20 Clever Easter Eggs In Dodge Cars We Didn’t Even Notice

It might seem pointless on the surface for a major automaker like Dodge to spend time putting Easter eggs in their cars. Most of the time, these hidden details don’t even change the performance of the vehicle or how it drives. They can, however, reveal something about the brand’s history and its personality.

Before they started the Dodge Brothers Company, John and Horace Dodge made parts for Ford according to the site History. The same source notes that when Walter Chrysler purchased Dodge in 1928, Chrysler suddenly became the third-largest automaker in the world. Some of the brand's most well-known products include the Power Wagon and Warlock pickup. Today they’re known for their performance muscle cars like the Challenger and Charger models.

With a rich and enduring legacy, it’s only natural Dodge would insert Easter eggs into their vehicles. From small hidden images and logos to inventive design choices, Dodge cars (and trucks) are full of smart bonus features. We included a few Rams and Chryslers in the mix too since they’re all under the same family.

These Easter eggs serve to put a smile on the faces of Dodge owners, who as soon as they uncover them, will want to post a photo of it online just to share it with others. Interestingly enough, Road and Track even reports that many Easter eggs are trademarks, meaning that owners will have to buy replacement parts from the factory if they want their vehicle to bear the same Easter eggs.

Owners will care less about paying extra for the parts though once they see how inventive Dodge’s Easter eggs are, which we cover below.

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20 Dodge Viper: Stryker logo Turns Red When Drivers Reach The Rev Limiter

via Dodge Garage

No one likes rules or limits placed on them. While the Dodge Viper has a rev limiter that prevents drivers from harming their engines, they might not be so disappointed when they reach it. There’s a little surprise on the dashboard when it happens.

According to Dodge Garage, once drivers hit the rev limiter, the Stryker symbol lights up red. It’s a really cool feature that turns something negative into a positive. Then again, we don’t encourage anyone to try it out unless they’re on a race track or somewhere safe. The same source notes that it’s only on the Gen 5 models.

19 Dodge Challenger: Car Silhouette On Windshield

via Dodge Garage

It may not improve a feature or the performance of the car, but it looks really cool. If one looks carefully at the window, they just might spot a cool artistic picture. Dodge Garage reports that on the 2015 Challenger, there’s the silhouette of a Dodge Challenger on the edge of the windshield.

It’s located on a corner on the driver’s side. The same source notes that the SRT Demon even has a special version with smoke pluming out the back of the car. It’s a fun addition that will be hard for drivers to ignore each time they get in the car.

18 Challenger SRT Demon: Graphic Pays Homage To Wheelie Guinness Book World Record

via Road and Track

Dodge is good at inserting Easter eggs into their promo images of upcoming cars. They did this with the Challenger SRT Demon, throwing in a ton of sly nods and winks. One of them lies in what Road and Track confirm is the block off plate where a rear seat normally is. A small graphic showing a Demon doing a wheelie is not only a cool find, but a reference to its Guinness Book world record.

The same source notes that the Demon is a special production car that’s able to lift a record 35 inches off the ground at launch. That’s a special feature that deserves a commemorative panel like this.

17 Challenger: Eye-Catching Logo In The Air Catcher

via Dodge Garage

The Challenger air catcher is anything but normal and that’s a good thing. It surprises in several ways, including a secret Easter egg inside for those who catch it at the right angle. Depending on what model Challenger one has—whether it’s an SRT Hellcat, SRT Demon or T/A—determines what the inside looks like. Getting a peek inside reveals the logo for car plastered on the inside, which coordinates with each model, according to Dodge Garage.

It may be small, hidden and has no difference on the car’s performance, but it shows that Dodge has put not only care but clever accents throughout their ride.

16 Challenger SRT Hellcat: Hidden SRT logo In Hood Vents

via Cars.com

Sometimes it’s the small details that matter most. Something as simple as a well-placed SRT logo, when discovered, can even enhance one’s appreciation for their ride and the brand behind it. As YouTube user Victoria shows in her rundown of Easter eggs on the 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, there's a little surprise waiting for those who peer over the hood into the vents.

Between the grating, one can see the SRT logo peeking through. This stamp is really on top of what appears to be the air cleaner box. A clever design choice on Dodge’s part that when everything lines up, presents a satisfying Easter egg.

