10 Classiest Cars Of All Time, Ranked

Some cars just ooze sophistication and style. These are the ten classiest cars of all time, ranked!

Everybody loves to ride around in style, with top of the range vehicles that are jam-packed with amazing features to provide the ultimate drive not just in terms of performance, but also in comfort and space.

Throughout history there have been some incredible cars that have been created with nothing but class in mind, hoping to provide the most luxurious ride possible for the owners, no matter the cost.

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Within this article we shall take a look back in history and rank the 10 classiest cars of all time, looking at the finer details involved and the incredible features that they have boasted.

10 Audi A7

Audi hasn't always been known for creating classy cars, often dipping into different areas of the motoring world, but the Audi A7 was certainly the classiest car that the company ever created and it was a major hit.

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The A7 combines all the best features of the Audi A6 and A8 together, making it a real dream to drive, which is why the vehicle picked up various awards, winning car of the year in 2011 and 2012 in the Automobile Magazine.

Whilst the car is incredibly classy, looking brilliant and being spacious inside, it also packs a horsepower of 340 and has plenty of power in order to make it an incredible drive.

9 Jaguar XJ

Jaguar has always been known for creating incredible, powerful, and stylish cars with class always being at the top of the company's list, with cars looking fantastic both on the inside and outside.

Whilst the Jaguar XJ might not have been as popular as others on this list, that doesn't make it any less of a brilliant car with Jaguar not holding back any details on this one, especially with the lower dashboard offering a very different design to others.

Jaguar added plenty of extra details onto the car in order to make it as luxurious as possible inside the vehicle, whilst still remaining a majorly powerful drive.

8 Bentley Continental GT

Bentley has always been known for producing some of the classiest cars available and the Continental GT took things to a brand new level, creating a vehicle that was now only powerful but looked incredible on the road.

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The car just oozes class from the outside with its sleek design and stylish look, whilst on the inside, the interior matches the exterior in terms of being luxurious and classy, providing plenty of space with all of the finer finishes that people hope for with a Bentley.

Whilst the car is classy and looks great, it is equally as powerful, providing a great drive for those who want a little thrill with their car alongside the luxury.

7 Buick Regal GS

This is one classy car that is not only a great drive and is packed with top quality features, but it is actually an affordable option, making this a great car for people who might want to try out a luxury drive without paying a huge price.

The car is incredibly spacious and upscale, with plenty of room for people inside with top features such as a 7-inch display, Wi-Fi, USB ports and Apple CarPlay along with built-in navigation.

Whilst it might not be able to reach a top-level such as a Mercedes-Benz, it is a very realistic option for people which has helped make it very popular.

6 Alfa Romeo Giulia

This might not be one of the fanciest classy cars on the list, but it is an excellent option, especially as an entry-level car with this having all of the features and technology that would be expected from a top-level car.

The vehicle comfortably fits five people, offering plenty of space inside whilst also providing 280 horsepower, which means that the car can still shift at a good pace whilst also offering lots of quality on the inside.

Using high-quality materials, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is an incredibly reliable vehicle and with various bits of technology available for upgrades, this car can be made even more classy if needed.

5 Porsche Panamera

You might be thinking that Porsche normally focuses on sports models and high speeds rather than classy, luxury vehicles, but the Porsche Panamera really does blend the best of both worlds together into one car.

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Based on the classic Porsche 911, the car is built with speed in mind, especially with its 3.6 litre VG engine with 310 horsepower, the vehicle can really pick up speed as you would expect with a Porsche.

However, with the Panamera, Porsche looked to focus on making this more of a luxury vehicle than anything else, with the extra room in the backseat allowing for more space than other Porsche models.

4 BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series was the successor to the BMW E3 and is another example of a brilliant luxury car that is certainly one of the classiest cars available on the market, even though it did receive some flack from loyal BMW supporters.

The car is a hybrid of different BMW's that have been created previously, meaning it had elements of other cars that were popular put into it, making it have some fantastic features inside.

It might not be the best performing vehicle in BMW history, but if class and luxury is an important factor then this is certainly an option that is worth checking.

3 Aston Martin Rapide S

There is a reason why James Bond is often seen driving around in Aston Martin's because the cars are top of the range when it comes to style and class, which always goes along perfectly with the spy character.

The Rapide S is an incredible car that manages to hit a top speed of 303 kmph, being powered by the V12 engine, making it one of the fastest sedans available on the market, making it not only a stylish car but a fast, and powerful one to boot.

This was also the first car to use hydrogen fuel with petrol separately, or at the same time, with other features such as built- cooling and heating adding real elements of class to the vehicle for people.

2 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet

Mercedes-Benz is yet another car company that puts class and luxury at the top of its priority lists, ensuring that all of its cars emphasize that, with the E-Class Cabriolet being a perfect example.

Arguably the very best luxury convertible available on the market, the Cabriolet blends its sleek design with a car that has plenty of power with a V6 engine that is able to produce 329 horsepower.

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Of course, for a classy car, there is plenty of features inside the vehicle that take the car to another level, from a neck-warming heater to having a perfect leather interior that is customisable, Mercedes didn't miss a single thing on this one.

1 Rolls-Royce Phantom

For years Rolls-Royce has been the elite when it comes to luxury and class, creating the perfect cars for those who are looking to drive an elite vehicle with tons of space and high-quality interior finishes.

From the leather finish to the incredible dashboards, these really are the top-level when it comes to high-class cars, which is why they are often driven by celebrities, rolling around with a Phantom that has normally been upgraded even further.

Costing over $300, you would expect nothing but the best, and the Rolls-Royce Phantom does not disappoint. Packed with the very best technology to make driving as easy and relaxing as possible, this car is a dream for most.

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