20 Cool Facts About Car Masters' Queen Constance Nunes

Car programs have plagued our television screens. Numerous shows emerged since Xzibit took jalopies from ordinary citizens and handed it over to a customs crew to modify the vehicle. With numerous car programs on the air, what makes the one program stand out from the rest? The new car program on Netflix called Car Masters: Rust to Riches may have the answer. The show premiered in mid-September and had intrigued audiences. Since restoring and flipping vehicles is a lucrative business, Mark Towle, owner of Gotham Garage, assembled a team to overhaul an eclectic collection of cars with the goal of turning a vehicle into a showstopper that will yield high profits.

Since many other car programs have used the same concept, what makes Car Masters different? Ask men what their two favorite things are beside sports, and most will answer "Cars and Women." The producers of Car Masters wanted to provide both to their viewers, so they contracted the services of Constance Nunes. Considering that Nunes is an unfamiliar face to the public, we delved into her past to find out everything about her. We also gleaned information about her current projects and future goals. Readers who are interested in learning a bit more about Nunes have come to the right place. Our list features interesting facts about Car Masters' Constance Nunes.

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20 Her Descent Is Portuguese

via Super Street

If you want to make it in Hollywood, then you need to be surrounded by stars who will propel you to stardom. One of the factors that have helped Nunes into the spotlight is that she resides in California. Although Nunes was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, she is of Portuguese descent. That would explain her dark hair and tan. Being multicultured may have helped her to be open-minded and explore spheres like car restoration, which most girls don't explore. Considering that she has Portuguese blood, I wonder if she's a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo...

19 Nunes Is A Business Owner

via Driving Line

Towle employed Nunes to restore old cars so that he could sell the vehicles for a good profit. Although Nunes enjoys working at Gotham Garage, she has an entrepreneurial mindset. Nunes is setting up her business, which involves building custom cars. She also uses Cars by Constance to blog about her restoration and custom build process, as well as general information about the cars that she's fixing. Considering that the economy needs more entrepreneurs, especially female, we commend Nunes' efforts to add value to society and simultaneously build her dream.

18 She Has A Big Problem With Bad Drivers

via Motor Mavens

Since Nunes is a car fanatic, she spends a lot of time driving. The bad drivers in Los Angeles have gotten to Nunes so much that she felt the need to voice her opinion on Twitter.

" I feel like I need to start a driving school....for all the people in Los Angeles who somehow missed the lessons on their driving test of how to merge, how fast to go in the proper lanes on the freeway, how to get out of your parking spot without doing a 50 point 1/2 turn."

Nunes also takes up two parking bays, as she claims that people in Los Angeles don't respect classics and door-ding the vehicles.

17 She's A Part-Time Model

via IMDB

While Nunes was building her resume in the automobile industry by working as a model at car shows, she ventured into fashion modeling. Nunes has an impressive modeling portfolio, as she has done photo shoots for companies such as Wrangler, Jockey, Jlux Label, Javanan Magazine, and Feral Cosmetics. Nunes is not shy to reveal her body to her followers, as she often posts pictures of her photo shoots on her IG page. Fans who would like to see more of Nunes can get a copy of Maxim magazine. The other option is her website.

16 Her Day Is Filled With Building Muscle Cars

via Deskgram

Although Nunes is involved in several projects in the entertainment industry, her first passion is working on cars. When Nunes is not overhauling cars at Gotham Garage, she is busy on her projects.

Considering that restoring cars is her passion, it makes sense that she would spend most of her time under a car.

The limited time that she has to do other projects, Nunes dedicates it to her modeling career and television projects. Since Nunes occupies her time with her passion, I'm sure she doesn't mind missing out on some social gatherings.

15 Nune's Experience With Cars Is Vast

via watchmoviestream

Considering that Car Masters is a new program and most viewers are unfamiliar with Nunes, many people will get the impression that Nunes is new to the automobile industry. On the contrary, Nunes has ten years of experience in the industry. Besides starting as a model at car trade shows, Nunes began her career by working on personal builds and expanded her knowledge by working with a vast array of vehicles. Her constant stride to expand her car knowledge is one of the reasons that helped Nunes secure her spot on Towles' staff and appearance on the show.

14 Top Car Dealerships Employed Her

via Flipboard

After Nunes started her journey in the automobile industry, she sought to improve her knowledge. One of the strategies that she deployed was to work for top automobile companies.

Throughout the ten years experience that Nunes garnered in the industry, she worked for BMW, Acura, Audi, and Ford in the service department and as an aftermarket director.

Being exposed to the German and U.S vehicles allowed Nunes to garner an array of experience. The exposure also served to boost her resume, which helped her to be part of the Car Masters crew.

13 She Builds Cars For Specialty Shops

via Mak Pictures

Apart from having worked at the service department of top car manufacturers, Nunes also builds cars for specialty shops. Viewers of the show know that Nunes builds for Gotham Garage, but most are unaware that she works with southern California brands such as CARS Etc, Classics and Charlie's Corvettes. The other clients that Nunes is involved with include VP Racing Fuels, 4 Wheel Parts, and Nitto Tires, as well as working with Audi as a specialist. With the exposure that Nunes will get on Car Masters, more specialty shops will notice her talent and hire her skills.

12 Nunes Owns A 1964 Mustang

via Driving Line

Teenagers can do crazy things to rebel, but Nunes' rebellion act resulted in her ownership of a 1964 Mustang. She bought a 1964 Ford Mustang at age 16. Nunes insists that everybody should refer to the vehicles as a 1964.5 Ford Mustang, according to Driving Line.

Nunes calls the car "Babystang" and works on it almost daily to restore it to the original condition.

