25 Celebs Who Owned Cars Before They Could Even Drive

Most celebrities get driven around in plush comfort and some get driven around in cars that they own but can't even drive.

Getting a driver’s license isn’t all that much of a big deal—until you fail the test, that is. And it's not just everyday people who end up flaking while behind the wheel as an increasingly firm-lipped instructor looks on with varying shades of horror. Even celebs flip out under pressure, very often failing the written test or the driving test itself. So they, too, can and have ended up like us, minus a driver’s license.

Now, this is where the difference between us mere mortals and rich folks widen—they can still buy a luxe car and hire a dishy driver to ferry them around. We end up mooching lifts from friends and family or end up taking the public transport but they get driven around in plush comfort, sometimes in cars that they own but can't drive.

Of course, some celebs don’t drive because they don’t want to. They fear driving, or don’t like it, or are rich and spoiled enough to pay someone else to drive their fleet for them. And frankly, why not? They can afford to make their lives more comfortable and if some of them don’t trust their own driving skills well enough to get behind the wheel, we should thank them for making the world a safer place to drive in. On that note, here are 25 celebs who have awesome cars but don’t, won’t, or can’t drive…

25 Ricky Gervais

Via Pinterest

For someone who doesn’t have a license, Ricky Gervais sure manages to sell some cars. How? Well, in 2014, Audi roped in this funny guy for a funny commercial for the A3. And yes, Gervais did get an A3 as part of the compensation—not that he can drive the same. Gervais’s name also came up when Top Gear was searching for a host but he was kind enough to explain to the producers that he did not drive, period, because he did not own a driver’s license.

24 Kate Beckinsale

Via HawtCelebs

This beautiful actress has been living in the US for more than twenty years. According to BornRich, she owns a Chevrolet Suburban, just about as quintessentially USA as an SUV can get. That said, the lady does not drive and has failed her driver’s license test enough times to have actually given up on the premise. She now prefers to be driven about and has no qualms about taking an Uber when in need. Otherwise, it’s the backseat of the Suburban for her, with her staff driving her to and fro.

23 Cardi B

Via PageSix

Cardi B is on a roll considering she has quite the list of swanky cars. Think Lamborghini Urus, Lamborghini Aventador S, Bentley Bentayga, Chevrolet Suburban, and a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. The only thing is that all these cars are just for show, considering Cardi B’s smooth lyrics haven’t gotten her a driver’s license yet. So, she just looks her prettiest best posing with her smooth rides while she takes driving lessons. Her excuse? She’s from the Big Apple and no one drives there, they just take the subway.

22 Perrie Edwards

Via Listal

Perrie Edwards is one of the members of the band Little Mix and was known for dating Zayn Malik at a point before he was whisked off by Gigi Hadid. So she can sing and be musical, but one thing she cannot do is drive. Of course, not being able to drive doesn’t stop her from buying cars and she went all out and bought her mum a Range Rover. What a sweet thing and all. While she was going out with Zayn, even he didn’t drive—so we are guessing they rucked up huge Uber bills every week!

21 JK Rowling

Via Time

According to Rich and Famous, JK Rowling has quite the car collection for someone who does not drive: namely, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Range Rover Sport, and Tesla Model S. While her wizards only need their brooms and their wands, Rowling does need her earthier mode of transports but she prefers to be driven around. She is honest about the fact that her lack of spatial awareness makes her bad at operating any and all machines, so driving is something she prefers the experts do.

20 Tina Fey

Via Just Jared

Funny girl Tina Fey owns a Lexus hybrid, showing that celebrities do have a heart after all, particularly when there are environmental concerns. Of course, according to Huffington Post, Tina Fey admitted to Seinfeld on his show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee that she let her driver’s license expire. And that’s because she doesn’t see a point in driving around New York anymore, with all the traffic and the hassle of being on the road. She prefers to let someone else drive or use public transportation. This picture is a blast from the past, when she still was brave enough to drive.

19 Quincy Jones

Via Youtube

Quincy Jones is one smooth-talking record producer and quite the Rolls-Royce aficionado, with a rather impressive fleet of rides. Of course, he does not drive or have a driver’s license. In fact, he never even applied for a driver’s license. Jones is clear about his reason, which is that he was in an incident at age 14. The car he was in was blindsided by a bus and he was the only survivor. The incident scarred him for life, so much so he never got behind the wheel of a car ever again.

