10 Awesome Race Tracks You'll Only Find In Ohio

Ohio is home to green hills, cornfields for miles, and also some fun race tracks. These are the best ones that you definitely have to visit.

Ohio is a place of industrial factories, but it also has hills of rolling green and cornfields that span for miles. There are several race tracks located in this great state that excite drivers from all across the country. Tires squeal on asphalt or rip through dirt and vehicles are sent flying through the course at top speeds.

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You might live in Ohio or happen to be planning a trip here, but there are so many great race tracks for you to see. They vary in the type of motorsport and audience, but they will all excite you in a way that has your adrenaline pumping. Keep reading to learn about 10 awesome race tracks you'll only find in Ohio!

10 Lorain County Speedway (South Amherst)

This track has been giving fans and drivers enjoyment since 1949 and it is located amongst a few farmlands in South Amherst, Ohio. It started as a 1/3 mile dirt track, but in 1961 it was transformed into a 3/8 mile asphalt track.

They hold several races throughout the year, as well as numerous festivals and other events that guests can attend. You can stop by this track on a weekend for some great driving and entertainment, and it only costs a mere $10 for you to enter.

9 Painesville Speedway (Painesville)

This venue was formally known as the Lake County Speedway and is the perfect place for you to catch a race. They feature asphalt straightaways and concrete corners in an oval shape that spans 1/5th of a mile. There are eight different divisions of racers and it only costs $10 to enter, or $25 if you want a seat in the pit.

They hold racing and autograph nights, as well as different challenges and events for charity. You can watch different racers compete for the win and enjoy spending time with other fans who love the sport as much as you do.

8 Summit Motorsports Park (Norwalk)

The goal of this racetrack is to provide guests with an affordable form of entertainment that is fun and safe for the whole family. They specialize in drag racing and every guest has to try one of their amazing burgers before they leave the race.

This venue even has a pound of velvet ice cream that you can buy for just one dollar, which is a better deal than you will find at any other track. If you do want to plan a trip then you should try to come by for their Night on Fire event as flames, fireworks, and fast cars mesmerize guests for hours on end.

7 Kil-Kare Raceway (Xenia)

This was originally a dirt track but ended up being paved after one race back in 1951 due to the amount of dust it stirred up. They specialize in stock car and drag racing and it has been named the NHRA Division III Track of the Year five times throughout its long history.

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This is one track where racers have to battle it out for a win, and many professional racers found their start here. It is also an official track of NASCAR and has produced several Ohio winners since it has been a part of this organization.

6 Attica Raceway Park (Attica)

This is a clay oval track that is only 1/3 mile in length, but it is also known for its independent fair. They showcase late models, dirt trucks, 410 sprint cars, and 305 sprint cars throughout the season for guests to come and watch.

It cost $15 for entry and they hold special events like the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series and the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series. They always have a full schedule that runs from March to the end of August, so make sure to stop by in time to see their amazing track, as well as a fun-filled race.

5 Sandusky Speedway (Sandusky)

The first race was held back in 1950 and it was a 1/2 mile dirt track that could seat 3,500 adoring race fans. They eventually paved it in 1955, as well as upgraded their stands to steel and they have had two brief associations with NASCAR throughout its history.

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More changes were made when 2005 rolled around as the motocross track in the infield was transformed into a go-kart track. There are always plenty of fun events to attend and adrenaline-filled races that will grab your attention, which is why this is one amazing racetrack that should be on your bucket list.

4 Quaker City Motorsports Park (Salem)

If drag racing is your thing, then you should take a trip to the Quaker City Motorsports Park in Salem, Ohio. The track is 1/4 mile long and features smooth grass pits and a grandstand that can seat up to 5,000 people.

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If you have small children, this track has a fenced playground where you can take them to play if they get bored during the day, but the races are so exciting we doubt that will happen. There are so many events that you have the opportunity to attend and their newly renovated concession stand will keep your stomach occupied for the duration of your time at this venue.

3 Brushcreek Motorsports (Peebles)

This is a dirt track that has divisions of modified, sport mod, legend, and enduro. They have several themed nights that are fun for both guests and drivers and it only costs $15 to enter.

You can watch a variety of races that are enjoyable for the whole family and it could be the start of a new tradition. The fast pace races combined with good food and flying dirt will have you cheering like never before as you enjoy a race put on by excellent drivers.

2 Barberton Speedway (Barberton)

The track in Barberton, Ohio, is one that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. They have racing going on every Saturday night on their paved track, with plenty of seating for guests to watch the events unfold.

They are all about competitive racing and watching drivers excel in their craft. It will put goosebumps on your arms at just how impressive this Ohio track really is the first time you lay eyes on it. The races will be neck and neck and you won't know what's going on as the cars race across the finish line.

1 KC Raceway (Chillicothe)

This is one of the best tracks in Ohio for bike, ATV, and kart racing. It is a clay oval track that is 1/8 mile in length, and it also features a 1/2 mile dirt track as well. It is only $5 for entry or $15 if you want a pass to the pit and there is plenty of seating with great views of all of the action.

They even have events where you can learn how to drive a kart like the best of them, or you can have fun on one of their Arrive and Drive days to try it out for yourself.

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