The car was originally Wimbledon White, but Nunes wanted to ensure that the modification consisted of 1964 parts. Nunes said that the straight-six engine, which runs flawlessly, is her favorite part of the car.

11 She's Done Stunt Work For Hollywood Movies

via Megan-Le.com

Glean into Nunes' portfolio, and you will discover that most of the resume consists of modeling. A minor section on the resume consists of her roles in movies. The fact that Nunes' fans will, probably, not know is that she has done stunt work in movies Bring it On and Dodgeball. She also mentions on the resume that she was in the background in Dodgeball. I'm sure that her brief appearances in those movies helped to get her the attention of Mark Towle and on the screen of Car Masters.

10 Her Social Media Page Is Blowing Up

via Digital Trends

When Nunes opened a social media account, she garnered a few hundred followers in a short period. That hundred followers turned into several thousand fans who wanted to get a glimpse of Nunes' daily life.

While working as a model at car shows, Nunes accumulated around 10000 followers on her social media page.

Although that is an impressive number of followers, many fans wondered why she did not have more considering her beauty. Her debut on Car Masters helped to catapult her social media pages to over 230000 followers. With her rise in popularity, Nunes also recently opened a Twitter account.

9 She Likes Bad Boys

via Mdmc.org

Nunes appeared in Maxim magazine after doing a photo shoot in her bikini. The inquisitive men at Maxim magazine took the opportunity to interview Nunes. They wanted to find out everything that most guys want to know about a beautiful woman. One of the questions posed to Nunes was how a man could catch her attention. "Pull up in a muscle car or on a dirt bike with questionable tattoos and a Metallica T-shirt on," Nunes answered. That pretty much describes a bad boy. I can see numerous guys following her advice and showing up at Gotham Garage.

8 Her Ideal Date Is At The Drag Race

via Hot Rod Network

Knowing that you have to have tattoos and pull up in a muscle car while wearing a Metallica t-shirt to get Nunes' attention, the next obvious thing to know is where to take her.

When Maxim magazine asked her for her ideal date, Nunes responded, "My perfect date would be going to see a drag race or [a] monster truck rally".

"I like that kind of stuff. Something loud and fun, and then follow it up with In-N-Out and beer in the bed of a truck just hanging out." She sounds like one of the guys.

7 She's Terrible At Selfies

via Health Seed Lifestyle

Part-time model exposed Nunes to a lot of photo shoots. Also, considering that Nunes posts a lot of pictures of herself online, one would think that she is good at taking selfies. When Maxim asked her the secret to taking a selfie, Nunes said, "I'm actually really terrible at selfies. It's a model trait I didn't inherit, apparently. Can't win them all..." Although Nunes feels that her camera work does not yield good photos, most guys gawking at her pictures are thrilled with seeing photos of her.

6 Men Clog Up Her Inbox With Cheesy Pickup Lines

via Videoblocks

When you are a model with more than 230000 followers, men stalking your page and vying for your attention is inevitable. Not all of her followers have the resources to communicate with her in person, so they choose a more convenient platform - social media.

Nunes' male fans have clogged up her inbox with numerous messages. While some guys ask her for her favorite color, others are more audacious to try their luck with her.

Maxim asked Nunes what's the worst pickup line that she's heard. "People throw out some really crazy lines on my account. I think the best one I heard was "You don't need keys to drive me crazy."

5 She Lets Men Know If She's Interested

via Live About

Men around the world have tried to figure out how to get a beautiful girl's attention. While most men believe that you need a big bank account, height, and good looks to get the attention of the guys, some girls prefer the average Joe. Even better news for men is that some women will make the first move. Maxim magazine wanted to find out how Nunes lets a man know that she's interested. "I'm pretty upfront. If I'm interested, I will tell you to your face I want to talk over a drink and then make out."

4 Her Favorite Past Time Is Eating Cheat Food

via Pinterest

Being in the fashion industry and in front of a camera, Nunes has to ensure that she maintains an hourglass figure. When one sees Nunes' body, most would believe that she abides by a strict diet.

Although she works out and eats healthy most of the time, Nunes also prefers to dabble in sinful food.

"I'm totally that person to say I'm busy or working and can't go out tonight, but really I just want to be at home drinking wine and eating cheat food in a pillow fort I made in my living room."

3 One Of Her Gigs Was For A Superbowl Commercial

via Sporting News

The more I learn about Nunes, the more I discover that she is a man trapped in a woman's body. Not only does she love to fix cars, drink beer and make the first move on the boys, she also loves sports. Nunes has done several television commercials for Reebok, Motorola and Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game, as well as for Kia's Superbowl Commercial in 2016. Although Nunes was in the background in the commercial, she has bragging rights about affiliation to one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

2 Her Dad Was The Inspiration For The Car Career

via Ramona Rose

Most of her passion for cars stemmed while growing up and watching her dad drag race and build muscle cars. "I can't really put an age on it," she said. "Ever since I can remember, I've always been involved [with cars]," Nunes said.

She started working in her dad's garage at a young age, which helped to intensify her passion for cars.

What fuelled the passion more was the "Babystang", which Nunes' dad shipped from out-of-state to his shop in Thousand Oaks, California. Nunes fell in love with the car and worked on it since she was sixteen years old.

1 Nunes Is Engaged

via Brickell Magazine

We have shared the type of men that Nunes prefers, her ideal date location, as well as a strategy to get her attention. While that information would have been useful when Nunes was single, it is irrelevant considering that she is engaged. Nunes is engaged to Jared Toller. The date for the ceremony is February 9, 2019, according to The Knot, and the location is Piru, California. Although male fans don't stand a chance with Nunes, they can gawk at her by watching Car Masters. Something is better than nothing, after all.

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