24 Cool Pics Of 4x4s Off-Roading In The Mud

Here are 24 Cool Pics Of 4x4s Off-Roading In The Mud

When we were children, playing in the mud was a fun activity. Nothing brought us more joy than splattering mud on our bodies and rolling around in the dirty water. Although being an adult provides you with certain perks, it also takes away the joy of engaging in childhood activities. Imagine obtaining the financial perks of being an adult while dabbling in fun activities that you enjoyed when you were young. Well, some adults are unwilling to let go of their childhood to be an adult and have opted for the best of both worlds. Some adults enjoyed their time in the mud so much as a child that they had used their assets to return to the murky waters.

The nostalgia for these folks was too great to overcome, so they returned to the playground. To find out which adults aren't too old to play in the mud, we explored some of the dirtiest terrains and discovered 4x4 drivers that aren't scared to get their hands dirty. The drivers we featured have gone back to the muddy waters with 4x4s and made a splash. Strap on your boots, roll up your windows, and switch on the wipers as we explore the fun that 4x4 drivers indulged in when they returned to the mud.

24 Go In With A Bang

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Regardless of what you do in life, you need to put your heart into it and go in with a bang. The driver of this 4x4 was unsatisfied with driving only off-road and wanted a bigger challenge. He also wanted to revive his youth by making a splash.

Well, he accomplished that as he drove his vehicle into a puddle and raised a splash that was twice the height of his vehicle.

To accomplish that, he drove into the puddle at high speed and relished in the fun.

23 Get Down And Muddy

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While making a small splash in the mud is fun, to optimize the fun, you have to get as deep into the mud as possible. The driver of this 4x4 wanted the entire experience when he picked a deep puddle that almost reached his windows. Not one to call it quits, the driver persevered through the muddy water to have fun. The only risk that he has exposed himself to in the deep puddle is getting stuck. The tires might acquire too much mud that will end his joyride.

22 Put On A Show

via kluch.media

Although driving through the mud will provide a good time, what makes the experience more thrilling is having spectators enjoy the moment with you.

The fortunate driver of this 4x4 gets to enjoy the mud while others cheer for him.

Not only does the driver get to have fun in the mud while cruising at high speeds, but others will envy him and take pictures of his unique lifestyle. I find it amazing how some people find jobs that you wouldn't think existed. Good on this driver to discover such a unique job.

21 Another Day In The Mud

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Enthusiasts of 4x4 driving in New Zealand are fortunate to have access to the annual 4x4 Mud Plug Rally at the Land Rover Owners Club Otago's grounds in Waitati, New Zealand. The Otago Daily Times covered the event in 2008, which featured drivers looking to get down and dirty. Some of the competitors were more thrilled than others to be in the dirty water. Perhaps, some competitors had grown weary of the same track and needed a new challenge, while others found the experience delightful.

20 Wheelie

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Besides dirtying your vehicle, the mud can also assist 4x4 drivers to pull off tricks. When this driver drove up a small hill that contained a puddle of mud, he stepped on the gas to avoid getting stuck. As he drove to the edge of the small hill, the mud helped to elevate his vehicle.

Escaping from the mud helped the driver to pull off a wheelie while the rear tires dug deep into the water.

The driver could probably not do that on a flat surface. That's a pretty cool trick that was unintentional.

19 Over The Top

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Nature is all about the survival of the fittest. Those who are slow get left behind. If you cannot make it in the wild, others will trample over you. These two drivers explored muddy waters, and when one driver got stuck, the other saw an opportunity to get the upper hand. Once one of the drivers got across the sticky patch, I'm sure he helped the other to maneuver his vehicle. In this case, two heads are better than one, as the drivers would've faced the arduous task crossing the puddle by themselves.

