies.

Lohan rented a Porsche 911 and bumped into another vehicle. While the rented car was in a garage, the paparazzi spotted her driving a Porsche Panamera. Some celebrities can't let go of a good life, regardless of their situation.

13 Mike Tyson

via The Big Lead

Known as the Baddest Man on the Planet, Iron Mike Tyson acted like a boxing God when he stepped inside the ring. His opponents feared him, and spectators couldn't get enough of him. During his prime, Tyson owned extravagant vehicles such as the Jaguar XJ220, a Lamborghini Diablo and a Bentley Continental T.

Although Tyson earned more than $300 million during his career, he filed for completely broke. Blaming Don King for losing his money didn't help Tyson to get back on track. Tyson couldn't get enough of the good life, so he rented out vehicles after he couldn't purchase it with cash.

12 Natasha Lyonne

via Go Yourself

In the late 90s, one of the teen movies that gained a cult following was the Pie films. Lyonne made a brief appearance in the trilogy as Jessica but became a successful actress by starring in Orange Is the New Black, receiving an Emmy Award nomination. Lyonne has starred in more than fifty movies and will star in the up-coming program Russian Doll.

Drivers shouldn't drink and drive, especially when they're driving a rental. That is what Lyonne did and ended up on the wrong side of the law. The rental company wasn't impressed by Lyonne's actions.

11 Nicki Minaj

via Ready Set Go

We were impressed to discover that Minaj has one of the biggest social media followings in the world. Minaj likes people to refer to her as Barbie, but some of the cars that Barbie drives don't belong to her. When Minja needed to shoot a video, she rented a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago.

Everything was going according to her plan until she banged the rental. The rental company estimated the damages to be around $12,000. Hollywood Exotic Car Rental sued the rapper for the damages. Since it was in her possession at the time of the accident, she was responsible for the vehicle.

10 Sean Kingston

via DUB Magazine

Infusing reggae, hip-hop and R&B had catapulted Kingston into stardom. He was one of the biggest singing sensations in the world. The Jamaican-US singer had hits such as Beautiful Girls, Take You There and Beat It. When Kingston stopped producing the hits, the money stopped rolling in, but he wanted the lifestyle to continue.

To ensure that he always drove the best vehicles, Kingston rented lavish cars. A luxury car dealership, Precision Concierge New York, accused Kingston of not settling a $4,200 car rental bill, according to XXL Mag. The rental dealership stated that Kingston rented an Escalade for a month while staying in Los Angeles.

9 Soulja Boy

via Auto Evolution

To expose rappers who live a fake lifestyle, Soulja Boy stood on top of a red Maserati and challenged rappers to do the same with their vehicles to prove that the cars weren't rentals. Sean Kingston isn't the only rapper who was in trouble with Precision Concierge New York, as the dealership also accused Soulja Boy of not paying for his car rentals.

According to XXL, the car rental dealership stated that Soulja Boy had not settled his bill. Soulja Boy deserves credit for admitting that he rented a white Maserati GranCabrio, reaching a top speed of 178 mph and pumping out 433 horsepower, a few years ago.

8 Travis Scott

via Deskgram

While in Miami, Scott rented a Lamborghini Aventador. After the rapper rented the car from Super Cars of Miami, Scott wasn't expecting to end up in an accident. The Aventador crashed into the back of a Toyota, though reports are unclear if Scott was behind the wheel.

To keep the accident off the books, Scott cut a deal with the dealership to pay just over $90,000. The deal went sour when the two parties turned on each other. Scott sued the rental dealership for extorsion while Super Cars of Miami sued Scott for breach of contract and negligence.

7 Tyga

via Hawt Celebs

While Tyga was in a relationship with Kylie Jenner, he wanted to show her how much he loved her, so he bought her a Ferrari. The story later emerged that Tyga leased the Ferrari and didn't purchase it cash. What made the story more surprising is that Tyga had missed several lease payments for his cars.

When a rapper can't afford the life that he wants his fans to believe, renting seems to be the option that they take. The repo man has collected several of Tyga's cars due to missed payments. I wonder how it's possible for him to get a lease or a rented car when he has a reputation.

6 Rick Ross

via DUB Magazine

Many people believe that rappers have a tremendous amount of money, but they can purport that lifestyle by leasing or renting vehicles. Ross is the founder of Maybach Music Group and released album such as Black Market, Rather You Than Me and Mastermind, Hood Billionaire.

Although he shows off his car collection to his fans on social media, not all of the vehicles that Ross stands next to belong to him. Some of the cars that Ross drives are leased or rented. Renting or leasing cars seems to be an epidemic amongst celebrities who want to live the high life.

5 Migos

via US Magazine

Migos aren't the first and last hip hop group to rent cars. Offset, the main member of Migos, has an impressive car collection that he likes to show off. Although Cardi B gifted Offset a Rolls Royce Wraith for his birthday, not all of the cars that Offset and the rest of the guys from Migos drive belong to them.

Some of the cars are rentals. It seems that Offset has a generous heart, as he purchased a car for the man who pulled him out of his wrecked vehicle. That's a lesson for others to help celebrities in need, as they might get a generous gift.

4 Amanda Bynes

via Just Jared

Once you leave the limelight, it's difficult to make a comeback. One of the celebrities who knew that is Amanda Bynes. After starring in Hairspray, What a Girl Wants and Easy A, Bynes announced an indefinite hiatus from acting in 2010 due to personal problems.

Leaving your profession means that you leave behind the money, as well. Since Bynes earned most of her income from acting, she experienced financial difficulty after leaving the profession. One of the cars that Bynes rented was a BMW. The German manufacturer knows how to make reliable and comfortable vehicles.

3 Jordan Clarkson

via Super Car Inspiring

What could be better than being in your 20s while making millions of dollars? Clarkson is a 26-year-old basketball player who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Although Clarkson earned more than $10 million in 2016, he doesn't own all the vehicles that the paparazzi capture him driving.

Many people believed that Clarkson owned the Lamborghini Huracan. While Clarkson cruised around Los Angeles in a Lamborghini Huracan, the paparazzi took pictures of him in his ride. According to TMZ, Clarkson admitted that the Huracan was a rental.

2 Adrien Broner

via Twitter

One of the biggest mouths in boxing belongs to Broner. Under the mentorship of Floyd Mayweather, Broner fought against some of the best boxers in the world. Broner's mouth got quiet when Maidana knocked him out, but he regained that mouthpiece before taking on Manny Pacquiao.

Although he has made millions of dollars for a few fights, Broner has rented cars such as the Chevrolet Suburban. The car rental company wasn't happy when Broner had an encounter with the police after they discovered holes in the vehicle. It seems that Broner also learned from Mayweather on how to splurge.

1 Young Buck

via Vlad TV

Being a member of G-Unit doesn't mean that you drive all the cars that fans see in music videos. Although 50 Cent made a lot of money, that didn't happen to all of the G-Unit members. One of the members who struggled to make payments on his car was Young Buck.

After not paying the lease on his BMW for several months, the repo man came to collect the car. When one can't afford to purchase a car for cash, it's best not to take out a lease or rent it. Some people don't believe in that and want to live the high life, regardless of their financial situation.

Sources - Daily Mail, TMZ, XXL Mag & The Guardian

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