18 Carrie Mulligan

via The Guardian

Mulligan got her license in the states while working for a movie. Post that, she tried to get a UK driver’s license because the Stateside one wasn’t good enough for the Brits. Attempt one failed, attempt two failed, and finally, attempts three, four, and five failed, too—so Mulligan was left high and dry and minus a UK driver’s license. Basically, while she can drive on domestic shores, she cannot drive in her own country. Her choice of wheels in the US is a Toyota Prius, the mark of an environmentalist.

17 Lena Dunham

Via BarstoolSports

Being in New York is mostly reason enough for people to not drive, and Lena Dunham has a valid point in that. Of course, she doesn’t drive mainly because she doesn’t have a driver’s license. And the reason she doesn’t have a driver’s license, according to Pop Sugar, is because she is terrified of injuring others if she makes a mistake behind the wheel. She did try, though, and appeared for a test but failed it and never reapplied again. She believes she is not destined to drive and prefers to be ferried around by someone who can.

16 Bella Thorne

Via Pinterest

If you are an internet phenomenon like Bella Thorne, you’d probably have people queueing up in lines outside your garage to drive you places. But Thorne prefers to let her momma be the chauffeur because she is afraid of driving and does not plan to learn any time soon. And she will not be applying for her driver’s license, either. That said, time is as great a teacher as it is a healer and who knows what the next month or year may bring in Thorne’s life? She already has a GMC Suburban and many more luxe rides.

15 Noel Gallagher

Via Tumblr

In the 1990s, the band Oasis skyrocketed to fame and fortune and took lead guitarist Noel Gallagher with it. This was the time of the limousines and the crazed rock fans, so Gallagher never needed to drive. So, he never learned to drive, either. Now, Oasis has long been turned to dust and Gallagher is in his 50s. He still never learned to drive and limos don’t queue up on his doorstep anymore. According to Q Magazine, he does have a 1967 Jaguar Mark II classic car, which he cannot drive and has promised to his favorite kid.

14 Charlie Watts

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From the lead guitarist and songwriter of Oasis, let’s move to that awesome drummer of The Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts. Now, this guy is a bit different from the others on our list, in that he doesn’t own splendid cars. But he does ride his own cool way and he does that on horses. After retiring from music, Watts became a horse breeder and it has been the cowboy life for him ever since so cars don’t really matter to him anymore: he can always ask someone else to drive him around instead or otherwise, take the horse.

13 Kurupt

Via Twitter

Let us begin with wondering why a singer would want a moniker that sounds well, corrupt? Anyhow, Kurupt does not drive for fear of harassment. He believes himself too likely to get him pulled over and ticketed, more often than not. So, he hasn’t driven for a long time and may not drive for a long time; well, except on music videos with his partner, Daz Dillinger. Since he doesn’t drive all that much, he keeps his car collection under wraps, as well.

12 Robbie Williams

Via For Your Excitement

Williams sure looks and sounds groovy and in fact, even penned a song for the animation car racing movie Cars 2. He also is an avid Formula 1 racing fan and loves all things on four wheels, as long as he doesn’t have to be the one behind the wheel. He loves cars and owns a big garage but refuses to drive because he is from London and the traffic there is so bad many residents prefer to call a cabbie. He has quite a fleet, though, from a BMW X6 and a Bentley Azure to the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

11 Christina Aguilera

Via JustJared

According to Born Rich, Aguilera has a penchant for Ford and Chrysler cars, as well as all the other popular celebrity rides—but she does not drive. Strangely, she does have a driver’s license but her reason for not being behind the wheel, ever, is the fear of the paparazzi that leaves her shaking. She does not want to drive with people chasing her for pictures and becomes frazzled at the thought. With a net worth of over $100 million, it’s not like she has to drive, anyway.

10 A$AP Rocky

Via NetWorthCelebrities

A$AP Rocky finally learned how to drive in 2016, way after he had amassed a small fortune and a decent fleet of cars. Now, the thing is, we believe the guy who owns one cool car but can drive like a whiz is way cooler than the guy who cannot get behind the wheel of any of his uber-sleek cars. And a peek into his car collection includes hit such as a Ferrari 488, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes A-Class, and a Ferrari 360 Modena. Jealous much?

