20 Clever Easter Eggs In Ferraris People Don’t Know About

There’s a vast difference between seeing a Ferrari in photos online from actually getting behind the wheel of one. As tempting as it is to judge cars from afar, something as excellent as a Ferrari deserves a proper test drive before one forms their opinions about it. Most will argue Ferraris are really all they're cracked up to be.

There are a number of factors that contribute to making these cars great and one of the most recognizable brands in the world. It’s in the small details, which are immediately clear once someone hunkers down into the driver’s seat.

With some of the best engineers and minds behind these cars, they’re able to come up with a lot of creative features. Some of them are so subtle, the average driver is liable to miss them. It’s understandable they’d miss these smaller details considering they’d be so shocked to be near one in the first place.

Many automakers focus on fun features drivers will get a laugh out of it. For example, there are Easter eggs in Tesla cars people don’t know about. For Ferrari though, they’re more focused on making useful and innovative Easter eggs that enhance the driving experience.

We’re going to take a look at some of the most ingenious Easter eggs Ferrari ever put in their cars. With these vehicles being so exclusive, most of the public isn’t aware of all the cool features hidden throughout their models. Don’t forget to also check out celebs who got banned by Ferrari, and VIP owners no one knows about.

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20 S-Duct

via Business Insider Malaysia

Behold the Ferrari F8 Tributo. It’s a sleek Ferrari for the modern era that has the performance to boot. According to Business Insider, it’s capable of doing an impressive 710 hp thanks to its V8. As a successor to the 488 GTB, it seems worthy of filling in the big shoes of its predecessor.

The part that really draws one’s eye though is what’s dubbed the “S-Duct” that’s on the hood. Ferrari claims, as per the same source, that this design feature increases downforce by 15%. Best seen from above the car, it’s a feature that might slip under one's nose.

19 Transparent Engine Window

via Business Insider

This isn’t a major enhancement that improves speed or performance, but rather an Easter egg owners will appreciate. A Ferrari is much more than its styling on the outside; the engines are usually just as impressive. Business Insider reports that the 488 GTB model comes with a 3.9-liter V8 capable of 661 hp.

Instead of having to pull up the rear hatch to get a peek at it though, anyone can see it from the outside. The hatch itself is a window to peer into and see the engine in all its glory. Even pedestrians walking by can get a look without touching the vehicle.

18 Reverse Shift Pattern

via Pinterest

We could say the same about cars as they do about music: “It's an oldie but a goodie.” The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona is an incredible car for many reasons, from its styling to everything underneath. Rediff Business points out the Borrani wire wheels, it being a front-engine GT and the long hood styling as all noteworthy characteristics.

Not as visible at first glance though—until one gets behind the wheel of one—is the gated shift. The same source notes that it was in a reverse pattern, which allowed for quicker shifts that would come in handy for speed freaks. This was an Easter egg with the racer in mind.

17 Passenger LCD Screen

via carsome.my

It may not be a must-have feature in every car, but it sure adds to the drive. Passengers can now feel a little more included in the driving experience with their own screen. According to Autoweek, the Ferrari Portofino has an 8.8-inch screen that sits above the glove box.

The passenger no longer has to lean over and peek at the dash to find out how fast the car is going; instead, all they have to do is tune in to the display before them. It’s definitely a posh feature that looks discreet enough to go hidden under the radar.

16 Comes With A Toolkit, Gloves And Fuses

via Business Insider

The Ferrari 488 Spider is an expensive car, but owners will forget all about the price tag once they get a hold of one. Not only does it appear to fulfill one’s need for speed and luxury but includes several smaller touches and Easter eggs anyone can appreciate. With the engine in the rear, any storage space has moved up to the frunk.

Stowed away inside there, as Business Insider reports, is a toolkit for owners to make any small tweaks with, along with a pair of gloves that sport the Ferrari logo. There are even some fuses drivers can use if they find themselves stuck on the side of a road.

15 Front Fender Vents

via Autoweek

Ferrari’s Portofino has a lot of small details that are easy to miss. Not only do they look good (when spotted), but actually improve the way the car drives. The front fender vents are one such feature that's sneakily embedded along the sides of the front headlights.

