24 Celebs Who Should Be Banned From Driving (Forever)

These celebs don’t even see the fault in their driving and assume that they know better than the authorities.

There are good drivers and bad drivers—and then there are these celebrity drivers. They are the crème de la crème of the worst, the kind that should never even have been issued a driver’s license in the first place. High on their own celebrity status, as well as on all the other vices that life has to offer, these are the people who assume that the world is their oyster. And that's exactly why they drive like they own the roads. Rules are not for them and in their own thoughts, probably exist only to be broken—and they are none too happy when the cops land up on their doorsteps.

Belligerent till the end, these celebs don’t even see the fault in their driving and assume that they know better. It’s only when the court dates dawn and the press hounds their footsteps that they put on a sorry face, but many on this list are also unapologetic, repeat reprobates. They drive without fear, regret, or thought and often end up damaging their cars—to say in the least. Some of them, bless their hearts, do turn over a new leaf at times, but for most of these celebrity drivers, their cars and their driving skills are their business. These 24 celebs should never have gotten a driver’s license and should never get behind the wheel of a vehicle again.

24 Michael Phelps

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Michael Phelps is a sports legend and a name synonymous with swimming. With an Olympic medal tally of 28, his illustrious career has seen more ups than downs. He’s dubbed as the most decorated Olympian of all time but the same cannot be said for his driving. He was once detained by the cops for reckless driving while bar hopping at the same time. The notable point was that he was just 19 at that time. Then, a few years later, his license was revoked in a similar incident. Maybe he should just take to boats instead of cars?

23 Wayne Rooney


Every footballing kid in the world knows who Rooney is. He’s an accomplished footballer and a former captain who wears many feathers in his hat. According to BBC, this number 10-wearing footballer is the record goalscorer for his national team and Manchester United. His bank balance lets him have a penchant for collecting exquisite cars. However, in 2017, cops didn’t appreciate his merry driving and fined him for doing so. And the punishment was 100 hours of unpaid work and two years of disqualification from playing ball. Hope he drives better now.

22 Kiefer Sutherland

Via IMDb

He rose to fame in the late-80s and early-90s with his legendary performances in Hollywood blockbusters such as The Lost Boys, Flatliners, and Young Guns. In 2001, he shot back into the limelight for his portrayal of Jack Bauer in the hit TV show 24. According to Fandom, he was one of the highest-paid actors on television at one point of his career when he signed a three-season contract for a hefty sum of $40 million. Sadly, money cannot buy sense or good driving, so he ended up serving a 48-day sentence for his frolic-filled exploits that led the cops to his door.

21 Mel Gibson

Via Factinate

Mel Gibson is a living legend and he’s has given countless unforgettable movies to the silver screen. His award-winning work as an actor, producer, writer, and director apart, his personal life has been on a rollercoaster ride ever since he split with his wife. His $400 million settlement with his ex-wife is dubbed as the highest in Hollywood history, though people appreciated him for his sense of fair play. But when he was caught speeding, he ended up bad-mouthing the cop who was trying to give him a ticket. The result was a three-month license suspension and plenty of bad press.

20 Halle Berry

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She’s one of the most talented actors in the tinsel town today. In 2002, she won an Academy for her exceptional performance in the flick Monster’s Ball. However, she’s not great at the wheel and has been noted quite a few times for her awful driving. She once struck a vehicle in LA and took off pretending that nothing had happened. But karma comes around and Berry had to pay the price later. According to the Los Angeles Times, she got three-year probation and had to do 200 hours of community service. A $13,500 fine certainly didn't help, either.

19 Michelle Rodriguez

Via GQ

She may look like she really knows what driving is all about from her appearances in the Fast and Furious franchise, but the reality was a lot different. According to Reuters, in 2006, she had to serve 60 days for a violation. But that didn’t stop her. In the same year, she spent another five days behind bars in Hawaii for reckless driving. This was after her driving license was revoked! Just because you are stunting in a car for a movie, doesn’t mean you can do the same on open roads and Rodriguez finally got more punishment, including 30-day rehab and 30 days of community service.