9 Ed Sheeran

Via Pinterest

Ed Sheeran may be driving at 90 down those country lanes, but well, mostly in his head. Because up until very recently, Sheeran did not drive. In fact, he isn’t a fan of fast cars or fast driving at all. While he actually gifted his sound editor a Porsche for Christmas, he went ahead a bought the modest Mini Cooper for himself as a first car. Of course, he has topped up his collection with luxury’s best now but prefers more sedate driving speed since his terrible vision also gets in the way. He finally does have a driver's license now, but driving isn't his favorite thing to do.

8 Jordana Brewster

Via MensJournal

When Jordana Brewster scored her role as Mia Toretto alongside Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, she knew she had to get her life in order. And the first order of business was, well, getting a driver’s license. While she may not have performed all those nutty stunts herself, she was still required to do some basic driving. She did learn and aced her driving test in the first go, so if you put your mind to it, nothing is unattainable, right? So this goes for all the other celebs on this list too: take a cue from Brewster, people.

7 Vincent Kartheiser

Via Pinterest

Urban legend has it that when Vincent Kartheiser was auditioning for Mad Men, they asked him how he got to the set. Kartheiser explained that he used the LA Metro and that was that! He was selected to play Pete Campbell then and there. Yeah, okay, we’re kidding about the audition, but not about taking the Metro. Make no mistake, Kartheiser does know how to drive but simply prefers not to because he likes hanging out with the LA Metro crowd instead. What a mad, mad man!

6 Justin Bieber

Via MotorAuthority

According to the Huffington Post, Bieber had a mini-breakdown after he failed his written test and was refused a driver’s license. To shake off the gloom, Bieber yelled “I hate you” to random drivers from the backseat of his car as his sorry self was being ferried home. This was mentioned in his autobiography First Step 2 Forever: My Story, as well. He has a supercool fleet of some 15 or more cars now, with the best of the Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Lamborghini in there but there was a time when he couldn’t drive for lack of a license.

5 Russell Brand

Via TheIndependent

The very short and spitfire of a marriage between Russell Brand and Katy Perry had an offspring and that was Brand’s driver’s license. He didn’t have one before and apparently, felt guilty that Perry had to do all the driving. So he went ahead and got one. Of course, the marriage headed for the pits soon after, so we are not sure if Brand’s license survived the separation. He does own a Range Rover and a Mercedes S-Class, even if he is mostly spotted in the backseat of the car with a driver in the front. This picture is from a spoof video by Brand.

4 Mariah Carey

Via YouTube

There have been rare pictures of Mariah Carey driving, sure, so we assume she has a driver’s license. Of course, her driving is mostly limited to making an entrance or shooting for a music video at exotic locales. And the kind of diva she is, we assume her assistant also has an assistant because if someone else can do it, why should Carey? So we will count her as a celebrity who has fantastic cars (like a Lamborghini) but does not drive, period.

3 Barbra Streisand

Via NYTimes

Once bitten, twice shy seems to be the case of the driving skills of Barbra Streisand. She had a mistake on the ramp of a freeway, getting on the wrong side while she was driving, and that one incident made her give up the steering wheel forever. Of course, she does know how to drive but then let her driver’s license expire. She did get behind the wheel for the 2000 movie, The Guilt Trip with Seth Rogen, though, and only recently reapplied for her driver’s license in her Ford Explorer. She failed three times before she managed a score a new driver's license.

2 Bill Gates

Via AutoEvolution

Now the thing is, it's cool that you opened your own little enterprise in dad’s garage and mushroomed it into a giant empire. It is not cool to drive without a license, though, and that was exactly what the officer meeting Bill Gates, aged 24, might have told him. Of course, this was the time Gates did not have the cool cars he has today, like a Porsche, Maybach, and the Jaguar—oh, and a Bombardier plane. He did rectify the issue after his dressing down and get a driver’s license but things were dicey for a while.

1 Emma Roberts

Via CelebVegas

This is all in the past now and today, Roberts takes her Range Rover out for a spin with ease. But there was a time when getting a driver’s license was proving more than a tough nut to crack for Julia Roberts’ niece. According to The Express, Roberts admitted that she didn’t have a license. “I failed my driving test and then my permit expired. And then I failed my permit test when I retook it.” Of course, she rectified it all and finally did get her license to drive, even if it took a few tries.

Sources: Born Rich, Huffington Post, Pop Sugar, and Q Magazine.

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