They blend into the headlights, which makes them hard to notice. Autoweek reports that these vents actually aid in brake cooling, which can help with both speed and safety. It may look like such a simple design choice, but it has a noticeable benefit. They even note that it doesn’t add any drag.

14 Manettino Dial On Steering Wheel

via Business Insider

It’s tiny, it’s modest and it’s an Easter egg that belongs more in a race car. The cool thing about Ferrari though is that they think these features from Formula One should make their way into road legal cars too. The Manettino, which Business Insider notes means “little lever,” is a small dial that's mounted to the side of the steering wheel. It’s in many models today including the Ferrari 488 Spider.

According to Continental Ferrari, it allows for drivers to change their drive style based on road conditions. Drivers may not even notice the Manettino, not only due to its size but because it’s a feature most cars don’t have.

13 Aluminum Undertrays

via Aldous Voice

It may not be the most attractive part of the vehicle, but it plays an important part. According to Autoweek, automakers put undertrays on the bottom of cars in order to reduce drag. What makes Ferrari special in the Portofino is that they’re made out of aluminum. They say that plastic tends to make up standard undertrays.

They also allowed Ferrari to make the vehicle lighter in other areas, even though aluminum is going to be a heavier material than what's typical. It’s a small and hidden detail that will pay off when drivers actually take a Portofino out for a spin.

12 Dashboard Integrates Both Analog And Digital

via Wheelsage.org

The interior of a Ferrari comes with just as many neat Easter eggs as the exteriors do. What one often sees first upon getting strapped in is the Ferrari logo on the steering wheel, the carbon fiber accents and comfy seats. Taking all this in might keep some from noticing the impressive dashboard though.

According to Business Insider, the dashboard has both analog and digital elements, with a traditional looking tachometer and two screens on each side. The two screens can display the GPS and other info about the car, such as any doors that are open. With many drivers still used to only using analog to this day, it’s a welcome feature.

11 Exhaust Headers Fused With Turbocharger

via F1technical

Ferrari has earned the right to brag about its innovative design choices. They’ve proven time and again that they aren’t looking to play it safe, but actually experiment with the way they build parts. For their Portofino, they managed to weld two parts together that traditionally stand apart.

Autoweek reports that they sand-casted the exhaust headers with the turbocharger in order to achieve an equal distribution across all the cylinders. This has a few upshots, with one being a more robust sounding engine. It may not be visible from the outside, but it’s going to pay off when drivers rev the engines.

10 Left Display Shows Overview Of Car’s Systems

via Business Insider

Thanks to advancements in technology, the digital displays up front add a lot. Focusing on the left display behind the steering wheel, one can get a bird’s-eye view of data about several areas at a mere glance. In the top left corner is a yellow section that highlights the car’s current mode; the top right shows the temperature; In the middle is a graphic of the car that shows what condition the tires are in.

It also displays the car’s fuel tank and how much remains before another trip to the gas station is necessary. It may get overlooked, but this display has it all.

9 Carbon-Fiber Diffusers

via Business Insider

There are all kinds of creative ways automakers improve performance. With drag, which can limit a vehicle's full potential when it comes to speed, they’ve found innovations to limit it. For their beautiful Ferrari 488 GTB, they found a way to fend off drag with a somewhat disguised feature: carbon-fiber diffusers sitting below the tailpipes.

As Business Insider points out, this will really come in handy for those who take their 488 for a spin on the race track. The fact that Ferrari even includes these in their vehicles shows they have a true penchant for racing and aren't just interested in improving only daily commutes.

8 Luggage Straps

via Business Insider

There’s more going on inside of the trunk of a Ferrari than one would think. They manage to fit in Easter eggs that are actually useful. As per Business Insider, the Ferrari 812’s trunk has a pair of straps on the bottom. This might be more of an old school feature, but it’s available to those who want to make their luggage more securely fastened. It’s also an indirect way of touting their car’s speed.

If 812 owners think their Ferrari's trunk is lacking in space, at least the brand makes up for it with this cool feature. The Ferrari 812 costs almost half a million dollars.

