Chevy Vs Ford: 10 Defunct Car Models From Each Manufacturer That Need To Come Back

There will forever be an ongoing debate on which one of these two legendary car manufacturers are better; Ford or Chevy. However, at the end of the day, it is quite apparent that they both have released some of the best cars to have entered the automobile world. Yet, even with this, many of their car series have come to a close because they saw a somewhat decrease in their overall sales. When these moments would occur, a lot of the time we as car drivers would be very disappointed because we would want them back. Today, there are dozens of vehicles from each manufacturer that we wish were not discontinued.

With all that has been stated thus far, in this article we will be looking at ten Chevy and Ford cars that were discontinued, but we wish would be released yet again. A lot of the cars on this list left a very positive impact on the automobile world, but were given up on too soon by them. However, in some cases, these manufacturers gave up on series that simply did not have enough time to redeem themselves. At the end of the day, there is no question that both Chevy and Ford are spectacular car manufacturers who will continue to release new and exciting models. However, that does not mean that we do not miss some of their old ones.

Nonetheless, let’s look ten defunct car series from each manufacturer that need to come back!

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20 Chevy Avalanche

via cargurus.com

The Chevy Avalanche pickup series was one that had some great models, but also some bad ones. However, even with this being the case, many individuals became a big fans of the Avalanche pickups and they did do a great job in terms of sales for a number of years.

However, Chevy has decided to discontinue the series and the last few years have been tough for them in terms of their pickups.

Perhaps they could bring back this model in the near future because they really were strong and reliable trucks with a lot of durability with their good ones.

19 Ford Capri

via themotorhood.com

The Ford Capri was a classic series of cars from the car manufacturer and it is quite apparent that they are still love amongst the automobile world. It is a bit shocking that the manufacturer cut ties suddenly with the beloved series after 20 years of making them. Perhaps it is now time for the car manufacturer to release an anniversary model of this series because it did a lot for them. It is arguably one of their best older car models and many individuals are still collecting them today. Making a modern one could really help them immensely.

18 Chevy SS

via carbuzz.com

The Chevy SS series was a short lived sports car one and a big reason behind this was the fact that it simply would never grow to be as popular as the other series. However, that does not mean that these cars were not well built.

In fact, these were incredibly fast vehicles.

These vehicles could very well make a comeback in the near future, especially when seeing that they were only recently discontinued. Chevy just needs to spend some time determining how they can help this series get far more recognition if they are considering bring it back.

17 Ford Falcon

via hemmings.com

The Ford Falcon is a series of cars that we definitely would love to see come back to the automobile world. Although these vehicles would only last a decade in this continent, they were beloved immensely and are currently vehicles that all collectors would love to possess. This vehicle is one that would seriously be nice to see come back because they had a great design and left a huge impact on the automobile world. Ford could very well consider to make a run of these in 2020 as the first line of these vehicles came out 60 years before it.

16 Chevy Cavalier

via youtube.com

The Chevy Cavalier is a series of vehicles that definitely received mixed opinions in the automobile world, but it would be cool to see them come back at this time. In terms of its overall style, this vehicle was definitely a nice one that certainly would look good in a collection. Chevy definitely should look toward bringing this one back because at the end of the day, their best ones from this series were always extremely reliable. It would be a smaller family car to consider making again and could very well do a good job sales yet again if brought back.

15 Ford Thunderbird

via wikiwand.com

The Ford Thunderbird is an iconic series of vehicles by the car manufacturer and it is shocking that we have yet to see these come back. There is no question that a plethora of individuals of the automobile world would love to have these back in the near future because of how well they worked.

The Thunderbird is truly a run of vehicles that changed the entire automobile world during its time on the primary market, so this is one to assume could very well be brought back.

Ford is always looking to find ways to improve sales, so bringing back this classic would be wise.

14 Chevy Chevelle

via motor1.com

The Chevy Chevelle series is another example of cars that definitely got mixed reviews during their times on the primary market. There were an abundance of issues with these cars when they were first released and it ultimately led to it having a pretty bad reputation. However, even with this being the case, it would be pretty cool to see these car have the opportunity to redeem themselves. In terms of style, this car is definitely a very cool looking one, so it would attract buyers. Although a long shot, it would be nice to see these made again.

13 Ford Cortina

via wikipedia.org

The Ford Cortina is a series of cars that have not been in production since 1982 and that is a little shocking to some. Considering the fact that the Cordina was a very solid series from the car manufacturer, one may assume that they could have brought it back again. The Cortina could end up seeing a return later on down the road, but it definitely is not certain. However, many older drivers would love to see these models come back because at the time when they were on the primary market, they clearly were very reliable and durable.

12 Chevy Corvair

via automobilemag.com

The Chevy Corvair is a very beautiful looking car and one that definitely did well in sales because of this apparent fact. This compact car is the type of vehicle that many members of the automobile world would love to see come back, especially when seeing how strong it was.

There is no question that it is definitely a long shot that Chevy would even consider bringing this series of cars back, but we can dream.

Nonetheless, even with this being the case, these vehicles were definitely smash hits during their time on the primary market and ones we want back.