18 Nowhere To Run

via 4wb Club Melbourne

One of the factors that 4x4 drivers need to consider is that once they're in the puddle, there's no going back. The driver of this 4x4 was audacious enough to explore a track that trees surround. The only way that this driver is getting out of the mess is by covering the entire track. This forest doesn't permit any stops. After soaking in the mud, the car blends into its environment. The trees, mud, and the dirty car make this setting gloomy.

17 Rev For Maximum Fun

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Playing in the mud provides endless fun, but the experience can be frustrating if you're stuck. That's what the driver of this 4x4 experienced when he dug too deep. The deep puddle submerged his tires. To get the vehicle out, the driver stepped on the gas. That works sometimes, but the driver should be prepared for the mud to cover his vehicle. I don't think that he minded having mud splatter all over his vehicle. He probably thought that the experience was fun and didn't mind getting stuck again.

16 A Muddy Competitor

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Who would've thought as a child that you can play in the mud for money when you're an adult? Some people have the best jobs.

The drivers in the vehicle are the fortunate people who compete in mud races and enjoy the rewards that are inherent in the sport.

Wouldn't you love to live that life? These two gentlemen made a splash as they dashed in a 4x4 past a white fence. The vehicle dug deep to excavate a tremendous amount of mud. Considering that was the point, the two gentlemen had the time of their lives.

15 Paid For Fun

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What could be better than being paid to do something that you love? If you thought that playing in the mud as a kid was fun, then try racing your vehicle in the mud while receiving a monetary reward. The driver of this car provides endless fun to spectators as he traverses through the mud. The best part about his job is that he gets a better crowd reaction by optimizing the mud splashing. While your mother didn't appreciate you getting dirty in the mud as a child, she might be proud of you as an adult if you're making money from it.

14 The Aftereffect

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Drivers who have a powerful 4x4 can maneuver through the mud at high speeds. When the owner of this vehicle tackled the harsh terrain, he did it while pressing his foot all the way down on the pedal.

He drove through the mud so quickly that puddle behind him splashed at the same time as the puddle ahead.

That makes for an interesting picture but also a thrilling ride. A skilled driver knows how to pick the right puddles that'll enable him to traverse across at high speeds.

13 The Dark Days Are Upon Us

via Jeremy Cliff

What makes this picture so alluring is that all the components complement each other. The dark trees in the background match the black vehicle covered in the mud that has leaped out of the puddle. The driver of this 4x4 decided to go off-roading on a gloomy day. He had to switch on additional light to maneuver through the dark area. The lights add a nice touch to the dark photo. I don't doubt that the driver experienced endless fun while being soaked in the mud due to the open vehicle.

12 Open Window

via Car Throttle

Before exploring muddy waters, drivers need to check their vehicles. They need to make sure that the car's tires are inflated to avoid getting stuck and that the windows are closed to prevent a dirty interior.

The driver of this Jeep was more concerned about diving into the mud to enjoy the fun than ensuring a clean interior; he forgot to close the back window.

Since he's drawn pictures out of the mud on the car's exterior, he can do the same inside the vehicle after he finishes the ride.

11 All In

via Car and Driver

4x4 Drivers who want to challenge others off-road don't need to fret about finding competition. According to Car and Driver, The Battle of the Off-Road Beaters consisted of four teams that explored the mud, sand, and pavement throughout three consecutive days. The staff at Car and Driver bought beaters that cost $1,500 and took the vehicles off-road to determine who would have the most fun. Some of the teams didn't have the luxury of doors and windows and got the interior muddy as well.

10 Causing Havoc

via Auto Yas

Drivers who possess off-road skills are capable of performing tricks by making the splattering mud look like a show. The driver of this 4x4 makes the task of driving through mud seem effortless.

Apart from the ability to showcase his driving skill through the mud, he also does it in such a style that makes his movement look cool.

The driver has made the mud look like a big bag of powder had erupted and speckled over the vehicle. I'd love to be a passenger while that driver maneuvers over the mud.

