Chevrolet Camaro Wagon Spotted Looking Like A Dodge Magnum

Chevrolet is making a Camero wagon, and it was spotted on the street looking like a Dodge Magnum.

Chevrolet Camaro Wagon Spotted Looking Like A Dodge Magnum

This Camaro Wagon conversion is so slick that it’s almost a shame GM never made one themselves.

Nobody makes station wagons anymore. SUVs and crossovers have supplanted the formerly perennial car design with something that has even more storage space and a somewhat higher stance. The station wagon was simply no longer needed, and thus went the way of the dodo.

But there are a few station wagon faithful that still remembers when a wagon was the best way to move your friends’ stuff into their new apartment. One of them got their hands on an older 5th-gen Camaro and decided to bring back those heady days by converting their car into a bygone design: the noble station wagon.

By way of Jalopnik, whose eagle-eyed reporters spotted the design at Woodward Dream Cruise, we get to view the glory that is a Camaro station wagon.

There are a few customizations that are obvious: the chrome grille is certainly aftermarket, and of course, there’s the long and boxy roof, but everything else appears stock. The biggest change is the roof, which now extends all the way to the rear tail lights.


From the back, you can see that much of the Camaro’s look was retained even though it was never designed to have a nearly vertical rear windshield. The boxy quad-pack of tail lights are there, as is the Chevy bowtie right in the middle. The wheel fenders seem to be a little wider than before, but that could just be a trick of the newly expanded roof. Those tinted rear windows seem to get comically thin as a result of those muscular fenders, but the whole effect is still splendid.

Chevrolet Camaro Wagon Spotted Looking Like A Dodge Magnum
via Jalopnik

For the full story, we head on over to CamaroOwners.com for the build origins straight from the original designer. What began life as a 2010 Camaro LS obtained at a junkyard auction soon became a personal project. The rear quarter and roof were damaged and parts were needed for replacement. Not being made of money, a 2005 Dodge Magnum was also supplied by auction purchase and became the donor car for the station wagon conversion.

The project isn’t quite finished: there still needs to be additional sound deadening installed in the back thanks to the new roof, but all in all, this is a very cool looking Camaro. We hope to see it around at even more car shows.


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