Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Top 10 Best Episodes

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is the perfect example of a celebrity using their status to get work doing things they love. The series follows Jerry Seinfeld as he picks up fellow comedians in exotic, classic, and luxury cars.

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No subject is too mundane or too sensitive for these unscripted episodes. Jerry meets with lesser-known comedians and Hollywood legends alike. How much the show is about cars varies sightly from episode to episode. Depending on the guest, the episode may be about rugs.

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10 I Wasn't Told About This

Hipster hero Fred Armisen kills it as he accompanies Jerry around Portland. Seinfeld looks like a fish out of water during the entire episode. With a great sense of self-awareness, the show even includes a hipster service ticker at the bottom of the screen.

The pair strike up hilarious banter that lacks Armisen's signature pretense. Seinfeld seems as out of place in Portland as any New Yorker ever has or ever will again. Watching him drift helplessly through the hipster Mecca is part of the episode's charm.

9 Larry Eats A Pancake

The very first episode of  Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee features none other than Larry David. He's a polarizing figure to be sure. Love or hate him, one thing is for certain, he's the master of irreverent banter.

After a brief spin in a blue Volkswagon Beetle, the two life-long friends stop for a light breakfast. The hilarious conversation flows between the pair effortlessly as they reminisce and debate the premise of the new show. "You finally made a show about nothing," says Larry with pride as he beams at his protege.

8 Just A Lazy Shiftless Bastard

Alec Baldwin charms the audience in this episode as he grills Seinfeld on his incredible success. Well known for his uncanny impressions, Baldwin steals the show as legendry actor Jack Nicholson. Not only does it feel as if we get two stars for the price of one but there's an air of genuine human emotion often missing from this tongue in cheek show.

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Baldwin discusses his career and the potential he never seemed to be able to fully meet. Meanwhile, he lays into Seinfeld for his seemingly unhindered momentum.“Your life has been one unbroken boulevard of green lights, hasn’t it?” Baldwin quips as the pair banter.

7 The Sound Of Virginity

Jon Stewart shines in the 5th episode of Season 4. Episodes featuring Seinfeld's real-life friends tend to be better than those with comedians Jerry does not personally know. Nothing compares to the ease between two genuinely funny people who feel comfortable in each other's presence.

In this episode, Jerry shows up in a Gremlin, Stewart's first car. The comedian slays with self-deprecating humor from beginning to end. Stewart even lays into Jerry after hearing about his funeral plans. It's a great time to watch these old friends enjoy working together.

6 It's Not So Funny When It's Your Mother

Bob Einstein was the first guest on the show to make a return appearance. He had previously filmed a commercial for the Accura NSX with Seinfeld. This episode is a celebration of the car's release. In it, we get a raw look at the man behind the comedian and a glimpse into a piece of infamous Hollywood history.

Einstein's father was a comedy genius. He tragically died live on stage during the 1958 Friars Club Roast of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. Bob Einstein went on to honor his father by having his own genius comedy career.

5 A Hooker In The Rain

John Mulaney has a refreshing brand of progressive but wholesome humor that is hard to resist. Anyone who's heard Mulaney speak, on stage or off, knows that the man loves his wife. He speaks of her with such esteem and affection.

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Their bond is evident in this episode as Mrs. Mulaney has asked her husband to go rug shopping. John does what any good husband would do in his position and drags an award-winning comedian along to run errands for his wife. The rug banter alone is priceless.

4 You'll Never Play The Copa

Legendary comedian Don Rickles joins Seinfeld for this precious episode. Rickles doesn't disappoint and is every bit the firecracker he is remembered for being. He's so quick with the quips that Seinfeld struggles to keep up the pace.

You can tell both comedians are having a wonderful time. Rickles' mischevious and charming personality oozes through the episode. He even flirts with a server, proving you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

3 It's Great That Garry Shandling Is Still Alive

This episode may be the most emotionally poignant of the entire series. In a cruel twist of irony, the episode aired just weeks before Shandling passed away. In 2016, Shandling collapsed in his home at the young age of 66. He was unresponsive when first responders arrived at the scene.

Shandling later died of a pulmonary embolism in the hospital. In his final TV appearance with Jerry Seinfeld, the two reminisce at The Comedy Store and reflect on careers that have spanned decades. Fans of Shandling will notice how vibrant the comedian seems as he walks down memory lane.

2 I Want Sandwiches, I Want Chicken

Comedy legends Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner have been meeting to share dinner and watch a movie every night since 1950. Seinfeld may be the host of the show but he was clearly humbled and honored to join the duo for this incredible evening.

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There's a certain surrealism to watching some of the most important men in Hollywood eating simple deli sandwiches served on TV trays. Brooks and Reiner still have the sharp wits and comedic flair that made their careers. Their banter evokes their iconic styles.

1 Just Tell Him You're The President

Season 7 opens with a bang with then-president Barak Obama dazzling both the audience and Seinfeld himself. His political career aside, the man is simply funny. The episode even gives viewers a peek into the oval office at Christmas.

Jerry is chastised by the Commander in Chief and forbidden from using the presidential trash can. The pair gush over a 1963 Stingray but the secret service quickly shut down their fun. Jerry is then treated to a presidential cruise in "The Beast," a heavily armored vehicle built on a tank frame.

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