Chevrolet Sends Out Survey Asking Camaro Owners About Hybrid Options

Chevrolet is asking Camaro owners just how much they'd like to see a hybrid version of the Chevy muscle car.

Chevrolet Sends Out Survey Asking Camaro Owners About Hybrid Options

Chevrolet surveyed a bunch of Camaro owners on what they think about a hybrid Camaro.

And the results were mixed.

According to Autoblog, last August Chevrolet did an impromptu survey on the Camaro6 forums to see what real Camaro owners thought about a hybrid pony car. The available options were listed with a few familiar faces but the word “hybrid” added and some interesting new performance figures.

First, the options listed were for a 2.7-L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with 310 hp, 25 mpg (combined), and a zero to sixty of 5.2 seconds at zero cost. This engine is coincidentally the same size as the new turbo four-banger that’s put on the 2019 Silverado pickup. It looks like this would serve as the new base-level engine for the Camaro in this hypothetical hybrid future.

Next, we have a 2.0-L hybrid turbocharged 4-cylinder engine which puts down 365 hp, gets a combined 30 mpg, and completes a zero to sixty run in 4.4 seconds. All this for the low cost of just $4,000.


We know that the 2.0-L turbo is the current baseline engine on the Camaro, which normally gets 275 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. It looks like the hybrid version would produce an extra 90 horses and get a head start on reaching sixty all while getting a massive fuel economy boost.

Chevrolet Sends Out Survey Asking Camaro Owners About Hybrid Options
via Chevrolet

Next up we have the 6.2-L V8 that currently sits on the SS and above trims. Those numbers are all the same as before, but the new hybrid V8 option adds another 90 horses and presumably many more torques to get it’s acceleration time to 3.7 seconds. Again, fuel economy sees a huge boost along with it, albeit at the cost of another $8,000.

Conspicuously absent is the 3.6-L V6 which is evidently being retired.

We don’t know the results of this survey, but Autoblog says the comments section was all over the place, with some being all for a hybrid Camaro with others being adamantly against.

The naysayers might not have much of a choice in the matter. A hybrid mustang is on the way, and with global warming getting worse, we gotta do something to keep the planet from melting. A hybrid Camaro is at least a baby step.


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