10 Most Common Reasons For Tickets

Tickets are handed out often by police to unaware drivers. From texting to lacking insurance, these are the most common reasons for tickets.

Getting a ticket from the cops can be a very frustrating situation. Sometimes you will get a ticket for speeding, sometimes it’s because you were going a little too slow on the highway and the cop behind you had a quota to meet. It’s stressful, and it can cost a pretty penny on the lighter side, and some jail time on the heavier.

But what are the most common reasons why someone would be pulled over? In this list below we’ll cover the 10 most common reason for tickets, to help you avoid any unwanted hassle in the near future.

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10 You’re Going Too Fast

One of the most common reasons for a ticket is speeding, and it’s something that can be avoided by paying a bit more attention to your speedometer, or by keeping your lead foot a bit lighter on the gas. Nothing is going to catch a cops attention faster than someone speeding, and thanks to today's technology, they don’t even have to be there when it’s happening.

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With cameras being put up at intersections, you have a pretty high chance of getting that speeding ticket mailed to you with a nice picture of your smiling mug. A cop may have a certain quota of tickets to give out each month.

9 Reckless Driving Can Mean A Lot

You may not think you do it, but chances are you’ve done something that qualifies as reckless driving a time or two. You may not have swerved into another lane, or burned out in the parking lot, but you might have run over a curb by mistake. In some states, that can qualify as reckless driving, even if it's a small accident, you’re still potentially putting lives at risk.

Be prepared for a cop to ask you if you’re sober. If he realizes it was a mistake, he’s trying to evaluate just how much of a risk you really are.

8 You Didn’t Stop Completely

This is yet another big reason why people find themselves getting tickets. Maybe you didn’t stop fully at that red light before you turned, or you went to get past that yellow light and it turned red right at the line.

Cops will put themselves right at intersections to make sure this doesn’t happen, or to quickly nab the driver if they see it happen. Make a complete stop at a red light and at stop signs, even if you don’t see any traffic coming. There could be a well-hidden cop waiting around the corner, or another camera on that traffic light.

7 Put The Seatbelts On

This is one of the most well-known rules of road safety, and one that many think doesn’t really matter. Cops can tell when your seatbelt isn’t on. It’s what they’re trained to do, so that means that they’ll notice when you attempt to act like you are wearing it. It doesn’t matter if you’re going a quarter-mile, half-mile, or going down the block to your friends' house, you need to buckle up.

Many states have very strict laws that bring extremely heavy fines for breaking this law, and your possibility of getting a warning is lower than small-time speeding.

6 Get Insured

You may have your license, but are you insured? No? That’s another law that brings a hefty fine. If you were to get in an accident, it would be a lot harder, if not impossible to get proper repairs for either party. This means potentially you could be paying out of pocket for both parties, and facing a fine right after that.

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Just like any other traffic violation, if you don’t pay the fine within a set time frame, you could have a warrant out for your arrest, so insurance is a smart move to help prevent potential future problems.

5 Use Your Turn Signals

Not using these is a move that many deem simply rude behavior, if not extremely reckless, and will grab a cops attention the second it happens. Merging into a lane, or making a turn without telling everyone around you where you’re going is a huge hazard, and can cause an accident very easily.

There’s a high chance you’ve seen someone do this you and you may have leaned on the horn a bit. You too may have barely avoided a tense situation with another driver just pulling over in front of you. Save a few bucks of your money by using your turn signals, and avoid that situation.

4 Watch Out For Pedestrians

This is a ticket that really comes for a good reason. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t give pedestrians the right of way when it’s legally theirs. This is really common in downtown areas, where there’s an abundance of crosswalks and busy streets. Occurring more in high traffic areas where drivers are a bit more impatient with the flow of speed they have to endure.

Sadly, this also includes not stopping for school buses, which could land you a really heavy vehicular manslaughter charge. Don’t expect a small fine for something like this, or that a cop to let you off the hook.

3 Back Off A Bit

You may be in a bit of a hurry; say you really need to get somewhere for a pretty important event, and the person in front of you is going a bit slower than you would like them too. Don’t tailgate them. You have no clue what could be in front of their car at any given second.

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A wild animal could cross the road, or someone in front of them could stop to make a turn. You can get a ticket for this because you had the potential to ram into someone's car, possibly getting hit with a fine in addition to car repairs.

2 You Got Distracted

Distracted driving goes hand in hand with reckless driving, as your attention isn’t fully on the road like it should be. This covers a lot of things, like changing the playlist on your phone, texting, eating your food, or in some cases even changing your radio station while you’re driving. You may note that there may be a few times of the year where the attention on this is at a high level.

Cops will create operations with code names to crack down on various forms of traffic violations. This means everything on the list gets picked up a whole lot quicker.

1 Don’t Drink And Drive

Drinking and driving is an immediate arrest, but it’s commonality and life-changing fines land it on this list as a common violation. Over 10,000 people die each year from DUI related incidents, which is a number that every police department is going to try their hardest to crack down on.

The possibility of taking someone’s life, and going to jail for it, really isn’t worth passing up on a cab or having a designated driver. You’ll be facing a $390 to $1,000 fine for your first time, with that number going higher after every repeat offense you make and the possibility of losing your license.

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