18 George Lucas

Via Motor1

This Hollywood biggie and serial entrepreneur is known for creating the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. According to Forbes, he (mostly) retired from filmmaking in 2012, after selling off Lucasfilm to Disney for $4.1 billion in stock and cash. However, not many of us know that he was an avid race car fan and driver. He once raced in a celebrity event but ended up in a spectacular wreck. Maybe the Force wasn’t with him at the time. But the thing is, he may be an excellent filmmaker yet driving is certainly not his forte.

17 Britney Spears

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She has been through a rough patch in the past and many, still today, doubt her mental status. One major reason is her really bad driving. Once, she was photographed driving with her baby on her lap and that was plain bad. In another incident, she left her car in the middle of the road after she found out that she had flat tires. To top it, she once drove over the foot of a paparazzo in a rage when he would not stop hounding her. After rehab and counseling, she seems to be doing better now and moving ahead in her life.

16 Paris Hilton

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She is dubbed as the pioneer of reality television and is an acclaimed celebrity entrepreneur in the glamour world. However, when it comes to driving, she’s a squib. She may have the best of cars in her garage, but driving is not the thing she is best at. Multiple episodes of rash and negligent driving made the authorities revoke her driver’s license. But she managed to get caught driving rashly again and this time, minus a license. She served 23 days and hopefully learned her lesson and will never get behind the wheel of a car again.

15 Cristiano Ronaldo

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He has everything a man would possibly want: good looks, a successful career, and all the fame in the world. Being an outstanding player with an illustrious football career plus that smoldering face and hair have made him a media darling. However, he’s ridiculously bad at driving. He once totaled his Ferrari, which was later pictured lying mangled in a tunnel on the A538 near Wilmslow, Cheshire. His smashing red Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano was just two-days-old before it met its fate. He’s great on the field but off the field, driving is certainly not his cup of tea.

14 Kelsey Grammer

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According to Mirror, Kelsey had more trauma in his life than all of Dr. Frasier’s patients put together. Apart from a broken childhood, three failed marriages, and a heart attack; he has long battled addiction. Perhaps, his shaky personal life is to be blamed for his dubious driving. In 1996, he flipped his red Dodge Viper in California, in the worst sense of the word. He’s is undoubtedly one of the greatest comedy actors we have today but his driving isn’t all that laughable.

13 Haley Joel Osment

Via YahooNews

He’s was the child superstar of The Sixth Sense. After this supernatural thriller’s release in 1999, he rose to fame considering his rather mature and commendable performance. As he grew and piled on pounds, the roles began to dry up. Osment managed to stay in the news, though, but this time for the wrong reasons. He was detained for ramming his car into a mailbox while driving in a state when he shouldn’t have been driving at all. The impact was rough and Osment was injured. He was ordered to do three-years of probation, 60 hours of rehab, and three months of counseling sessions.

12 Billy Joel

Via Parade

His musical journey may have rock and rolled magnificently but his driving journey never really saw a good phase. The Piano Man is a terrible driver, though he is an awesome car collector. According to Jalopnik, he’s one of the worst celebrity drivers on the planet and can manage to bang even the slowest and most-uncrashable of all cars. That’s because he’s usually having too much fun when he’s driving. He even once lost control of his car and drove into a house. He may be a sensational singer but as a driver, he’s a bad song on repeat.

11 Chris Brown

Via YouTube

Chris loves his stable of cars, which includes a Dodge Viper SRT, the 'Jet Fighter' Lamborghini, a Range Rover, a Bugatti Veyron, a Porsche Panamera, a Porsche 911 Turbo, a Tupac Shakur-themed Lamborghini Gallardo, and an Orange Lamborghini. According to Munplanet, he’s one of the richest performers in the States today. However, he's lucky to be alive as he once took his Porsche into a wall. He was obviously driving at high speed and had no control of his car. He also had a separate incident that the cops were none too happy about, as well.

10 Justin Bieber

Via YouTube

Of the dozens of celebs out there, he is considered as one of the worst celebrity drivers given that he has been involved in a good number of misadventures from day one. He even failed his driver’s license test initially. His chronic speeding, driving when he shouldn't be, and then resisting the cops proves that he’s an awful driver and should be banned from driving on normal roads. Among sane people, at least. Now that he’s married we’re hoping that Hailey will take over at the wheel.

