Classic Recreations Brings Mustang Boss 429 Back To Production With Serious Horsepower

Classic Restorations is bringing their "new" Mustang Boss 429 to the SEMA show with over 800 hp.

Classic Recreations Brings Mustang Boss 429 Back To Production With Serious Horsepower

Boutique car rebuilder Classic Restorations is gearing up to unveil their “new” Mustang Boss 429 at this year’s SEMA show in Vegas.

Last April, Classic Restorations announced that they had acquired the license to build new versions of classic Mustangs. Specifically, the 1969-1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302, the 1969-1970 Mustang Mach 1, and the 1969-1970 Mustang Boss 429.

At the time, we didn’t have a lot of information on the Boss 429 other than the general stuff on how Classic Restorations works--that being, they take the body from the classic car and fit it over a brand new chassis with an all-new drivetrain.

Now we know just what the Boss 429 Mustang will sport under the hood, and it’s a monster: a massive 8.4-L naturally aspirated V8 engine producing 815 hp.

The original Boss 429 came with a 7.0-L V8 (or 429 cubic inches, hence the name) and made an advertised 375 hp, although actual power output was closer to 500 stampeding horses. It was made for NASCAR back when the sport didn’t have such specific requirements, and only 1,358 were ever made. As such, the Boss 429 is considered to be one of the rarest and most prized Mustangs in the world.


Chopping up a classic car to put over top a new drivetrain is sacrilege, so Classic Restorations also offers to build a brand new body that looks just like the original.

Classic Recreations Brings Mustang Boss 429 Back To Production With Serious Horsepower
via Classic Restorations

There’s no word on availability of the other Mustangs that Classic Restorations wants to make, which is a shame since there are some very interesting toys to be had here. The Boss 302 was said to come with Ford’s 5.0-L Coyote V8 engine (same as on the current Mustang), and even has an optional 383 Stroker engine (which is a Chrysler engine, of all things).

The Mach 1 can have any engine that Classic Recreations can source from Ford, which includes the new 2.3-L EcoBoost turbo 4-cylinder on the base model Mustang. Just in case you want a fuel-efficient classic car for when the global oil apocalypse finally arrives.

You’ll be able to spot the Mustang Boss 429 at the Classic Restorations booth at the SEMA show starting October 30th. Pricing starts at $209,000, so better start saving those pennies.


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