15 Challenger Redeye: SRT Hellcat Logo Actually Has A Red Eye

via Hennessey Performance

This is one of those small details that enthusiasts and collectors get the most appreciation out of. It’s also satisfying for those who find it on their own, considering it’s such a small Easter egg. According to Dodge Garage, the Challenger Redeye model bears not just the standard Hellcat logo, but one sporting a red eye. It’s a nice touch that compliments the model’s name.

The same source notes that this Easter egg is brand spanking new and just arrived with the 2019 models. The more unique and exclusive attributes automakers put on their cars, the more appealing they make them.

14 Dodge Viper: Race Track Outlines In Passenger Door Handles

via Dodge Garage

The Dodge Viper comes loaded with a few Easter eggs. This one requires a keener eye to spot though. Located on the passenger door handle from the inside is a little scoop near the power window switch. Inside that space is a textured lining and slapped in the middle is the outline of an odd shape.

According to Dodge Garage, this is an outline of one of the world’s most legendary race tracks, the Nürburgring in Germany. Similarly, the GEN 5 Viper has a one of Laguna Seca, only that one is underneath the center cupholder. There’s no better way to celebrate the automaker’s muscle cars than with these iconic race tracks.

13 Challenger SRT Hellcat: Secret Trunk Speaker System

via blogcdn.com

Whether it’s a rear Viper logo that lights up, or something as simple as hidden luggage straps, the trunk is a popular spot to place Easter eggs. Dodge recognizes this and used it as an opportunity to give owners a surprise in their Challenger Hellcats. In a clip uploaded to YouTube by the user Victoria, there’s a hidden audio system in the trunk.

All it takes is lifting the flap to reveal the Harman Kardon speakers in all their glory. It’s a nice system one wouldn’t expect to find by accident while fishing around in their trunk or when loading up groceries—you know, for those who take their Hellcat shopping.

12 Challenger Air Intake Poses As Headlight

via Hot Rod Network

There’s a lot to like about the Challenger’s eye-catching design. One of the details that might get overlooked though is its headlights. While at first glance it looks like the two pairs of eyes on each side merely serve as headlights, the inner ones are actually air intake valves.

This, according to Jalopnik, is necessary for all the air the Challenger needs in order to perform. A look up close makes it all the clearer, serving as something of an Easter egg tricking the masses into thinking it's just another headlight. With a dual purpose, the part is even cooler now.

11 Challenger SRT Hellcat: Radio Station Graphic References Car’s Raw Horsepower

via AutoEvolution

This next one isn't exactly an Easter egg in the cars, but rather a clever promo for the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. It was so good, we had to include it on the list. During the lead up to the car’s release, Dodge had revealed its horsepower through an image without people even realizing it.

AutoEvolution realized it once Dodge came out with the news that it would have 707 hp; when they revisited one of the promo photos, they noticed something curious about the radio station on display. In an allusion to its 707 hp, the station on the screen is “‘70s on 7.”

10 Challenger SRT Hellcat: Orange Engine Block

via miamilakesautomall.com

A minor Easter egg, but one Challenger Hellcat owners will enjoy. That is if they ever get the chance to pop the hood open. Otherwise, they’ll miss it entirely. The engine block on the 2016 Challenger Hellcat looks a little different from most. The main thing that stands out is the color. As YouTube user, Victoria shows in a clip of her 2016 Challenger Hellcat, the engine block under the hood is bright orange.

It’s an awesome detail that makes the heart of the engine really pop but is likely to get missed unless owners take the time to admire their car from the inside.

9 Challenger SRT: Wallpaper Background Reflects Model Type

via Hot Rod Network

A minor detail, but one that will give drivers pride of ownership. The Dodge Challenger screen wallpaper background is a logo of whatever model they have, whether it's the Hellcat or Demon. Even more, the display comes with plenty of cool features performance fans will love.

According to Hot Rod Network, there’s the option to change different driving modes, with even the ability to customize specific parts to certain presets. Owners can change the transmission, paddle shifters, traction, and suspension. With so many customizable options, drivers will feel a greater sense of ownership fashioning the car's driving style to their liking.

8 Challenger SRT Hellcat: Dodge Brothers Emblem On Center Console Lid

via Auto News

It may have been a long time ago since the Dodge Brothers started the brand that ultimately led to its performance muscle cars today. That doesn’t mean it can’t honor them with a cool Easter egg though. Like all good Easter eggs, it takes some digging and resides within the center console.

YouTube user Victoria, in a clip of her 2016 Challenger Hellcat, shows that there’s a “DB” logo underneath the lid of the center console. Underneath the logo, it says, “Dodge Brothers: Designed in Detroit.” It may be a simple detail, but it’s one that links the Hellcat to its storied roots.

