20 Clever Easter Eggs In Tesla Cars People Don’t Know About

There are Easter eggs hidden in every Tesla even the most diehard fans of the brand don’t know about.

There are Easter eggs hidden in every Tesla even the most diehard fans of the brand don’t know about. Thanks to new innovations, the automaker is able to continue adding more Easter eggs from afar just with a software update. This highlights the company’s ability to stay ahead of the curve while also adding in an element of fun. They not only use these updates to add Easter eggs but as a means of increasing power in Model 3s as well.

Easter eggs in automobiles tend to be fun extras that take some digging to uncover. It can be as simple as a hidden image on the engine under the hood or an unlockable feature on the display that adds hours of entertainment.

“Most people don't know there's a box of Easter eggs with every Tesla,” tweeted Elon Musk back in April 2018 (Business Insider). Musk and the Tesla team prove that through these Easter eggs they're not too serious about having a little fun every once in a while. When the company isn’t busy with its challenges, like paying drivers for Model 3 delays or being under investigation for a Florida Tesla crash, they're making fun Easter eggs to entertain drivers.

What separates Tesla’s Easter eggs from others is their humor, how much they enhance an owner’s experience and their references to pop culture. We’ve rounded up all the best Tesla Easter eggs and compiled them into one article. If you thought Tesla’s new dog mode that cools down pets was cool, wait till you see what other ingenious things these cars have.

20 Set The Mood With Romance Mode

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It’s hard to believe, but there’s actually a romance mode. Like many of Tesla’s Easter eggs though, it’s purely humorous. Musk first announced this Easter egg was coming on Twitter back in November 2018. Once activated, romance mode turns the display into a fireplace.

Teslarati reports that crackling sounds even accompany it and plays Marvin Gaye’s hit song Sexual Healing. It seems Tesla put all their creativity into the Easter egg itself and less in keeping it hidden. If owners want to set the mood, all they have to do is tap on the graphic that looks like fire in the “Easter egg menu.”

19 Play Atari Games

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When drivers aren’t on the road and find themselves bored, they can turn to their infotainment system and turn it into a video game hub. According to the site SlashGear, Teslas with a software version 9.0 or later can access a host of Atari games. Drivers can only play the games when the vehicle is in park as a way to ensure no one tries it on the road.

Users can even use the actual steering wheel as a control for a racing game. EVannex reports users can access this feature through the "Easter egg menu” with a touch of the “T” Tesla logo.

18 It Also Makes "Gas" Noises Because, Why Not?

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If there was one Easter egg we’d have to pick as the opposite of Tesla’s romance mode, it’d have to be this one. Dubbed by Elon Musk “toilet humor,” it’s exactly what it sounds like: a "gas" soundboard. Where Tesla goes the extra mile though is in the actual names they’ve given these sound bites.

According to Teslarati, a few options such as “Boring” and "Ludicrous” made the final cut, which both poke fun at Musk and Tesla. The only similarity it shares with romance mode is the way one accesses it, which is through the “Easter egg menu,” only this one is in the shape of a pink whoopee cushion.

17 Tesla Battery Charge References The DeLorean From Back To The Future

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This is one of the harder to find Easter eggs we’re surprised someone came across. While not directly on a Tesla vehicle, it’s part of their official mobile app, which syncs up with the car.

Electrek reports that Reddit user jorobsand came upon it and spilled the beans to the Tesla community. When the app displays the car's battery charge at 121 miles remaining, a number of references to the film Back to the Future show up on screen. From the 1.21 gigawatts at the top to the alert about time circuits being off, fans of the films will get a good laugh when they encounter this Easter egg.

16 Superbottle On Cooling System

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This Easter egg is truly hidden since it requires owners to delve underneath the hood. For its cooling system, Tesla boasts an unusual design that's different from other cars. Jalopnik reports that it combines the pumps, control valve, and heat exchanger into a “superbottle.”

Not only is it a cool feat of engineering, but there’s also an actual sketch of a heroic looking bottle adorned with the Tesla logo on its chest drawn on the system. It’s a fun little Easter egg that shows Tesla takes pride in what it's able to come up with. This little drawing is a fun little interpretation of their impressive system.

