Chevy SUV Guide: Models By Size

If you are looking for a Chevy SUV then check out this guide, where we list all the available models by size.

Chevrolet has produced some of the most iconic cars and trucks in automotive history. From the Impala to the Silverado, and of course the Suburban, Chevy’s presence on the US’ roads isn’t about to go away anytime soon.

Lately, the company has started to focus more on sport utility vehicles, while simultaneously moving away from sedans and hatchbacks. While this move did result in the death of some of the company’s most iconic cars, it did open the floodgates to a whole slew of new crossovers and SUVs for drivers to enjoy.

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As of this writing, Chevy produces six SUVs, ranging in size from compact crossovers to giant family haulers. With their customer base diversifying and the needs of consumers constantly changing, Chevy has made it a priority to produce an SUV to fit every lifestyle and environment.

In this list, we’ll examine every SUV Chevy makes, arranged by size, along with some of their features and what type of person each model will benefit the most.

6 Trax

Chevy’s smallest SUV, the Trax shares similarities with other compact models in the company’s lineup. It’s sold under the Buick badge as the Encore, and in parts of Europe as the Opel Mokka. Chevy markets the Trax as an urban crossover, aimed at young people and couples, who want the space and versatility of a crossover but with the agility of a sedan.

Starting at $21k, the Trax is also the least expensive SUV in the company’s lineup. A sporty little crossover with an eye for technology, the Trax has available smartphone integration and a 4G LTE hotspot. The later is becoming more common in most of Chevy’s models. Apple Carplay and Android Auto are standard, and the infotainment system can allow for two Bluetooth devices to stream simultaneously.

5 Equinox

Bigger than the Trax, but below Chevy’s other SUVs, the Equinox offers a little more in terms of storage capabilities. Aimed at small or growing families, the Equinox is one of Chevy’s most popular models, due to its low starting price and generous features. At $23k, it is only a few thousand more than the Trax, making it an obvious choice for budget-conscious consumers.

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The Equinox puts more of an emphasis on storage and safety than its predecessor. Features include a hidden storage compartment in the trunk area, big enough to fit small items like laptops and coolers.

Safety is also a big priority for the Equinox, and Chevy is quick to tout its automatic collision avoidance system and its five-star safety rating. One interesting feature is an optional extra that allows the driver seat to vibrate in the place of a beeping noise for the lane departure warning.

4 Blazer

The Blazer is the newest addition to Chevy’s SUV lineup. While the Blazer badge has been used by GM in the past, this new Blazer has nothing on its ancestor. The new Blazer boasts a fresh design that is beyond anything Chevy has produced before. It’s so radical that you’d be easily tricked into thinking that it wasn’t a Chevy. Style is all part of the Blazer’s appeal, both on the outside and the interior.

While the Blazer is $5,000 more expensive than the Equinox, it actually has slightly less cargo space. Still, this probably won’t matter much to the Blazer’s potential customers. Chevy is marketing the Blazer to a more upscale crowd, who want something a bit sportier than the average mid-size model. The Blazer even has an optional 308 hp V6 engine, which should make it more fun to drive.

3 Traverse

Chevy’s midsize SUV, the Traverse mainly competes with rivals like the Toyota Highlander and the Kia Telluride. The Traverse shares a body with the GMC Acadia and the Buick Enclave but at a much lower starting price. Big enough to hold eight passengers, the Traverse is marketed towards medium-sized families, who need something big enough to haul their kids around, but with better MPG and agility than its larger brethren.

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The Traverse gets really good mileage for its size, with 18 city and 27 highway. It has a nice, refined body, along with ample storage space and convenience features one would expect from an SUV of its type. The second-row seats come with a smart folding system that allows third-row occupants to move them out of the way with the touch of a button.

An HD bird’s eye system is available, allowing drivers to see where they are so they can park in tight corners. The Traverse also has a rear-seat reminder to make sure drivers don’t leave anything, or anyone, in the back seat. All for a starting price that’s just a thousand dollars more than the Blazer.

2 Tahoe

Chevy’s full-size model, the Tahoe, is placed just below the Suburban in terms of size and capability. With 94 cubic feet of storage space, it’s a truck made for people who need to haul a lot, whether they be kids, luggage, or other equipment. For the most part, the Tahoe should satisfy the demands of most large families, providing they have the funds needed to spend $48k on an SUV.

What do you get for that much? How about a refined, leather-clad interior, a customizable infotainment system, a 4G hotspot, and seven USB ports. Plus, the Tahoe offers decent off-road capability, with a 355 hp V8 with available 4WD, along with a towing capacity of up to 8,600 lbs. While the average family probably won’t need that much from their primary ride, the Tahoe does fulfill the needs of those whose lives require an extra muscle throughout the year.

1 Suburban

Chevy’s largest SUV, the Suburban has everything the Tahoe has, only bigger. It features over 121 cubic feet of cargo space, 383 lb.-feet of torque, and seating for up to nine people. Even with all three rows folded up, there’s still plenty of cargo space to haul everything a family could need, and when the seats go down, the truck practically becomes a pack mule. Big families would appreciate the generous offerings the Suburban features. Oh, and it has 14 USB ports, double that of the Tahoe.

While the Suburban offers more of everything, we think the Tahoe would satisfy the needs of most families. While the Tahoe is smaller, it still has more than most customers could ever need. Plus, the Suburban starts at $50k, which is pricy for a non-luxury SUV.

Still, there will always be customers whose needs exceed even the biggest SUVs on the market. It’s also worth noting that the Suburban itself has become something of an American icon. Its nameplate has been used for decades, alongside Silverado and the Impala, and is one of the first trucks that comes to mind when people hear the term ‘sport utility vehicle.’

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