7 Dodge Challenger: Breakdown Of Car’s Condition And An Engine Timer

via Top Speed

The 2010 Dodge Challenger interior is more than meets the eye. There’s a little trick that’s hidden owners could spend months driving around before they even figure it out—and it all rests right under their noses. According to Dodge Forum, pressing down and holding the steering wheel’s selection buttons opens up a few tricks that are both helpful and fun. The helpful ones come in the form of a temperature gauge and a measurement of the car’s oil pressure.

Then there’s the fun engine timer that will help drivers see how little time it takes to get to 60 mph. While there are other ways of measuring this, it’s nice to have it actually built-in to the vehicle.

6 Chrysler Pacifica: The Center Console Pays Homage To Its Minivans

via Dodge Garage

The center console tends to be a popular part of the interior to plant Easter eggs. Only those with sharp eyes will be able to spot this next one though. Considering Chrysler bought Dodge, the Pacifica is like a distant relative. Popular models that manage to stick around the market go through several iterations over the years.

The Pacifica decided to pay tribute to those past models and all the changes they’ve gone through. Dodge Garage notes that the center console of the Pacifica has a rubber pad that shows different generations of minivans. It’s a tiny homage that pays respect to the cars that came before it.

5 All Dodge Models: Lower The Power Windows While Outside The Vehicle

via YouTube user Mopar

That little key fob does more than just unlock and lock the vehicle, at least when it comes to Dodge vehicles. It can also control other parts of the car while the driver isn’t behind the steering wheel, like the power windows. If someone approaches the vehicle—especially on those hot summer days—and wants to start cooling it down before they get in, Dodge has a solution.

Dodge Forum reports that while owners approach their vehicle, they can lower all the power windows automatically. All they have to do is push on the unlock button one time, then immediately push it again, only this time holding it down, which lowers all the windows at once.

4 Ram 1500: Switch Audio Inputs From Behind The Steering Wheel

via Dodge Forum

Switching between the radio or AUX inputs shouldn’t be difficult, but the Ram 1500 decided to make this feature discreet. The button sits tucked away, hidden from view, on the side of the steering wheel. According to Dodge Forum, it’s a way for drivers to switch the audio without having to look down.

It’s ironic though considering the driver may have to peek around just to find it in the first place. Seems like such a prominent feature should be more out in the open and not hidden from view though. Perhaps it was a way to make the steering wheel aesthetic cleaner as well.

3 Ram 1500: The Center Console Pays Homage To Past Pickups

via Dodge Garage

Like the Chrysler Pacifica Easter egg from earlier, this one gives due to the trucks that came before it. According to Dodge Garage, there’s a cool image carved out of the center console that shows past Ram pickup trucks. It makes one realize how much they’ve changed over the years and that if they’re still around today, it’s probably a brand one can trust.

The same source notes that it’s in the latest 2019 models, which proves that the desire for Easter eggs is still going strong. It’s a cool way of tying Ram pickups today to the ones of yesteryear.

2 Ram: Disable The BeltAlert Feature

via Durafit Covers

There’s a sneaky trick for Ram truck owners who tend to take a more rebellious stance. If they don’t like wearing their seatbelt (which they should), and like hearing the seat belt alarm even less, then there’s a solution. What makes it sneaky is that the trick to shutting off that alarm lies in the seatbelt itself.

There are a few steps to perform it. First, as Dodge Forum reports, fasten the seat belt and turn the car on. Make sure the dashboard isn’t blinking with the seatbelt advisory warning, then unfasten the seat belt and click it on again three consecutive times. That’s all there is to it.

1 Chrysler 200: The Dashboard Cubby Recognizes Its Roots In The Motor City

via Dodge Garage

The dashboard cubby is a little space where drivers can put their odds and ends. Some loose change or a paper clip goes nicely there. If there’s nothing to fill that space though, it’s even better empty in the Chrysler 200. Leaving the space free reveals a cool little Easter egg. Etched into the rubber matting is a city skyline. It’s not just any old skyline though, but what Dodge Garage confirms is Detroit.

With Chrysler’s history tied to the Motor City, it’s appropriate they pay some sort of homage—even if it’s just in the car’s oh so very useful dashboard cubby.

Sources: History, Road and Track, Dodge Garage, Dodge Forum, AutoEvolution, YouTube, Hot Rod Network, Jalopnik

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