10 Perfect Christmas Gifts For A Car Guy

Car enthusiasts are not always the easiest to buy for, so here are ten gifts that should hit the spot this Christmas!

The holiday season is drawing closers, and soon, the gift-giving will be in full swing. Auto lovers are a special bunch; they aren’t an easy group to understand, let alone gift, and shopping for them is a little daunting, and it often takes much more than imagination to get them excited.

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Don’t panic yet; loving and caring for vehicles is an utterly foreign concept for most people, but fortunately for you, we are very good when it comes to cars. We’ve put together an awesome list of thoughtful gifts for that special car lover in your life. Here are ten perfect Christmas gifts that will put a smile on any car guy’s face.

10 Leather Driving Gloves

Leather driving gloves make amazing and thoughtful gifts for any car enthusiast. While they look macho and race-ready, they also help keep hands warm from cold steering wheels during fall and winter. In case they have leather steering wheels, driving gloves will prevent oil and dirt buildup caused by driving with bare hands.

Depending on their taste, you could go for stitched, colored, or options that are distinctively automotive. You could also buy model branded gloves for the receiver's current or favorite car. Driving gloves are available in any convenience store, dealership, or car matt.

9 Phone Mount

If you have been driving for a while, you understand how hectic it is to receive a call while driving, especially if it is a manual transmission vehicle. Using your phone while driving is also a traffic violation in many states and could potentially get you a ticket from your local cops.

Getting a phone mount for a car enthusiast is perhaps the best thing you can do for their driving experience. While most current cars have CarPlay or Android Auto integration, not everyone can afford a vehicle with such tech features. Getting them a phone mount will not only help them avoid breaking the law but show you care about their safety.

8 Car Dash Camera

Dashcams are priceless inventions. They were initially popular as recording devices when speed enthusiasts went to the track on the weekend; a recap of sorts on how they took corners and maneuvered while racing.

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Today, Dashcams are much more than recording devices, they are security features on vehicles and can be used to track burglars. Dashcams also come handy during accidents, as capturing events leading to an accident can save time on investigations. Vehicle owners can also use this device during insurance claims.

7 A Jump Starter

If you own a vehicle, chances are you have drained your battery listening to music or unintentionally leaving your lights on for a long time. If this happens in the middle of nowhere or at the side of the freeway, you may be forced to call a car rescue service or wait for a good Samaritan to help you jump start your vehicle.

Things could get worse when stuck in a storm or a blizzard. Gifting a portable jump starter for Christmas is a genius idea that should be appreciated by any car owner. They might already own a pair of jumper cables, but without a second car, they are as good as stuck. The convenience of an extra set of batteries is perfect for any car owner.

6 Key Finder

Losing car keys is perhaps the worst nightmare for any car enthusiast. It goes without saying that the best activity for car lovers is going on a spirited drive. Without their car keys, well, their dreams are crushed. While traditional key holders have worked for decades, it's still cumbersome trying to find your car keys lost in a stack of clothes, underneath your couch, or out in your lawn. Technological advancement has made the normal key searching expeditions a much easier task.

Today you can buy a Keyholder or chain with a GPS tracker paired to a smartphone. Using a map and an app on your phone, you can easily locate where you misplaced your keys. Car enthusiasts will love these.

5 Personalized Keychain

Most car enthusiasts love to customize their vehicles, and they will go to great lengths to make their cars look different. Car customization isn’t the cheapest of things, however, a customized keychain could brighten their Christmas, and is one step towards customizing their rides further.

There are several themes and designs available, from getting them engraved with the owner’s name to branding them with their favorite or current model cars. Keychains can also be bought with different materials, including chrome, leather, or even one to match the vehicle's exterior or interior design.

4 Car Detailing Kit

If there’s one thing that car enthusiasts love is detailing their cars. A well-detailed ride means more street cred. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, you’ll spot them cleaning their vehicles for hours trying to get that perfect shine. There are thousands of vehicles detailing products in the market.

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Getting your loved one an assortment of products will make a perfect gift this Christmas. Interior cleaning products, car perfume, rim and tire detail products, waxes, and car bubble baths are all good options. If their vehicle is going to look clean, they are going to be happy.

3 Gear to Match

All car enthusiasts have a wild thing for a specific car model; it could be a supercar they have been dreaming of like a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, or even the new Tesla. Getting gear to match will make a great surprise.

There’s a lot of merchandise to choose from, including branded caps, sneakers, loafers, hoodies, polos, and jackets. If the receiver loves BMW, you could get them the Puma line of merchandise in collaboration with BMW. It might not be their dream car, but it’s a step closer to what they desire.

2 Engine Block Coffee Table

Not too many people will fancy having an engine block with several cylinders as the centerpiece of their home, but a car enthusiast would. While there’s practically not enough space on an engine block to place your coffee cup or glass, there are repurposed engines that have been artistically converted into fancy coffee tables.

Web stores such as Houzz, eBay, or Etsy are worth checking out for this type of thing. From your common four-cylinder blocks to mega V-12 blocks designed into magnificent table pieces, there are various options to pick from.

1 Car Seat Warmer

Not everyone can afford to get a prestige trim vehicle loaded with state-of-the-art luxury features, including that lovely interior, an awesome infotainment console, or leather seats. Well, if your favorite car enthusiast’s car lacks a factory seat warmer; getting them a 12-volt plug-in seat-warmer tethered will make a lot of difference in their drive life.

It might be an unaesthetic addition, but it will help beat all that winter freeze. Depending on the one you get, they will come with a tethered remote, soft padded cushioning, and backrest. After all, elegance doesn’t count much when you are freezing through your teeth.

There are several options to choose from, from seat cooling to vibrating massage models. However, make sure to check out the reviews before you settle on a product.

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