Check Out This Insane Modded Mitsubishi Lancer

This tuned Mitsubishi Lancer is quite the item to behold.

Automotive enthusiasts in California have long lamented their struggles to acquire some of the world’s best sports cars. From exotic foreign imports to domestic customs like the 2019 Yenko Corvette, many cars may even be allowed on roads all over the United States except for California.

With tuned and modded cars making a surge throughout the industry, many Californians will recognize their struggle in the extensive efforts made by a passionate Thai driver, Thanakorn Win, who went the long, circuitous route around Thailand’s strict import laws to essentially build himself a fully custom Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X.

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As reported by Fastcar.co.uk, Win’s home nation didn’t allow the full homologation special edition of the legendary Mitsu rally car to come to their shores without up to 300 percent taxes being levied, but he determined to build one from the ground up — around the shell of a lesser Lancer model that was legal to import. The build turned out spectacular, bordering on insanity, and might even perform at a higher level than an Evo X fresh off the factory line.

In partnership with Bangkok tuning team, Liberate, massive changes were in the making for Win’s. Sure, the exterior looks plenty radical, with an extensive body kit including flares, vents, spoilers, and diffusers, but under the hood, the engine and turbo have been extensively worked over to produce around 350 horsepower at the wheels. Just about everything in the engine has reportedly been replaced besides the crankshaft, all necessary to allow a turbocharged four-cylinder engine to put out those kinds of figures.

via fastcar.co.uk

That body kit, meanwhile, is a one-of-a-kind custom build by Garage Unique, featuring “mind your step” side skirts, an enormous rear diffuser, and fender flares painted matte black - in contrast with the rest of the car’s orange wrap job.

Win’s choice to spend this much time and money (the build began years ago) on a car with front-wheel drive and an automatic transmission may seem strange to fans of the iconic Mitsubishi Lancer’s rally-bred history, but keep in mind the terrible condition of Thailand’s infrastructure and the wear and tear that constant commuting through jammed up traffic would bring about on a manual trans and its clutch. Similar considerations went into the Lancer’s choice of wheels, tires, and suspension setup, finding a balance between performance and comfort.

As with many extensive builds, Win thinks his Lancer is far from complete — though whether all-wheel drive may eventually fit into the process has yet to be decided.


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