15 The Tesla Charge Port Puts On A Light Show

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Leave it to Tesla to turn something as mundane as charging an EV into an amusing experience. Attracting owners’ interest, even in the midst of a recharge, Tesla has inserted an Easter egg into the charge port. With the plug inserted into the car, if the user clicks the button on the charger 10 consecutive times, Business Insider reports the port flashes different colors.

It even shows a wide spectrum of neon colors that flash in quick succession. It’s going to be hard for owners to resist trying this Easter egg out every time they have to charge their car.

14 Switch Between Different Tesla Models Via Performance Mode

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This is one of the cooler and more obscure Easter eggs by Tesla. With performance mode, drivers can switch between a host of versions. Teslarati tested it on the Model X and found the options available to try were 70, 90, 70D, 90D, P90D, and Max. As one can surmise, depending on what version the driver chooses, along with the amount of charge they have and whether the ludicrous mode is on can have varying results.

The same source notes that all drivers have to do to unlock these versions is tap the “T” Tesla logo and enter “performance" as the access code.

13 Turn The Gauge Cluster Screen Into A “Psychedelic Cowbell Road”

via YouTube user Daniel Nasserian

Something tells us Tesla has an obsession with rainbow colors. If the charge port lighting up wasn’t enough, they’ve also found a way to integrate a similar feature into the car’s gauge cluster screen. In order to unlock this Easter egg though, it does require owners to get the Autopilot software (which costs extra).

This little feature might ease the pain of having to shell out more dough for it. According to Business Insider, turning the feature on four times fast will materialize a colorful road for the on-screen car to cruise down. Musk put it best when he named it the “psychedelic cowbell road.”

12 Go To Mars In A Tesla

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The Tesla roadster has already 'driven' past Mars, but that doesn’t mean owners can’t follow in its wake. While Teslas don’t have a rocket built-in that allows for space travel, it does come with an Easter egg that imagines such a journey.

All owners have to do, as CNET reports, is hold down the “T” Tesla logo on the display at the top. When it prompts users for a code, enter the word “Mars” and the screen will switch over to show the Red Planet’s rugged terrain. Drivers will even see the graphic of their car turn into a rover.

11 Model Xmas Show

via YouTube user Ori Zaltzman

Tesla knows how to get into the holiday spirit. They even went so far as to make it an Easter egg just to prove it. Many will have seen this feature before, as it was a big hit when it first debuted; only a small few even know how to unlock it though. It’s as simple as holding down the Tesla logo, as per CNET, and typing in “holiday” when prompted.

A window pops up labeled “Model Xmas Show” that asks drivers to exit the car. Once they do, the car will start to blare holiday music, flash its headlights and open all its doors in a synchronized dance.

10 Drive A Tesla At Warp Speed

via YouTube user Parkers Cars

The Tesla won't send drivers across the universe at warp speed, but it’ll make them feel like it's possible with some old fashioned special effects. Like many of the cool Easter eggs Tesla puts together, it’s all possible through the car’s display up front. What this feature does is play a quick video that shows lights streaking past, which mimics the ludicrous speed scene from the movie Spaceballs.

According to Business Insider, all one has to do is locate the “ludicrous mode” option on the screen, push and hold the drive button for five seconds and watch the magic unfold.

9 See A Nod To SpaceX

via CleanTechnica

There’s a reason Teslas have a reference to Mars, which echo the ambitions of the company’s CEO. In addition to the Mars Easter egg, Tesla put in a nod to Musk’s other major venture. CNET reports that Elon Musk, who’s also CEO of SpaceX, hopes to send people to Mars by 2025.

Under the “About Your Tesla” option on the display, owners will see a space ship with two enormous panels. The same source notes that this spaceship, which featured in a CGI video by SpaceX, shows a crew of passengers hopping aboard this ship and flying off to Mars.

8 This Tesla Easter Egg Will Have Owners Believing In Santa

via Electrek

Tesla pulled out all the stops when it comes to Easter eggs revolving around the most popular holiday. This one requires using the voice command feature in order to bring it about. This follows in a similar vein as the other Easter eggs, in that each one of them is accessible through a separate feature.

