Chevrolet Delays Production Of Mid-Engine Corvette To December [RUMOR]

According to new rumors, production of the new the mid-engine Corvette has been delayed until December.


Chevrolet may have delayed production of the upcoming mid-engine Corvette to December of this year, according to posts on a Corvette forum.

It’s been a long time waiting for the next generation of Corvette to finally emerge, and it looks like we might need to wait just a little bit longer. According to posts on the Mid-Engine Corvette Forum, Chevrolet has delayed production of the C8-gen Corvette until December at the very earliest.

This comes from a recent post on the Mid-Engine Corvette Forum that details GM’s 2020 model year production schedule. As you can see, the 2020 model year Camaro enters production this July, but the Z06/Stingray Corvette still remains To Be Determined.

Various other users have chimed in to call this a red flag for the C8’s production, while another anonymous user who claims to be a parts suppliers posted that they’d been informed the mid-engine Corvette won’t start production until December.

This is likely due to rumors circulating since last December about the C8 being delayed due to an issue with its electrical harness. Apparently, the C8’s wiring couldn’t handle the power load under heavy duty conditions and needed to have the whole system redesigned. This pushed the mid-engine Corvette’s schedule back by a reported 6 months.


via Mid-Engine Corvette Forum

Chevrolet is remaining as tight-lipped as ever on the subject, but if true it means we probably won’t see much of the C8 outside random spy photos until the Summer at the earliest. We might even witness the C8’s debut sometime this fall, perhaps even at the Los Angeles Auto Show or even this year’s SEMA show.

From previous leaks, we’re told that the C8 Corvette will start with the Manta Ray moniker and come with a modified version of the current ‘Vette’s LT1 V8 engine with 520 hp. Next will come the Grand Tour designed by Cadillac and uses their 4.2-L twin-turbo V8. Finally, we’ll get a Grand Sport design with a 5.5-L twin-turbo V8 and power enough to hang with the best of Europe’s mid-engined supercars.

Provided the rumors are true, of course.

(Source: Carscoops)


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