This Chevy Tahoe Comes With 62 Speakers, And Probably Angry Neighbours

One Chevrolet Tahoe owner may be taking overabundance too seriously by adding 62 speakers to its trunk.

Here comes one vehicle that may just be your audio system dreams realized, or then again somebody’s nightmare come to fruition. You be the judge, as we take a look at this Chevy Tahoe and its whopping 62 speaker salute to all that is loud and rhythmic.

Every once and a while, there comes a vehicular modification that merits lots and lots of attention (OK, maybe more than every once and a while), and such is the case now, as we’ve recently come across a Chevy Tahoe modification that begs some “high volume” news reports (there we go with yet another pun).

Well, according to motor1.com, Jay Jones, who endearingly goes by the name, “Joka,” has tricked out his vehicle to look like nothing more than a nightclub on wheels. The only thing missing is the waiters passing around drinks. The DJ can be the man you see driving the box of speaker cabinets, Joka, himself.

His vehicle isn’t all that new, it's a 2004 Chevy Tahoe, but it’s been remodeled slightly, featuring a Joker (from Batman comic fame) themes as well as green paint. But the piece de résistance comes in the form of 62 speakers all over the paneling of the car and the rear and the LED lights that blink far into the dark of night as the music thrums on and on.


The result is a lot of happy under the bridge party goers, or a lot of upset citizens whose idea of a good time is a Barry Manilow album played at minimum by the fireplace; maybe while sipping some warm milk.

Needless to say, the car is loud and, in essence, that’s just what Joka had in mind when he conceptualized his designs for the ultimate in music “on the go.” And it isn’t only “loud” when it comes to sound, as the aforementioned designs on the car get a lot of attention too at car shows.

At the end of the day, car mods, such as this one, only take the industry further and inspire others to best what they’ve seen at car shows or even on the very roads they themselves drive on every day. And despite the disruption of a few quiet neighborhoods and the slumber of its inhabitants, we’ve all gotta admit that the car does represent some pretty ingenious designs and we applaud Joka and all his hard work.

So Joka, crank it up, pass the cooler and let’s get this party started!


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