Check Out Chevy's New Electric eCOPO Camaro In Drag Race Action

Check Out Chevy's New Electric eCOPO Camaro In Drag Race Action

Watch the new Chevy eCOPO Camaro electric drag racer in its first ever drag race.

We have Cody Lane (via Jalopnik) to thank for giving us our first ever look at Chevy’s eCOPO racer in action. The modified Camaro has an all-electric powertrain that can easily slot into any GM vehicle that accepts the LS-family of crate engines and may very well represent the future of drag racing.

But don’t be fooled by the video: all that rumbling is made by the drag-spec pickup truck in the other lane.

Under the eCOPO Camaro’s hood is a pair of BorgWarner HVH 250-150 motor assemblies that combine to produce over 700 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque. Cody says that the eCOPO can get 780 hp and 780 lb-ft, although this video only shows the Camaro running at 80% power.

An 800-volt battery pack is actually comprised of four 200-volt packs located in the rear seats, over rear axle, and replacing the spare tire. Throwing the batteries in the back gives the eCOPO a 56% rear weight bias according to Jalopnik, which might contribute to the rather impressive wheelie performed during the eCOPO’s launch.


Power goes through a “Turbo 400” automatic transmission, which we’re still not too sure about because the Turbo Hydra-Matics were a set of 3-speed automatic transmissions from the ‘60s and it seems utterly bonkers to mate a 50-year-old transmission to a brand new electric powertrain. Unless it’s just to prove that it can be done, which still seems odd.

Chevy says that the eCOPO is capable of 9-second quarter-mile times, but the guy at the end of the video yells out a time of 10.14 seconds at 130 mph. If the eCOPO was at its full 100% power, maybe we would’ve seen a 9-second quarter-mile time, but not today.

We hope to see more of the eCOPO in the future, and we hope that GM will start selling its electric powertrain. It's unlikely to change the drag race scene overnight, but instant torque from electric motors are certainly something to look for in a drag racer.


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