According to CNET, when owners say “ho ho ho” via the voice command, a graphic of Santa on his sleigh replaces the Tesla on display. It’s an Easter egg that will make owners laugh, delight their kids and even put Elon Musk on Santa’s nice list.

7 A Display Deep Dive Turns The Tesla Into James Bond’s Submarine Car

via YouTube user The Vassallo Family

Tesla wasn’t the first to make EVs. For example, this odd electric car from the '70s arrived before Tesla. It’s not the only car Tesla would appreciate from the ‘70s either, as they reference a popular one James Bond drove. Business Insider notes that when owners type “007”—James Bond’s codename—into the login screen, the car graphic turns into the one from the 1977 movie "The Spy Who Loved Me.”

This aquatic vehicle is a Lotus Esprit S1 that Bond used to drive both on land and underwater. We’re still waiting on Musk to actually make Tesla's submarine ready.

6 Doodling Dashboard

via Motor1

One of the cooler Easter eggs Tesla introduced was the sketchpad. It allowed drivers to turn their screens into full-on drawing apps. Used for when drivers experience downtime in their cars, they can pass the time honing their artistry—or just slash away at the screen with their finger the way a toddler would with markers.

CNET reports that it even gives users the ability to send it off to Tesla if they’re brave enough to put their artwork out there. To unlock the sketchpad, users need to tap the screen’s “T” Tesla logo three times fast in a row.

5 Tesla Cars Reveal The Meaning Of “Life, the Universe, and Everything”

via Teslarati

If there’s one thing Tesla isn’t in short supply of, it’s pop cultural references. This next Easter egg comes straight out of the book series by Douglas Adams called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

In the book, a computer that goes by the name Deep Thought comes up with an answer to the meaning of life, which is "42.” The answer is both mysterious and humorous. Therefore, when Tesla owners name their vehicle “42,” Teslarati notes that it automatically changes to “Life, the Universe, and Everything," in homage to Adams' books. Not only are the folks at Tesla Motors witty, but well-read too.

4 Car Models Spell Out “S3XY”

via Electrek

This Easter egg has more to do with the way Tesla names its vehicles than it does with an actual car feature. Still, it’s one that’s clever and sneaky enough to go under the radar without the masses knowing it.

As the site Entrepreneur points out, there’s already a Model S, Model 3, Model X and soon to come, Model Y. When one lines up each of these characters together, it forms "S3XY.” Tesla sure thinks a lot of itself to name all its models that. Then again, it shows that the automaker is always having fun at the same time.

3 Meet The People Behind Tesla Cars

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Most people don’t like sitting around to watch the credits roll when a movie reaches the end. There are some out there though who’d like to give the makers behind their favorite products the proper due. For Tesla Model 3 owners, there’s an Easter egg for that.

According to CNET, under the “About Your Tesla” page, there’s a “3” button in the bottom right corner. Tap and hold the “3” to unlock a hidden picture that shows all the friendly faces that worked hard to deliver these cars. It’s a cool and personal touch that connects drivers with the Tesla team.

2 Giving The Tesla A Hug Reveals Hearts

via Imgur via joelpaglione

We’re not joking here—hug a Tesla, and it’s going to show love in return. Many of the Easter eggs on this list take place within a Tesla and involve the front display. This one changes things up by being on the outside instead.

According to Imgur user joelpaglione, if one stands behind a Model 3, reaches both hands across to touch the bottom edge of the side lights, the panels will open up. Behind these panels there’s a small red heart tucked away for Tesla owners. It’s a humorous Easter egg that makes one wonder if it was really discovered from some owner sincerely hugging their car.

1 There’s A Basket For Storing All Those Easter Eggs

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This might be the ultimate Tesla Easter egg to rule them all. Tesla must have realized how many hidden nuggets they were rolling out, had trouble keeping track and decided to offer a feature that collects them all. Teslarati aptly calls it the “Easter Egg Menu,” which users can open by way of the “T” Tesla icon.

After users tap this option, they should swipe down across the screen showing a Tesla car graphic. As users discover Easter eggs, they’ll start showing up under this window where they can be easily accessed again. Musk originally revealed this feature via Twitter back in April 2017.

Sources: Business Insider, CNET, Teslarati, SlashGear, EVannex, Electrek, Imgur, Entrepreneur, Jalopnik

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