Chiron Slayer: Gembella To Build Hypercar Rivalling Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Ferrari

Gembella, the German tuning company, confirms that they are at work on a Chiron-killing hypercar.

Gembella, the German tuning company in operation since 1981 made famous for modifying Porsches and McLarens into bespoke creations, is at it again. A recent announcement confirms that they are at work on a Chiron-killing hypercar. A concept model is set to be released in 2020, and if everything goes according to plan production will commence in 2022. Pricing has not been announced.

Gembella, in many ways, is something of a RUF doppelganger. Both cut their teeth on taking the venerable 911 and, through various tweaks and modifications, creating something new and better than the sum of its parts. Where RUF had the "Yellow Bird," Gembella had the Avalanche and Cyrrus. RUF and Gembella 911's are quite prized on the used car market not only because of their limited production numbers and concomitant exclusivity of owning one but due to the explosion in the prices of garden-variety Porsches as well.


Back to the Chiron-killer. And come on, Gembella, you couldn't have come up with something ... anything ... to add a little buzz before the unveiling? It didn't even have to be a formal name. It could've been labeled Project X, or some other nonesuch, like Factory Five did with Project Romulan.

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This car will be something of a departure for Gembella as they've relied almost entirely on existing car platforms for their creations. Project X was initially slated to be a mid-engine 800 hp track monster but since the initial sketches were released in June they've upped the hp estimate to 1,000 with a gas-only version and manual transmission. Yay! I give Gembella kudos for the incorporation of a stick-shift alone. Future models may adopt a supplemental hybrid unit. It was not discussed if the concept or production versions of Project X would be driven be two or all-four wheels.


Will Project X best the Bugatti Chiron? I don't know but by the time it finally gets to market it will have to contend with both Chiron Sport and Supersport editions. There might even be a successor car to the Chiron by then and I'm afraid Project X might get left in the dust. It's prettier than the Bugatti, though, which I was never a fan of, isn't it? Buckle up.

(via FormaCar)

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