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Naomi Osaka catapulted from up-and-coming tennis pro to global phenomenon this past September when she defeated Serena Williams in a dramatic finale at the US Open. Now, Nissan is hoping to capitalize on Osaka's fame, in both her home country and abroad, by releasing a special-edition GT-R commemorating her successful rise in the tennis ranks.

Osaka can now count herself among Nissan's brand ambassadors, and the unique design of the limited-release GT-R includes specific color combinations that she, herself, contributed towards. Only 50 units will ever be made, and the specific interior and exterior combinations are limited to three colors for each: purple, white, and black on the outside, and tan, cream, and red on the inside. Additional goodies on the Osaka GT-R include a new carbon fiber spoiler and a model number plate in gold on the engine. No other significant performance modifications figure into the mix.


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Nissan already unveiled a special-edition GT-R earlier this year to commemorate 50 years of the moniker (much of that time as a package on the stellar Skyline of Fast and Furious lore) in the form of a highly stylized, potent team-up with Italdesign, a firm also celebrating its own 50 year anniversary. The GT-R50 boasts 720 horsepower thanks to beefed-up, GT3 competition-spec turbochargers and intercoolers, high-flow fuel injectors, and stronger engine internals. A reinforced dual-clutch gearbox (a must-have for anyone worried about the GT-R's infamous transmission issues) and more substantial driveline components help route that power to all four wheels.

Likewise, Naomi Osaka isn't Nissan's first brand ambassador from the sports world; Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt also served as the Global Director of Excitement and received an all-gold GT-R himself back in 2016. Osaka's limited run of GT-R supercars, however, signifies a major leap for a Japanese athlete, who is just now reaching superstar status internationally. With a global ranking of fifth at only 21 years of age, Osaka is clearly poised to further improve and Nissan clearly hopes that with increased fame in the sports world will come increased marketability in the automotive industry.

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Pricing for the Osaka GT-R has yet to be announced, but all 50 cars are set to remain in the Japanese domestic market and based largely upon the Premium package. For context, the wild Italdesign edition announced in June cost a whopping $1.12 million.



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