Check Out The Rivian R1T: The Futuristic EV That Will Embarrass Your Gas Guzzler

The Rivian R1T is trying to do to pickups what Tesla did to regular cars.

Check Out The Rivian R1T: The Futuristic EV That Will Embarrass Your Gas Guzzler

Rivian has unveiled the all-new R1T electric pickup ahead of its Los Angeles Auto Show debut.

We’ve been teased by Rivian’s upcoming electric pickup for some time now, first with claims of astounding capabilities, and then by a test mule wearing the hollowed-out shell of a Ford F-150. Last week, we were given a brief teaser video showing a silent truck running along a gravel road, which was entirely anticlimactic but somehow expected at the same time.

And now, we finally get to see the R1T.

We’re not 100% sure if this is going to be the final product or not since it very much looks like a concept vehicle with its crossbar light strips and ovular LED headlights. But at the very least we have some specs to share thanks to Rivian posting some info on their website.

As with any electric vehicle, range is the largest concern. Rivian would like to assuage that fear by saying it will have a 400-mile range on the version with its biggest battery. It will also be able to charge up for a 100-150 mile journey in just 20 minutes with the use of a quickcharge station.

via Rivian

Four electric motors power this beast (probably one at each wheel, but Rivian didn’t say for sure) that offer something called “Quad Drive”, which sounds like a fancy name for torque vectoring. Combined horsepower is 750 ponies and an astounding 10,326 lb-ft of torque.

That is torque enough to move the freakin’ moon.


Max payload is 1763.7 lbs, which isn’t anything special and is likely limited by the overall weight of the vehicle more than any power restrictions. Max towing is 11,023 lbs, which is also nothing special but will certainly get the job done. We might even see that number change as the Rivian gets some real-world driving in.

On the inside, the R1T takes its styling cues from the Tesla Model 3 thanks to a huge infotainment screen in the middle. But it also gets a big instrument cluster so it’s not entirely dependant on that center screen.

via Rivian

At launch (sometime in 2020) the R1T will come with the 185 kWh and 135 kWh battery packs, while the 105 kWh battery arrives in 2021. Starting price is expected to be around $61,500 after the $7,500 EV tax credit, which Tesla Model S territory but nothing too surprising.

We’ll learn more as the R1T makes its world debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this week.


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