Check Out Chevrolet's Special Edition Colorado Trucks

The Chevrolet Colorado is getting a pair of Special Edition trucks, here's what to expect!

It won't matter whether your destination involves driving over dirt or asphalt, Chevrolet's rolling out a couple Colorado special-edition pickup models to accommodate either type of surface.

According to Driving, it's part of the Colorado 2019 rollout to commemorate the fourth year the truck line has been active in the market. And during that time, nearly 430,000 Colorados have left showroom floors across North America, as proof that the Chevy folks were probably onto a good thing. This year, they're banking on diversity by catering to truck owners who either like terrain bumpy or smooth. Whichever pickup they pick, the hopes are they'll select a new Colorado designed to suit their routes.

For more rugged consumers who like to have more of a white-knuckle experience on those off-road ventures, the  Z71 Trail Runner will roll out later this year with a spanking blue finish. While boasting the same type of performance as its ZR2 predecessor, the Z71 offers extra protection from the hazards of dirt trails.



The special-edition model comes with more underbody safeguards complete with augmented rocker protection and stamped-aluminum skid plates that were all the rage on the ZR2. Added durability comes via Rancho off-road shocks, a transfer case body shield underneath, and an automatic rear locker differential to help idle over road obstacles. All Trail Runners will be outfitted with Goodyear DuraTrac tires that promise greater traction on dry and wet surfaces, more vehicle stability and less road noise.

Those preferring smoother asphalt roads to take them to Point B might opt for the new Colorado RST, slated to leave assembly lines shortly with a sparkling white finish. Its upgrades are more cosmetic than its Z71 counterpart, with less visible chrome that made its LT predecessor stand out. Instead of chrome, side moldings, 20-inch rims, and even the Chevrolet bowtie logo on the tailgate are decked out in black.

But the biggest feature is one that's present on both models. The front grilles have been expanded for more air flow to the radiator, with the Chevrolet lettering right on the meshlike front. Regardless of your choice, you'll have to wait a while as availability and pricing hasn't been made public yet.


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