Complete Guide To Honda's Car Lineup

Honda is known for reliability - and we've got the stats on their entire range.

Among automotive brands, few carry as much weight as Honda. A jack of all trades, the company produces anything with an engine, whether it be a car, lawn mower, or even a jet. Throughout multiple industries, the Honda name is associated with reliability, versatility, and fun. And Asimo, can’t forget about him.

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This list will dig into all that Honda has to offer, from their cars and trucks, to their motorbikes, boat engines and everything in between.

10 The Accord

The Honda Accord is one of the bestselling and longest-lasting cars in existence. The four-door sedan, whose base model starts at $23,870, is a great car by itself, but Honda has a few more variants of the Accord up its sleeves. The Sport trim ($26,530) comes with either a 1.5 and 2.0 turbocharged engine, while the Touring ($36,100) comes with more standard luxury features. While the Accord lacks the same variety as the Civic, it is still a trusty sedan that’s got a model for everyone.

9 The Civic

It’s mind-blowing how many versions of the Civic Honda makes. While the basic Civic starts at $19,750, higher up models, like the Type R, can fetch up to $36,300. The Type R trim features a 306 hp 2.0L turbocharged engine, and styling that is anything but humble.

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But for those who don’t feel like chewing up the asphalt, there are other versions of the Civic worth checking out. The Civic Hatchback, at $21,650, gets an MPG rating of 40/31 for city and highway, which is excellent for a non-hybrid vehicle.

8 Hatchbacks and Crossovers

Other than the Civic Hatchback, Honda also makes a less expensive option in the Fit. At $16,190, it’s the least expensive automobile Honda makes, and it’s one of the smallest. Further above the Fit in the company’s hierarchy, we’ve got the HR-V and CR-V at $20,620 and $24,450 respectively. Both are well regarded in their respective categories, though the CR-V is generally better known as it’s been around longer. The CR-V often finds itself in direct competition with the Toyota RAV4, another popular crossover that emerged to prominence in the mid ‘90s.

7 Mid and Full-Sized SUVs

The Passport and the Pilot are Honda’s two biggest SUVs. The smaller of the two, the Passport, has been made off and on over the course of 25 years or so. The car starts at $31,990, and is marketed as more of an off-road friendly SUV.

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The Pilot, at $31,550, is more in line with a typical midsize SUV. It offers three rows of seating, plenty of storage space, and all the technology one could ask for. Both have optional AWD.

6 Minivan and Pickup

The Odyssey ($30,690) and the Ridgeline ($29,990) are Honda’s minivan and pickup respectively. Both are rated highly in their respective fields. The Odyssey remains one of the most popular minivans on the road today, and is frequently touted for its reliability and good interior. The Ridgeline, while not as popular as other pickups on the market, is an attractive option for those who want the convenience of a truck with the dexterity of a car. Nearly all Ridgeline models come with available AWD powertrain.

5 Hybrids and EV

Strangely, Honda does not make a hybrid Civic. Rather, in addition to a hybrid Accord ($25,470), the company offers the Insight and the Clarity. The Insight ($22,930) only comes as a hybrid, whereas the Clarity comes as a plug-in, an all-electric and a fuel-cell model.

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Both the EV and the fuel-cell are only available for lease, but the hybrid model starts at $33,400, and features a combined MPG of 340 miles. The fuel-cell trim gets 360 miles, making it one of the most efficient cars Honda has ever produced.

4 Power Sports

One benefit that Honda has over its counterparts is that it literally goes beyond the pavement. In addition to motorcycles, the company also makes dirt bikes, ATVs and four-wheelers. Honda Power Sport’s selection of vehicles is far too vast to list here, but there are a number of standouts. Their Pioneer line of recreational four-wheelers are perfect for hunters or farmers who need something to traverse their land. Their touring bikes, like the Interstate, rival those made by Harley-Davidson. Oh, and they also make scooters, like the one Peter Parker used to ride in Sam Rami’s Spider-Man trilogy.

Honda also makes lawn-mowers, tractors, generators, and even snow blowers, and much like the rest of their products, its outdoor appliances are also favored for their reliability, innovation, and low cost of ownership.

3 Marine

Honda may not produce boats, but they do make boat motors. Their motors come in four varieties, including portable, mid-range, high power and jet drives. Each of these vary in terms of horsepower and intended usage. Portable engines are meant to be fitted to sailboats or smaller craft that typically require a manual form of locomotion.

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Meanwhile, their top-tier motors can reach as much as 250 hp and are better suited for heavier watercraft. Jet drivers are meant usually for shallower water, like ponds and rivers, and are therefore lower powered.

2 Acura

Perhaps Honda’s best-known subsidiary is Acura. The company’s luxury division, it was launched in the mid-‘80s to compete with standard luxury brands like Mercedes and Cadillac. Over the years, Acura has built a reputation for dependability and innovation, while also producing premium-grade cars at a lower than anticipated price point.

The brand is not available in Japan, though it’s often used by Honda as a catalyst from which the company can market some of its higher-end models. The NSX, Honda’s first mid-engine sports car, is sold in America as an Acura. Other examples include the Acura Legend, which was one of the first models introduced to the US during the brand’s launch. The success of Acura prompted rivals like Toyota and Nissan to produce their own luxury marquis, in the form of Lexus and Infiniti respectively.

1 Overall Reputation

Today, Honda has a foothold in nearly every transportation industry one can think of. Other than what we listed here, the company also branched off into producing small jets for personal use. Their flagship jet, the twin-engine HA-420, starts at around $4 million, and seats six passengers. Honda’s influence continues to grow throughout the world, and it is now one of the biggest technology companies in existence.

The company’s legacy of reliability has fueled its sales and kept it within the public spotlight for decades. Some estimates place Honda as the most reliable automotive brand ever, though that title is often contested by rival Toyota. Still, despite changes within the automotive market, the Civic and Accord continue to sell well, even with the rise of SUVs sales in recent years.

As of this writing, Honda shows no signs of slowing down. The company is in a good position now, where it can take creative risks while using its bullet-proof reputation to drive future profits. For Honda, there’s no other place to go but up.

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