Chevrolet Reveals Silverado HD High Country Unveiled With New Grille

Chevrolet has revealed their Silverado HD High Country, and it rocks an all-new grille — here's what we know.

Chevrolet Reveals Silverado HD High Country Unveiled With New Grille

Chevrolet has unveiled another big Silverado truck ahead of its official debut next February.

Earlier this week, Chevrolet took the cover off the 2020 Silverado HD, starting with the truck that has the Z71 badge on it. That likely makes it the LTZ trim, although Chevy could be switching things up for 2020 and put that badge on anything. Who can say this early in the game?

Now Chevy has unveiled the 2500HD High Country, which is the chrome-covered top-end of the 2500HD spectrum.

As with earlier this week, Chevy is a little light on the details. All we know is that the High Country will still come with the most luxury features as befits their highest trim pickup and that it gets the same makeover that the earlier 2500HD got as well. That being a new front bumper, new rear bumper, new side mirrors, new headlights, new tail lights, new tailgate, and a completely new front fascia.

Including the grille. While the earlier LTZ trim’s grille had a strange design with a bunch of little rectangular slots and a large crossbar with “CHEVROLET” printed on it, the High Country gets chrome slats along with another chrome crossbar that simply has the Chevy bowtie on it.


The High Country also gets a new set of blinged out wheels, which is sure to impress the kind of rugged big truck types that go for the 2500HD.

Chevrolet Reveals Silverado HD High Country Unveiled With New Grille
via Chevrolet

From Chevy’s earlier pronouncement, we know that the new 2500HD will come with a brand new gas-powered V8 connected to a 6-speed transmission, or the same 6.6-L Duramax V8 turbodiesel that powers the current generation of Silverado HD. That engine gets 445 hp and 910 lb-ft of torque, in case you’ve forgotten.

Judging by the wildly different looks about the previous generation of Silverado and the current differences between even just the two revealed trims, you can expect the Silverado HD to remain as unique as each individual combination of trim, package, and exterior detailing will allow.

We’ll know more for sure in February when the 2500HD officially debuts, and we’ll probably get more pics from Chevy before then. Stay tuned.


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