9 Yay!

via SLS Performance

One of the vehicles that are meant for drivers to take off-road is the Humvee. The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle is composed of a number of light four-wheel-drive military-purpose vehicles that AM General produces. The driver of this off-road was so thrilled with the experience that he couldn't refrain from celebrating the occasion by raising his fist out of the vehicle. Although the vehicle is deep in the puddle, it doesn't have any problems maneuvering through the sticky puddle of mud.

8 Make A Splash

via stuff.co.nz

If you're going to do something, then you need to do it right. That's what the driver of this 4x4 understood before he tackled the sticky terrain. He didn't dabble in the activity; he fully embraced it as he leaped into the water by driving at high speed.

The driver was adamant on crossing the puddle without getting stuck, so he did that by ensuring he had enough speed to get him through the rough patches.

As he landed in the puddle at high speed, the water splashed and covered his vehicle.

7 Stuck On You

via Was Silly

The one thing that I admire about 4x4 drivers is that they can enjoy the toughest situation while driving their vehicles. A 4x4 driver will encounter challenges from the mud but will be excited to show his driving skills. I guess everything is a matter of perspective. What one man finds to be a problem, another sees as a challenge that he enjoys overcoming. When the two gentlemen got stuck in the middle of the sticky terrain, they persevered to get out of the messy situation and found the challenge to be exciting.

6 A Sticky Situation

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While most mud is sticky, it can also be slimy. The driver of this vehicle discovered that you should avoid the mud after the rain. The wet weather makes the mud slimy, which can make those with a light stomach feel nauseated.

Although the slimy mud can cause one to get squeamish, the driver wanted to get the full experience of driving in the mud by opening his window.

I commend the deed, as that is what drivers should do while traversing over mud.  Well done to the driver for tackling an inhospitable terrain.

5 Catch Me Ridin Muddy

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Tackling the mud involves getting dirty. If you're a hygiene freak, then I suggest that you don't take your 4x4 off-road. The experience will annoy you more than it will excite you. However, those who don't mind getting their hands dirty will have a tremendous amount of fun in their 4x4 while the mud splatters over their vehicles and them. These two gentlemen loved every second of their time in the mud that they didn't mind driving in an open vehicle, which would welcome the mud to splatter on the interior.

4 Smithereens

via Randy Olson

The best part about playing in the mud is that it cannot cause any harm if it blows up in your face. Having mud splatter across your face isn't the most pleasant experience, but it's all in good fun. When the mud splattered up from the puddle, the driver got a thrill from it as opposed to the sand, which he would've had to spit out of his mouth or rub out of his eyes if he were on a dirt track. The driver made the right choice in vehicles, as it allowed him to engage in the activity fully.

3 Covered From Head To Toe

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When you partake in an activity, you need to fully submerge yourself in it. These two 4x4 enthusiasts took the meaning literally; the mud completely covered them and their open vehicle. That's one way to indulge in an activity. After all, what's the point of playing in the mud if you're going to do it in an enclosed vehicle?

The two enthusiasts pictured opted for the right choice by doing this activity in a vehicle exposed to the mud.

Talk about being covered from head to toe...

2 Picturesque

via Uvan.us

This is a sight for sore eyes. Apart from enjoying the thrilling ride, the driver of this vehicle created a stunning scenery while dashing through the mud. As the driver traversed through the sticky water, the mud splattered in front of the vehicle in a million pieces. What makes the picture more appealing is that the truck is yellow. The only thing that would've made the photo better is if the driver were in an open vehicle so that he could experience the mud first hand.

1 Mud Slot

via Pixabay

Some pictures of 4x4s in the mud are so beautiful that words cannot describe the beauty.

Not only did this driver do himself a favor by driving in the mud; he did us a favor by allowing us to enjoy the moment as well.

The photographer snapped the photo at the right moment. This picture shows that getting dirty is fun and that the moment can provide enjoyment to others who can admire the occasion. What makes the photo remarkable is that little mud had splattered onto the vehicle.

Source: caranddriver.com

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