11 Ford Cougar

via wikipedia.org

Ford gave up on the Cougar series of vehicles very quickly because they simply did not do well in terms of sales. However, that is not because these cars were badly built at all, but rather that the competition around it with other vehicles simply were far greater at the time. Ford should consider giving the Cougar series another try because they stopped it far too soon. Many individuals would probably end up looking toward buying it at this time because of the clear fact that Ford is growing immensely in popularity again. Overall, this is one to consider.

10 Chevy TrailBlazer

via autoevolution.com

The Chevy TrailBlazer definitely received mixed reviews when it was on the primary market, but when the manufacturer decided to discontinue the series, it was actually very shocking. Many drivers, especially who had families, were drawn to this vehicles immense amount of space. This vehicle will officially come back as the "Blazer", probably because it ended up doing well in sales before they stopped its run. Although there are some negatives about it from the past, at the end of the day, Chevy could very well change its overall reputation and make it a smash success on the open market.

9 Ford Crown Victoria

via drivearabia.com

The Ford Crown Victoria was a blistering fast car that cops even used for a very long time. It was quite a shock to the automobile world when the car manufacturer decided to move on from the project. Since then, people definitely are wishing we could have them once again.

This is a wildcard to potentially be released again because sales did drop near the final years of its production.

However, there are definitely individuals who would love to see this series be released once again. If it does not, expect these cars to be collectibles in the near future.

8 Chevy Cobalt

via youtube.com

The Chevy Cobalt was the prime definition of a vehicle that was reliable and not too flashy. This, in a sense, made it quite the hit when it came to drivers who had families. However, due to a pretty significant decrease in sales, these vehicles were discontinued in 2010. There is a good chance that we could very well end up seeing the Cobalt back in production if Chevy can find a way to make them fit in. However, even if this does not occur, these are vehicles that are still worth investing in for their older ones, especially if you want durability.

7 Ford Bronco

via velocityrestorations.com

The Ford Bronco was an extremely powerful full-size SUV and that is what truly made it a smash hit during its time on the primary market. It definitely was disappointing when the car manufacturer decided to discontinue it, but this was due to a steady decrease in sales. The Ford Bronco has been out of production since 1996, but there are some pretty big news that could potentially happen. Due to an increase of demand by the automobile world, the Bronco is going to come back in 2020. However, we still are wishing it to come back now.

6 Chevy El Camino

via silodrome.com

The Chevy El Camino series is one of the most popular ones to have ever been released by the car manufacturer and we all would love to see it come back. Of course, this is a really unlikely move because of the fact that these vehicles are known solely for being vintage.

Although it would be awesome to have these vehicles come back in theory, at the same time, it would truly be a risky move.

If a modern day El Camino was released and it ended up being an absolute lemon, it could end up tarnishing the amazing legacy it has left on us.

5 Ford Fairlane

via fastlaneclassics.com

When the Ford Fairlane was first released, it was truly one of the most popular models out in the primary market and due to this, has left a lasting legacy on the automobile world. They have not been released since 1970, so a potential anniversary model seems to be very unlikely. The Fairlane is one of those models that we would love to have back if the manufacturer is able to make it adapt to today’s modern expectations. Regardless of what ends up occurring with these models in the future, it is clear that they are worth adding to your car collection.

4 Chevy Monte Carlo

via classicladymotors.com

The Chevy Monte Carlo had a lot of ups and downs during its time on the primary market, but at the end of the day, it can be deemed as a spectacular run of cars. The ending years of its production were very bad and that is what essentially made the company stop making them. The SS versions of this car were the stuff that made car enthusiasts around the world cheer, and perhaps reviving this model as a sports offering could be a good idea for Chevrolet.

3 Ford Escort

via wikipedia.org

The Ford Escort was primarily known for being a reliable car that was used by a number of families due to this clear fact. They had a pretty solid run on the primary market and definitely had a pretty significant number of followers when it was still in production.

This is the type of car that realistically could come back in the near future because they were made until 2003 and would fit well into today’s market.

The company would have to fix some of the issues that there later models had with their new ones if they want it to be successful.

2 Chevy C/K

via dancummins.com

The Chevy C/K is one of the most iconic series of trucks to have ever been released, but at the end of their cycle, they just were overshadowed by the other pickups by the company. However, with Chevy ending some truck series recently, the C/K could make a triumphant return. These pickups were beloved for decades by the automobile world and they definitely are missed by many. It would not be farfetched to see these come back in the near future, as the demand for them is clearly still there. Perhaps we could see it in the 2020s if we are lucky.

1 Ford Galaxie

via wikipedia.org

The Ford Galaxie is one of the coolest looking retro cars out there and is one that all individuals would love to add to their car collection. It is a bit shocking that the car manufacturer decided to stop making these in 1974, even though they were still doing fairly well in sales. If the car manufacturer could make this car fit into the modern standards set on all vehicles today, it would be awesome to see this come back. However, at the same time, it would just be cool for the company to release them looking the same exact way as they during their years on the primary market.

Sources: CarAndDriver.com, Motor1.com, Hemmings.com

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