9 Nick Bollea

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Being the son of a world-renown wrestling giant is not so easy. Plus, if you’re a bit of a clown, you will likely land up in trouble every now and then. Hulk Hogan's son, Nick, got embroiled in a road racing mishap in which his passenger was severely hurt and was in recovery for almost two years. His irresponsible driving proves that he is one of those awful celebrity drivers who should be directed to stay off the road permanently for the sake of safety, and sanity.

8 Eddie Griffin

Via Jalopnik

According to Allmusic, Eddie had a successful stand-up career before he made his television debut in the mid-nineties with the sitcom Malcolm & Eddie. His television career took off with flying colors and he enjoys an ever-growing fan base since then. However, on the other side, he has been in and out of trouble for his wild driving. He once inadvertently totaled his $1.5 million Ferrari into a wall while he was rehearsing for his flick Redline. The movie was about speed freaks and despite the news the incident made, the movie barely made any ripples at the box office, where it struggled—much like his driving skills.

7 Lil Twist

Via Complex

Like his best buddy Justin Bieber, Lil Twist is a terrible car driver, too. Or maybe he’s even worse. Justin once loaned his Fisker Karma out to Lil Twist. Later in the evening, Justin got the news from the cops that Lil Twist had totaled his chromed-out Fisker by getting too friendly with a cement pole. In a separate incident, Lil Twist bottomed out Justin's Ferrari in the parking lot of the Four Seasons Hotel. Apparently, he was feeling a little too great and couldn’t handle his driving appropriately.

6 Nicole Richie

Via Time

Nicole Richie is Lionel Richie’s oldest daughter and a full-blown star in her own right. She made her way through the glamor world as a television personality, an actress, an author, and a promising fashion designer. However, on her way through this journey, she had to struggle with her high-spirited life that sort of put her on backtrack. She was issued a ticket by the cops for driving the wrong way on a California expressway and was put behind bars for an hour. Since then, though, she’s kept things low key, at least when she drives.

5 Maya Rudolph

Via BroadcastingCable

The daughter of soul singer Minnie Riperton and producer-songwriter Richard Rudolph, Maya Rudolph was at the peak of her career in the mid-nineties when she was a part of the alternative rock band The Rentals. Since then, she has been in numerous films and TV series. Sometimes, people aren’t bad but they are just incredibly bad drivers. Also, being a celebrity actually puts everything in the limelight so when Maya drove into a clutter of garbage cans and ruined her car, everyone got to know.

4 JR Smith

Via Kidskunst

JR Smith is known for his outstanding basketball career. However, he’s also known for his lack of driving skills. He has been in a few untoward situations while driving his car rather frantically. One was bad enough that the cops had to pull him and his passenger out of the car. Unfortunately, the passenger later lost his battle with life and Smith was thrown behind bars for reckless driving. Just because you are good at one thing doesn’t mean you are good at driving, Smith. Cease and desist.

3 Dwight Eubanks

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He dubs himself as the International Man of Style and thinks that he’s adored by one and all. Known for his famed TV series The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Eubanks is also known to be a bit of a nut. Like the time he got a new nose via cosmetic surgery and had a funeral for his old nose. You get the general picture. Likewise, he somehow managed to drive his car into wet cement. Luckily, the car was towed out before it was too late but seriously, how could this happen? He’s as bizarre a driver as he is otherwise.

2 Amanda Bynes

Via SkyNews

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Bynes was at the highpoint of her career. She was the child star in the popular Nickelodeon series All That and The Amanda Show. However, in 2012, she did bad things to her car twice and was detained for rash driving by the cops. According to MSN, today, she is past all that and is in the best place she has ever been. But she should not think of getting behind the wheel as that’s clearly not her strong point, period.

1 Robin Givens

Via Variety

According to CBN, she made her debut in the silver screen with The Cosby Show and emerged as a television and film success. However, it was her relationship with Mike Tyson that turned her life upside down. She went through a painful divorce in the late 80s. She was a well-known figure before she got married to the boxing biggie but all through the divorce proceedings, she seemed like a complete madcap on the roads. She once took out the leg of an 89-year-old passerby in Miami Florida. Hopefully, Givens has given up on driving for good.

Sources: LA Times, Forbes, Mirror, Jalopnik, Munplanet, Allmusic, and Starcasm.

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