10 Concept Pictures of Electric Cars that Will Blow Your Mind

Concept cars offer a glimpse into the future of what automobiles will look like. With electric vehicles being the new trend, the future looks fresh.

Concept cars can offer an intriguing look into the future of automotive design and performance. While most concepts will never be made for mass consumption, their influence serves to inspire designers and engineers to push the boundaries of what the automobile can accomplish.

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These days, electric cars are all the rage, and naturally, most of the big names in the industry are coming out with their bold visions of the EV future. These are 10 examples that will leave you drooling.

10 Hyundai 45 Concept

Hyundai isn’t always associated with eye-popping design characteristics, which makes this concept something of a surprise. The 45 Concept is a crossover that emphasizes convenience and simplicity. In addition to those sliding doors, the 45 replaces its rearview mirrors with a video display that’s integrated into the driver’s instrument panel. While this isn’t the first car to implement such a design, it is the first to do away with the outside mirrors altogether. The seats also swivel to allow for a more comfortable entry and exit.

9 Fiat Centoventi

Fiat has always been known for their quirky cars, and the Centoventi is no exception. The car is built around customization, from the limitless color schemes and exterior features, to removable battery packs that can be swapped out and replaced at home. Batteries can even be added to increase the range, a perfect option for road trips.

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But the best part about this feature is that it cuts out the middle man, decreasing the cost of ownership by not constantly needing to go to the dealer whenever the battery dies. We hope this becomes a regular feature on all future electric car designs, as it could make EV a more valuable option in the eyes of consumers.

8 Cadillac EV Concept

Another EV with an emphasis on customization, this Cadillac prototype boasts multiple drivetrains and battery packs to accommodate any driver. This means that a customer could choose a short range battery with all-wheel drive, or a long range option with front or rear wheel drive and vice-versa. Options like this exist today in most electric cars, but not to the same extent as what Cadillac is promising. Other than those facts, there’s little else known about the EV concept. Hopefully, GM will divulge more info soon, especially since the company is currently banking their entire future on the EV trend.

7 Honda E Prototypes

Recently, Honda has taken a bold approach in crafting their next generation of EV cars. Hearkening back to classic designs, the two EVs that they’ve shown look like they’ve come out of the 1960s, but without the carbon-killing engines. The two E Prototypes that have been shown include an urban hatchback and a two-door roadster, both of which sport similar features, like 360 degree camera systems.

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Sadly, the hatchback model, which is slated for release in Europe sometime next year, isn’t expected to come out in North America. Hopefully it’ll come out stateside sooner rather than later, but for now, there are plenty of other EV cars that we Americans can look forward to, like our next entry.

6 Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Unveiled this year to critical acclaim, the ID. Buzz is another EV that hearkens back to yesteryear. In this case, it’s the next generation of the iconic VW buss, a vehicle that became an icon during the Summer of love. The Buzz is slated to come out in 2022, and we can hardly wait. The Buzz has a nice range, with an upwards of 370 miles. Those are Tesla Model S numbers right there, but in a vehicle with twice as much storage and passenger space. Also, we sincerely hope that the Buzz comes with an optional flower-power paint scheme, peace sign and all. Make it happen VW!

5 Lexus LF-30 Electrified

Here’s where we get to the real meat and potatoes in the world of EV concepts. The LF-30 is a performance sedan that looks like something out of a science fiction blockbuster. It features in-wheel electric motors, a step up from the quad-core motor setup that high-end EVs have been touting as of late. But even without that kind of technology, the LF-30 would still be worth mentioning if only for its design.

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It is one of the coolest concept cars ever designed, with a distinctive shape, thrilling exterior lighting accents, and a cockpit that doesn’t look like anything from this world.

4 Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion

Mercedes proclaims that the F 015 represents luxury in its final form. That may be a bold statement, but we can see why they would make such a claim. It is the only car on this list that is built around autonomous driving. Sure, you can drive it yourself, but then you’d miss out on all the fun your passengers are having. The driver and front passenger seats rotate, essentially turning the F 015 into a futuristic limousine, sans chauffer. Plus it’s got six screens that can be used for anything, like watching movies or playing games. It’s what would happen if a car and a smartphone merged, resulting in a vehicle that takes everything we think we know about the automobile and chucks it out the window.

3 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

Any Lamborghini concept is sure to be absolutely bonkers, and the Terzo Millennio doesn’t disappoint in that regard. The first EV Lambo, the Millennio converts kinetic energy into raw power, capable of delivering an insane rate of speed.

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This, combined with lightweight materials like carbon fiber, will no doubt make the Terzo Millennio one of the fastest cars ever made. Only time will tell if they’re ever able to pull it off.

2 Infiniti Prototype 9

The Prototype 9 is surprising on a variety of levels. First, it’s made by Infiniti, a company that has earned the unflattering reputation of producing dated, boring luxury sedans and crossovers that nobody wants to buy anymore. Second, it looks like a ‘30s era racecar, the likes of which you’d never think would be made by a Japanese luxury marquis. And third, it’s EV all the way, in a move that takes the term ‘everything old is new again’ to an extreme. You would never think that anyone at Infiniti could even dream of concocting something like this, but as it turns out there are innovators working behind the scenes that haven’t lost their spark just yet. Let’s hope that passion and energy helps dig Infiniti out of the slump that it currently finds itself.

1 Peugeot Onyx

Another surprise entry from a relatively uncool automaker, the Onyx was first unveiled in 2012, without any hope of it being released. While it is a shame, it’s also understandable, as the Onyx is less of a car and more of an art project. We should point out that the Onyx is not an EV, but a hybrid, with a 3.7L 600 hp V8 engine. But we just couldn’t resist mentioning the Onyx, if only because of the wealth of wacky features that make this one of the most memorable concept cars ever produced. The seats and interior fabrics are made from a single piece of fabric, and the dashboard is made from recycled newspaper. But that’s nothing compared to the exterior, parts of which are made from pure copper that will tarnish and turn green over prolonged exposure to the elements. It’s not often a car comes around that deteriorates on purpose, but yet again the Onyx isn’t your typical supercar. If you thought that the Lambo from earlier was crazy, you may want to reconsider.

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