10 Cheap Cars That Are Great For Grand Touring

Grand Touring usually entails driving in a luxurious vehicle across the country, but here are ten cheap and affordable cars you can use instead.

Grand Touring is widely known as traveling around a vast area of the country in a luxurious coupe. When one thinks of a Grand Touring car, Aston Martin or Bentley come to mind due to both manufacturers putting decently powerful motors under the hood of a car that has one of the softest ride comfort-wise.

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There's an exception to this GT rule. Not everyone can afford a car that is more than a few times what they make in a year. They can, however, choose used sedans or sports cars that are less than maybe a third of their salary but are comfortable for a long drive.

10 Buick Century

The sixth-generation Buick Century is one of the best sedans to choose on this list because not only does it have one of the best ride and seat comforts in all of the working human world, there is tons of space to put souvenirs in the trunk and back seat. Sure, it is front-wheel drive, but it has a 3.1L V6 motor that pulls 160-175 horsepower. But who cares? It's worth the money.

9 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP

The seventh-generation Pontiac Grand Prix GXP at one point in time was given a 5.3L LS4 V8 underneath the hood. Previous GXP models had a supercharged 3.8L V6 before the introduction of the V8. There is plenty of space for bringing souvenirs back from travels.

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As for ride comfort, owners have said how comfortable the Pontiac Grand Prix is to drive for long distances. Some people even compare the ride comfort of the Grand Prix to the sixth-generation Buick Century.

8 Toyota Camry LE

The Toyota Camry XV40 model during the 2006-2012 model years were great pieces of work when it comes to its reliability and comfort. Ride comfort is a bonus in a Camry with the cloth interior. Boasting the same 3.5L V6 found in the Lotus cars pushing 268 horsepower to the wheels, the Camry is also quick to get to speed. Featuring loads of space for suitcases and souvenirs, the Camry is one car to look at to grand tour in. Owners and journalists alike talk about these qualities of the Camry.

7 Lincoln Town Car

The Lincoln Town Car is another great specimen of a GT car. The more heavily optioned models have the same engine that is found in the Ford Mustang and Crown Victoria Police Interceptors of the time. These V8s produced around 239 horsepower and sent it to the rear wheels. The one thing that stands out with the Town Car is the ride comfort that many owners have talked about. A car that has great ride comfort is the ideal car for grand touring. Not too shabby for a luxury sedan with a V8 and great ride comfort.

6 Chrysler 300C

The Chrysler 300C is known as a luxurious sedan for those who want to feel like they're driving a luxury car for the cheapest price. The first generation of this millennia has tons of space and a V6 that sends about 250 horsepower to the back wheels comes standard. Ride comfort is as good as anything of the time.

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A combination of space and comfort is a great formula for a grand touring vehicle. That is a great deal for people who want to go touring the country.

5 Porsche Boxster

The first-generation Porsche Boxster is widely known to be the "poor man's 911." This doesn't mean that it can't perform like a GT car. It has the motor, technology, and suspension from the 911. The only thing that is noticeable is the size of the two cars. What this means for the Boxster is that the ride comfort is great and it has an enthusiastic motor. Sure, space is good enough for a few things for traveling, but that would only mean to return to those destinations again in the future.

4 Chevrolet Camaro

The fifth-generation Camaro has been depreciating since the new generation came out. What also makes the Camaro a good specimen car for grand touring is the ride comfort and space that is needed for long journeys. The backseats can be used to hold almost everything needed for the trip while the trunk is for the souvenirs. Sure the V6 pushes out 305 or so horsepower to the rear wheels. It is a Camaro.

3 Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger came back to the world last decade. Sure, the Challenger came with the V8, but the cheaper variants with a measly 250 horsepower V6 are just as good when it comes to space and ride comfort. Journalists and owners have aired their opinions on how great the ride comfort is. Plus, we saw Richard Hammond on The Grand Tour drive a Challenger throughout Italy in one of the episodes. Grand touring in the Challenger is a great specimen of a GT car.

2 Ford Mustang

The fifth-generation Ford Mustang lasted for almost a decade fro 2005-2014. Widely recognized as an American icon like the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro, the Mustang has different variants with a V6 and V8 motor. With that being said, the V6 horsepower ranged from a mere 210 horsepower to 305 in the later stages of the generation. Luckily, ride comfort and space makes it a great candidate for grand touring, even with a V6. Journalists and owners talked about how good the ride comfort is. There's plenty of space too for souvenirs and things to pack for journeys.

1 BMW Z3

The BMW Z3 is seen as one of the best affordable sports cars of today. What some don't know is that it also makes for a good grand touring car as well. With the proper suspension, a decently powered inline 6 motor, the Z3 is a good contender at being a model specimen for long journeys. Sadly, like the Porsche Boxster, there isn't much space to bring home a lot of souvenirs, but that just makes a need to make more trips.

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