10 Coolest Cars In Dana White's Collection

The man behind every Ultimate Fighting Championship event, Dana White has some truly incredible cars in his collection. These are the best ones.

Dana White is the man behind every Ultimate Fighting Championship event. He's like the Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorcese, or James Cameron of every UFC main event that's happened since the start of this century. The recent UFC 243 event held in Melbourne had a massive 57,000 person audience and probably earned the company at least $5 million. Dana, of course, took his cut from that single show. What does one do with such big chunks of money?

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They fill their garage with nice cars, that's what they do. Of course, his private jet won't fit there, so we'll eliminate Dana White's Bombardier here. However, these 10 garage residents will still knock us out of the octagon for sure!

10 Cadillac Escalade

In the various appearances Dana White made as president of the UFC, he usually stepped out of a Cadillac Escalade. This vehicle is perfect for an important celebrity and his entourage, and then for personal time, it's the perfect SUV for the family. Dana has a big family with his wife Anne and their three children, Aidan, Savannah and Dana Jr. Big SUVs like the Escalade ESV are a necessary vehicle for a family of five and more.

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This Cadillac is just one of the many cars Dana White has in his collection and is counted as a daily car for the man, it's price is not for regular people like us. The 2020 Cadillac Escalade ESV is priced at $79,490 on Cadillac's website.

9 Bentley Continental

A 9% cut from the UFC enterprise as its president is no piece of cake, and now that the sport has risen to levels nobody ever thought of before that percentage is huge money. Dana White can definitely fill his garage with a collection of Bentleys if he chooses to. He can line them all up on one side, Mulsanne, Bentayga, Flying Spur, even a Continental. But it seemed that White would rather give these Bentleys as gifts to his prized fighters rather than collect them.

We heard in the past that former UFC champions Jon Jones and Anderson Silva both received a Bentley Continental GT from White and the UFC. These cars are not cheap, the new ones could go for about $200,000.

8 Ferrari Testarossa

Every millionaire has one Ferrari in their garage, it just seems like a prerequisite car for these rich car enthusiasts and multi-millionaires. Dana White has two of them, the first Ferrari he bought was a Ferrari Testarossa. You can see his beloved Testarossa in an episode of UFC 174 Embedded, among the other cars White owns in his garage. We also could see a glimpse of his black Bentley in the show.

The Ferrari Testarossa is a classic late eighties and nineties car that's an iconic sports car. This vehicle is still expensive, priced at a minimum of $79,500 to $229,000 on the Hemmings website.

7 Ducati Motorcycle

Obviously Dana White is a Harley Hog with his two Harleys and we always see the Harley Davidson logo in the UFC octagon canvas. But Dana White has branched out in the motorcycle game and got himself a Ducati bike as well. Ducatis are no joke, they go fast, some even faster than sports cars, and they aren't cheap.

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The 2019 Ducati Panigale V4 is priced at $40,000 according to Asphalt & Rubber. Dana's Ducati is a customized bike with an emblazoned UFC logo slapped on the side. Aside from the Ducati and two Harley Davidson choppers, White also has an Agusta bike.

6 Chevrolet Camaro

Dana White has a soft spot when it comes to Chevrolet Camaros. He owns a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro and back in 2010 the UFC auctioned off 10 Chevrolet Camaros for the benefit of Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund charity group. White and the UFC partnered with Findlay Customs and Modern Muscle Las Vegas to produce these 10 UFC Camaros, custom-built for the ultimate UFC and muscle car fanatic.

The first car auctioned was acquired for a whopping $350,000 as reported by Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. It's not just mixed martial arts, cars, and Dana White's collection, but also the charitable work these things can do when they work together to help the heroes who served our country bravely and proudly.

5 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

What gift do you get your children for their birthdays if their family already has everything? Dana White gifts them cars, not just regular cars but expensive cars. Before he gives them nice rides, he test drives these brands first. Before he gave his son Dana Jr. a BMW, he made sure the ride is great by getting himself a BMW M6 Gran Coupe. According to Edmunds, the base price of a 2019 BMW M6 Gran Coupe is $119,900.

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Have you ever given a gift that's worth thousands of dollars? That's what Dana does for his kids. Now if he would only adopt a grown man, we'd be set for a cool ride ourselves, right?

4 Harley-Davidson Chopper

Harley-Davidson is a brand that's long been associated with the Ultimate Fighting Championships. These two have been partners since 2007, mostly because Dana White is a chopper fan and a big bike enthusiast. In one episode of UFC's reality show Lookin' For A Fight, Dana White and his crew with Matt Serra and Din Thomas rode Harleys through the town of Sturgis on a scenic ride to the iconic Mt. Rushmore, in South Dakota.

The 2020 Harley-Davidson Freewheeler Motorcycle is one of the latest and most handsome bikes available today and its base price is $27,999. Bikes like these are given away to winners of UFC's reality show The Ultimate Fighter and even in UFC main events as prizes to winners of bouts.

3 Ferrari F430

This millionaire sports enterprise president's second Ferrari is a Ferrari F430. It's a black one that suits him really well. Ferrari's are generally expensive, base price or not, they're worth lots of money. A used Ferrari F430 can go from $79,000 to $208,888 according to Car Gurus.

Dana's is a sleek, all-black 2005 Ferrari F430 Spider, with all-aluminum body work and chassis, and powered by a V8 engine. Being a 2-seater sports car this is definitely Dana's personal ride. Maybe he takes his son for a father-son talk or goes out to run errands for the wife. This may even be the car that he used to teach his boys how to drive.

2 Range Rover

Range Rovers are luxury SUVs that can only be afforded by the richest people. Granted that Dana White owns a relatively older 2012 Range Rover model, it is still a pricey one if we check the used car prices for a 2012 Range Rover vehicle. If his Ferrari F430 is a personal car, then the Range Rover is Dana's family car. We know that Dana has other big cars in his collection but this is one of the best.

The 2012 Range Rover seats five people comfortably and it's a luxury vehicle so we know the comfort, security and drivability is there. A 2020 Range Rover's base price is $90,900, so maybe it's time for an upgrade, Dana?

1 Plymouth Barracuda

Dana White was born and raised in Connecticut, and like any other American kid who grew up in the '70s, he loves muscle cars. Perhaps his most favorite car in his collection is the 1971 Plymouth Barracuda. It is the epitome of muscle cars, and a dream come true for Dana when he got it. Plymouth Barracudas like these are still being sold at a high price because of its look and quality. Hemmings listings show this car sold from $65,900 to $975,000, and that's just unbelievable! We wouldn't be surprised if Dana doesn't drive this car anymore and just keeps it in the middle of his house to look at every morning after he wakes up.

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