7 Menu Tracks Car’s Lap Times

via Business Insider

The same display touched on earlier on the left of the dashboard has some other tricks up its proverbial sleeve. As Business Insider details, beyond the main screen that shows the condition of parts and what mode one is driving in, there's a menu that records lap times.

It’s the third and last option on this screen, which has the last circle of three lit up in white at the bottom as an indication. It will list the car’s career best lap time along with how long the last lap took below it. It’ll even log the best top speed in that lap and what the last one was as well.

6 Performance-Start Mode

via Business Insider

It might be a small button stowed away inside a Ferrari, but pushing it enables a cool feature drivers will want to know about. Also known as “Partenza Sportiva,” Business Insider notes that it prevents wheelspin when accelerating at a stop. It’s not as simple as merely pushing the button through to activate it.

Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale explains in a YouTube clip that the vehicle has to be at a complete stop. Then, drivers have to push the “auto” button and put the vehicle in first gear. Once they’ve done all these steps, the driver can push the “PS” button. Finally, drivers should depress the accelerator pedal, release the brake pedal and then they're ready to go.

5 Drag Reduction System

via YouTube user Ferrari

It may not sound like the coolest part of a vehicle, but it’s an unexpected bonus drivers might fail to notice. Business Insider reports that the Ferrari 488 Spider comes with an advanced drag reduction system in the rear. Close to the diffuser, which we touched on earlier, there are flaps that deploy as a way of cutting down on drag—that awful force that slows cars down.

The same source points out it isn’t new technology; Ferrari got it from the world of Formula One. It’s a cool bonus feature that will give the 488 Spider that extra edge.

4 Plaque Detailing The Car’s Unique Specs

via Business Insider

When buyers spend as much as they do on a Ferrari, they’re getting a one of a kind vehicle. It’s not enough knowing that, however, and the Easter eggs that go into vehicles supporting this notion always helps. While this feature isn’t in all Ferraris, they do put it in all the 812 Superfast models.

Business Insider details a hidden plaque the automaker puts in all the trunks of the 812. Labeled “personalization specifications,” this bolted panel runs through the unique serial number, model and other configuration details. It’s a nice touch that will make owners feel better about what they spent their money on.

3 Screen Shows Turbo Boost Levels

via Business Insider

Non-performance vehicles don’t often get this feature. It makes a whole lot of sense in those cars though, which means it's a no-brainer in a Ferrari. A boost gauge is often on dashboards for cars that pack serious performance power, usually thanks to a turbocharger or supercharger. This meter that measures turbo boost levels, as Business Insider details, shows up on the screen inside of a Ferrari 488 Spider.

When drivers get in the car, more than likely they’re drawn to aspects of the interior other than the digital screens. After some digging though, they’ll find this cool Easter egg Ferrari made sure to include.

2 Magnesium Seat Frames

via CAR Magazine

The Portofino manages to offer both performance and luxury in its features. While some are more hidden, their Magnesium seats are noticeable from the start. According to Autoweek, the seats have a minimalist frame in order to cut off a whopping 53 pounds.

They’re also made of a magnesium alloy which helps to reduce weight. While they look stunning on the outside, the lighter weight has an invisible perk of improving the vehicle's speed. Sadly though, this Easter egg doesn’t come on all the models. The same source notes that it’s a $220,000 upgrade, which is a high price to pay for really nice seats.

1 It Floats, Soars And Flies

via Pinterest

Not really, but Drake made his look as it flew during a concert tour. INSIDER reports on their YouTube channel that the rapper incorporated his Ferrari into the Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour. In addition to having a backlit basketball court and flying drones, Drake got his yellow Ferrari airborne—well, sort of.

It was really an inflatable replica, though Drake really does own a yellow 2015 LaFerrari that’s worth $3.5 million. The same source goes on to note that only 500 of these cars exist. Now it makes one wonder whether Ferrari approved of all this, or whether Drake went ahead and did it without asking the automaker for permission.

Sources: Autoweek, Business Insider, YouTube, Rediff Business

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